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June 23, 2011

June 22, 2011

June 17, 2011

June 1, 2011




Déjà vu. 

June 23, 2011

After I got dressed this morning, for once NOT in Zumba clothing, I kept getting a déjà vu every time I caught a glimpse of myself. What could it be? What could it be?


Aha! It's because I look like, and am dressed like, a Catholic School boy! By the way, this is my Baby #2, Mot, back in the early 80's. He's currently somewhere in the Philippines, painting murals!


8 Random Musings

June 22, 2011
  1. When my IBM office moved from downtown Oakland to Walnut Creek in 1988, I brought Mot and Lina with me to work. We walked across the street to McDonald's. Mot, eyes wide with extreme puzzlement said, "Where are all the black people?"
  2. Yesterday, Nic said to me, "When you get mad, your driving gets mad."
  3. Bon Qui Qui. Angelah Johnson cracks me up.
  4. I love teaching my Zumba classes.
  5. I got a PAYCHECK today!
  6. I spend more on Zumba clothing than I will ever make back with a paycheck teaching Zumba.
  7. I saw a baby deer on the way up the hill today. Drive carefully, please!
  8. My baby #2 is in the Philippines. I'm scared.

Good night.

Holy Cow!

June 17, 2011

Has it really been 17 days since I've said anything? Wow! That's gotta be a record!

Anyway, when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, I wondered, "Why did I do this?" 'This' referring to my new haircut and color. Short, straight and spiky in rainbow colors. As I was getting dressed in jeans, I remembered that I had interviewed with my old boss at IBM and that I was hired to go in once a week on Thursdays. That was about 2 months ago. Darn, I forgot to go to work for the last two months of Thursdays? I wonder if I still have a job, then I change into an appropriate suit and jell my colorful hair so as not to be so noticeable.

I dozed off, and was in a light sleep listening to my honey bunch get ready. Then I mentally reprimanded myself for cutting my hair. How many times have I told me that I hate having short hair? What is wrong with me? How in the heck did I forget to go to work for two months? What is wrong with me?

Then my honey bunch pecked me good bye and I shot up and looked in the mirror. Big sigh of relief. My hair is not short, spiked or colorful. Just another crazy dream.

But did I really get a job at IBM?

Maybe my .... um... dream came from this.

Nat's Hair

And maybe from the fact that I. HAVE. A. JOB! An actual, paying job! Although I never call it 'work'. I call it going to Zumba! More about that on my Zumba page. But probably not today because I'm going to a Zumba event. And probably not tomorrow because I'm going to a 3 Zumba events. And probably not Sunday because....NO, not a Zumba event. It's Father's Day!

In other news since the first of June...

Nat got an award at the 8th Grade Awards Night. Here she is (on right) with Poppy and Kartini.

Awards Night

There was the Graduation Celebration. Nat on the right.

8th Grade Grad

Nat with the face.

8th Grade Grad

Me and my BFFs. LOL. The photographer wanted a test shot. A billion more pictures of the celebration. Will put on my Phanfare. Email me for password.

8th Grade Grad

Lot's going on with the Natalie's Ballet recital, too. Here was picture day at the studio.

Ballet Picture Day

Here's the second half finale. I didn't take a picture when Nat was up there because I was following the 'no photography' rule. No one else followed the rule. Stupid me.

Recital 9 year old niece had a birthday party at Cedar Rose Park in Berkeley.


All my sisters and one of my brothers made it. Little, where the heck were you? Tons more pictures at Phanfare. Again, email me for password if you're interested in seeing all the pics. I don't need no stalkers! Left from youngest to oldest, Boobie, Nena, Chacho, Chacha (yours truly) and Eme. Why don't Messicans ever use their given names?


I'm pretty sure Nic and my Honey Bunch are around here somewhere, too.

Sunshine. NOT.

June 1, 2011

It's allegedly the first day of June of 2011. In California. The forecast is for thunderstorms. That's it. I'm packing up and moving to Texas! Well, not really but this stinks! We have not had ONE pool day all year. Closest thing to beachwear I've been in is a skimpy Zumba outfit. It's raining out. I have no sunny sunshine pictures to put up for a June header. So I made my own sunshine. Like?

I'll have more to post later in Zumba and Kittenies but I'm running off to Zumba practice at the moment..right after the following random thoughts.

Went to the dentist this morning. I always feel like there's a booger in my nose. If you were a dental hygienist and a booger was staring at you, would you ask your patient to remove it?

Do all cameras add 10 pounds? Even the Flip Video? Let's say they do. Especially around the middle. (You'll see what I mean later in Zumba.)

I'll leave you for now with this. Ain't no sunshine and it's June. It's not warm when it's away. Ain't no sunshine and it's June, and it's always gone too long anytime it goes away.



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