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October 30, 2011

October 23, 2011

October 1, 2011




More Birthday

October 30, 2011

For my birthday dinner, my Honey Bunch made a rib eye roast out on the rotisserie. YUM! Natalie made these awesome rainbow cupcakes.


Way cool!


Licking the tiramisu off the candles.


My boys.


Nat's homecoming shoes. I'm keeping them. I know. Random.


Bucket List

October 30, 2011

I was reading Pioneer Woman's entry " Things I've Never Done", and it reminded me of one of our dinner conversations.

Me: One of the things still on my bucket list is to go to a Black Baptist Church, preferably on an Easter Sunday, and watch all the glorious singing and saving and colorful hats.

My Honey Bunch: I took everything on my bucket list and moved it to my fuck it list. Now I don't have anything to do.

The kids quoted us on Facebook. I don't know which they like more, the going to the church thing or the list thing.

Which reminds me of another dinner conversation.

Nat: Where are you at?

Me: You shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.

Nic: What a bunch of nerds we are talking about correct grammar. Most of my friends don't even know what a preposition is.

Honey Bunch: I was prepositioned over on 65th Ave today.

My Honey Bunch cracks me up.

Did I post this conversation already? I really must get search capability on this site. Soon.


October 23, 2011

Can you believe I haven't posted anything in 23 days? Me neither. Well, I'm always talkative over on Facebook. Heaven forbid I start tweeting! I'd never be back here, I think. Anyway, it's my 53rd birthday. Here's my 53rd birthday picture. It's the only one I have at the moment. I was going to sit down and move over 600 pictures from my SD card to my computer then the card crashed. In recovery process at the moment. Hope I can salvage everything!

Back to being 53. I look pretty darn good for a 53 year old, if I do say so myself. I have finding Zumba to thank for that. I also must thank my Zumba mentor, Mia Said, for making me love it so! Thank you, Mia!

Rosy 53


I had a lovely day. I didn't get up until 10ish. Natalie had prepared a sour cream coffee cake and my Honey Bunch made bacon, eggs and hash browns. YUM! Then we just ran errands, took a nap, and started blogging and crashing SD cards. Am getting whiffs of the rib roast out out on the rotisserie. YUM, again!

Yesterday, my beautiful Zumbini's took me out to Jack's for brunch. We had the best time! Thank you, Zumbini's!

Mia, Alda, Adrienne, Lupita, me, Josie, Pilar, Nisha and Amelia. Jay, of course, taking the picture! The Zumbini's are seriously United Nations: Mexico, Brazil, China, Mexico, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, India and Philippines. Love it!


My Zumba mentor, Mia.






Jay and Amelia!




Adrienne, Lupita and Josie!


I love you guys!

Last night, Natalie went to the Homecoming dance at CVHS with Sam. Beautious!


Natalie and Sam


I'll have to post more stuff after I recover my SD Card. In the meantime, I looked up and got this last present on my birthday. It's beautiful. Thank you!


Birthday Month

October 1, 2011

Oh yeah, it's my birfday, it's my birfday! Well not really. It's just my birthday month. The actual day isn't until almost the end of the month. In the Renel Brooks-Moon tradition, however, I think I'll celebrate all month long. Can you imagine all those candles in my header in real life on a cake? It's much safer this way!

Yesterday, I gave myself my first gift.

Belly Piercing

Yup. My almost 53 year old butt went and got my belly pierced! Also got Nat's pierced for her late birthday present. I also found out she doesn't know my name. She didn't have her ID so the girl, looking at my driver's license, asked Nat to tell her my full name. Blank stare. "Um. Rosy Marie?" No, Rosy is my nickname. "Oh, um, um, um, Rosa?" Middle name? "Marie." No, it is not Marie. "Um, um, um....." Nat, what's the Mexican version of Marie? "Oh, um, Maria?" Sheesh. Good thing she actually new her address and surprisingly, my birthday. LOL! Lina, you should have come with us! Do you know my name?

Belly Piercing

Now, the thing is, I get squeamed out every time I look at it or touch it. I'm kind of afraid to take a shower. Well, here goes nothing. If I don't emerge shortly, please come and see if I'm passed out cold. Please. And thank you.


My name is Rosy, Chacha, Meez, Mama, Mother...take your pick.

My loves are my Honey Bunch, my children, my family, friends and Zumba. My Zumba site:

Zumba Con Sabor

One of my favorite sites and one I'll be ideas from. (Hmmm. I already see my Nerd font is similar to hers. Hers is Edwardian Script and Mine is Beautiful ES.)

The Pioneer Woman

This blogger introduced me to the above blogger and to the blogging bug in general. Love her!

That Girl Blogs

The website of a very talented artist who happens to be my son.


This is the website of a fellow Zumba enthusiast, Jessie Amato. Great site AND, she's been to my dad's hometown, Oxkutzcab, Yucatan, Mexico.

Bay Zumba

Another Zumba enthusiast and talented artist, Yuyi Morales.

Yuyi Morales

This is my nieces blog. She's cute: needs a facelift and makeover. I'll be working on that, too.

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