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November 27, 2011

November 26, 2011

November 25, 2011

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Adult ADD

November 27, 2011

This post kind of started last night. I washed my hair and since I was going to see my colorist on Monday, I decided to contain it so she could actually get through my hair. It's the once in every eight weeks or so that a brush actually touches my scalp. OH, IT FEELS SO GOOD! So jealous of you people with silky soft straight hair that get to brush is daily. But I digress.

So we're at the Fitzie's for dinner and the girls commented on how 'contained' my hair was. I explained about the hair stylist issue. Just another night at dinner with friends Mitzi, Marcie, me, Stacey and Kirsten. See my contained hair?

Adult ADD

OK, have to throw one in of the boys. Joe, Honey Bunch, Pat, Tom and Bob.

Adult ADD

Oh what the heck. The kids, too. I had them stand in size order. This is definitely not age order. I saved a spot to Photoshop Nic in, in between Bridget and KC. Tee-hee-hee.

Adult ADD

So back to my originally intended post.

I decided I would not go to Amelia's awesome Zumba class at UFC but instead would work on new routines for my Zumba classes. So I put in my new Gold DVD and I'm watching but I'm so distracted by the face looking at me in the background, that I can't concentrate.

Then I try to take a screen shot of it to post. Then I discover you can't take screen shots in DVD player. Googling ensues. Yup, it's confirmed. OSX doesn't allow it, blah, blah, blah. A suggestion to do it via Terminal and Unix commands. I try it. Still get this.

Adult ADD

I consider the other suggestion which is to download VLC Media Player. I have to take a potty break but my water closet is occupied so I go to the kids' bathroom. I'm walking out and my eye catches the hair straightener. I look in the mirror and remember my hair is 'contained'. I say to myself, "Well, it's half way straight. I think I'll go all the way." So then this happens. (Oof. Gotta do pushups.)

Adult ADD

Then I walk downstairs. I can't even remember why. (Oh the bath mats in the dryer! Will get in a minute. If I remember.) I notice it's almost noon. I think about all the folks just about finishing up at Amelia's awesome Zumba class at UFC. I remember that I haven't practiced one single routine but realize I haven't eaten yet. So I pop some English muffins into the toaster and make some fried eggs. My Honey Bunch, who has been up for hours putting baseboard in the family room, sees me and says, "Why is your hair so straight?" I answer, "Because of Adult ADD of course, Silly." He's like, "Huh?" So I had to explain how and why I came across the straightener. He can't do anything but roll his eyes and get back to work.

Adult ADD

Anyway, back upstairs to the computer. I download the VLC Media Player and in like 2 seconds, I got my screen shot. How much time did I just waste?

Adult ADD

Do you see the face? Ooooo. Now I see another one below that!

Adult ADD

So this, my friends, is why I haven't practiced any routines yet and it's almost 1:00 p.m. Next week, I think I'll just take my butt to Amelia's awesome Zumba class at UFC.

Hmmmmm. Nap time.

Small World - Take 2

November 26, 2011

I feel like I should tell this story the way it happened. Because it was funny. To me. I apologize in advance, Lisa, if you read me! But you must have known the nickname they had for you, right? And anyway, the chi-chis are lovely.

So there's this girl (when I say 'girl' I mean someone around my age) in Zumba class and I see her on my Zumbini's Facebook pages and her name is the same name as one of Nin's former girlfriends, who (who, whom?) they used to call Big Chi-chi Lisa. (For those of you not familiar with Mexican slang, chi-chis are boobs.)

I can't hold my curiosity any longer and one day, I ask her her name.


I say, "Did you used to live in Berkeley? "

"No, but I used to go out with a guy from Berkeley."

Then a light bulb goes off in her head and she says to me, "Perez!"

Then it all comes to light, I was married to Nin's, brother, Paul (although Paul and I weren't together at the time she was with Nin.) We reminisce. She remembers hanging out at the apartment. She remembers Mot and Lina and even buying Lina a swimsuit once. Then she tells me she's friends with my Zumbini, Tammy, and that Tammy used to hang out with them, too! Hence Small World post.

I got home that evening and Mot happened to be at the house. I said, "Do you remember a girlfriend your Uncle Nin had that they used to call Big Chi-chi Lisa?"

He laughs and says, "Yeah."

I tell him she was in my Zumba class.

"How did you know it was her? Did you ask her if she was Big Chi-chi Lisa?"

LOL. "No. I left the Big Chi-chi part out when I asked her."

Although you could kind of tell it was going to be her couple of reasons.

The End.

Small World

November 25, 2011

I have met many great new friends since I found and fell in love with Zumba almost exactly 3 years ago. Recently, I ran into a small world situation. There was a girl that was friends on Facebook with a lot of my Zumba friends. Her name so familiar, the same name as one of my ex-brother-in-law's ex-girlfriend's. I finally asked her if she was from Berkeley and she said no, but used to hang out with Berkeley boys and then immediately realized who I was. LOL! She knew my ex, my kids, their Lola and a bunch of old friends. Then I found out she was good friends with a fellow Zumbini (one of my good Zumba friends). When my fellow Zumbini and I started a dialog about it, she said, "Oh yeah, I used to hang out with all those Berkeley boys, Gary, Nin, Paul, Ernie, Baby." I was like, "BABY? That was my brother!"

Anyway, I caught her up on the demise of Paul, Ernie and Baby. She said she had pictures of them and would bring them to me. Here is a picture she had of Baby at a party she threw in November of 1982. He was 18. And drinking. Yeah, I never drank until I was 21 (wink, wink).

Look at that beautiful Ayala smile!

Baby 1982

Here is a picture of Ernie. I'll have to send this to his mom/sisters.

Ernie 1982

And here are some of my Zumbinis. Tammy, on the left, is the small world girl.

Zumbini's 2011

Zumbini (zoom-bee-nee)
a compulsive lover and follower of Zumba, especially Mia Said's classes.

Tia Manuela

November 20, 2011

My sister headed to Mexico City on the 12th of November to visit my ailing Aunt. My mother, Maria, was the oldest of five girls. Here is my grandmother with my mother, far right, Manuela, far left and Yolanda. The two youngest, Rosa and Veronica, had not been born yet.


This was a picture taken in the 80's when Manuela came to visit. A friend, Angela Villavicencio, my dad in the cap RIP, Lolo (Mot and Lina's grandfather, my first father-in-law) RIP, Manuela and my brother, Chacho at Cedar Rose Park in Berkeley.

Daddy, Lolo, Manuela

When Mot took a trip to Mexico to paint his cow in 2006 (click to see cow), he stopped in for a visit with Manuela. I love her mischievous smile.

Mot and Manuela

My sister took this picture when she arrived in Mexico. She said, "Manuela says hi."


My aunt was diagnosed with Colon Cancer last year. She received chemo and radiation. When it appeared she needed further treatments, she refused it.

She passed away in Mexico City this morning at 5:30 a.m.

The second of the five girls, she never married or had children. When her mother, my grandmother died in '76, she was the one who stayed and took care of my grandfather until he died. I don't remember what my grandmother died of. My grandfather I believe had intestinal cancer. My mother died of throat cancer. My aunt of colon cancer. I hate cancer.

I have fond memories of my Tia Manuela most of them in the kitchen or at her sewing machine or walking home from the Mercado Jamaica with grocery bags bulging with oranges for the day's orange juice. Ja, ja, Mexicans were so progressive! They had reusable grocery bags WAY back in the day.


I remember she always put on a giant pot of coffee in the morning that everyone would drink during the day. I'm pretty sure that every day without fail, while she could, she made the best flour tortillas ever -- every night for dinner! When my sister arrived there, I knew it was probably a matter of days. I asked my sister to get her tortilla recipe. She had been afraid to ask, but she did ask and did get it! It seems kind of wrong doesn't it? But it seems all so right right about now.

I think I will make my Tia Manuela's tortillas tonight in her honor.

Tia, te quiero.

Mexico Visit

November 20, 2011

I've been visiting with aunts, uncles and cousins in Mexico City for the last few days. No, I did not get over my "Leaving The Country Phobia" and go. My sister is visiting with her MacBook Air and Skype. Thanks to her, I have been seeing relatives I haven't seen in forever! This is my Tio Carlos. It's his grandson's birthday so they all gathered. Israel, toasting me with his beer, is another of his grandsons. My cousin Angelica's son. My cousin, Eme, was there, too. She is my dad's sister's (Toni) daughter. Confused? Me too. Going to go draw a picture.

Anyway, my uncle is 83 and is strong and fit and very "there". Unfortunately, I am not blood related to him. He is married to my dad's sister, Aida, who is also in her early 80's but is not here because she can no longer travel and has dementia/Alzheimer's. Those would be my genes on my father's side and of course, everyone on my mother's side is dying of some form of cancer. OK, now I'm freaking myself out.

Tio Carlos

Yay for technology and my sister!


November 16, 2011

I got a gift card to the Designer Shoe Warehouse and I love shoes! Usually, I would just sit at my computer and shop but this time, for some reason I wanted to touch and feel them. I found the closest store in Brentwood and I headed there after I taught my Zumba class this morning. I was a little overwhelmed when I got there. There were like a billion shoes! Most made me think I had somehow gotten transported back to 1976. Like these. A friend suggested I might have been transported back -- via The Soul Train.


Sadly, I came away with nothing. I figured I didn't need another pair of platforms that are going to sit in my closet after I wear them once because I fell on the dance floor, in my platforms and white pants, in a puddle of spilled beer at the local saloon. Oh, did I not mention that before? Another time, OK?

On my way home, I got this irresistible urge to stop at the cemetery where Nic's friend, Andrew, is buried. I got off on Hillcrest to go to the Holy Cross Cemetery. I'm driving down Hillcrest and I slow down as a woman in front of me is turning right, but waiting for a guy walking his bike, to cross the driveway. ALL OF A SUDDEN, SHE STEPS ON THE GAS AND CRASHES INTO THE GUY AND HIS BIKE! He is knocked down, trying to get up. I'm thinking, "Dumb ass woman. She's probably texting." WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN, SHE BACKS UP AND THEN GOES AFTER HIM AGAIN! He is knocked down again! I don't see him! Is he squished and dead?

I am passing the scene by now but pull into the next driveway, pull out my phone and call 911 (and can actually do it this time, unlike the last). "Hello, there's a woman running over a guy on his bike!" I tell the dispatcher where I am, I tell her I see the woman is leaving the scene. I give a description of them both and the car. The woman sees me. Shit! Is she going to come after me now? The dispatcher says she's sending an ambulance and asks if I can see if the guy is alright. I head out the driveway back the way I came. Adrenaline is HIGH! Then I see him, walking his mangled bike. I tell the dispatcher he's alive and she gets my information and says they will send the police.


So back to my regularly scheduled afternoon. Just poked in to say 'hi' to Andrew. What an absolute tragedy to lose someone so young, so talented. Here's a video of Andrew and Nic. RIP, Andrew.

Andrew Ortega

On my way home, I saw two police officers talking to the young man with the mangled bike. Then my imagination ran away with me on what the story could have been. They must have known each other, right? Why would a young woman try to run over a guy? In broad daylight. On a busy street. He cheated on her and she found out? He stiffed her on her drug purchase? She didn't like the way he looked? I guess I've been gone from SF/Berkeley/Oakland too long. Back then, this probably wouldn't have phased me.

Next time, maybe I'll just shop from my computer.

Random Rhonda

November 15, 2011

My Honey Bunch and I always call Nat, Random Rhonda, because you never know where you're going to find pots, pans and dishes after she's put them away. As I was composing my thoughts for this post, I realized where she gets it. I am the Original Random Rhonda. Sorry.

Anyway, my random thoughts for today went to the Ness Monsters. In all the years (20) that we have made our annual trek to Eagle Lake, I have always hated going into the lake because of, you know, the Lake Ness Monster. He frightens the crap out of me. I even depicted him in this little craft we made at Eagle Lake in 2004. That's Boaty Boat, who (who? whom?) we no longer have.

Eagle Lake 2004

Here are the sailboats on the lake can see the Lake Ness Monster's tail. I KNOW he's always lurking about.

Eagle Lake 2004

Here he is in his full glory. He is slithery, slimy, scaly, dark and cold. Scary, huh?

Eagle Lake 2004

When we put the pool in three years ago, we (by 'we' I mean my Honey Bunch) thought it would be really cool to have a black bottom pool. I didn't mention that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to easily see the bottom of the pool and that the Pool Ness Monster could sneak up on me easier. My Honey Bunch didn't need to know that, right? It's just silly, right? Imagine my horror when I looked out one day and SAW the Pool Ness Monster!

I really do love the pool, though! Most of the time, you can see everything.

On another random note, I finally added a search feature to this website. I didn't figure it out myself. I cheated and used a Google Gadget. See it at the top of the right side bar? It sort of works. It takes you to the page but not directly to your search word. Once you get to the page, you can CTRL + F and zero in on what you're looking for. I added this feature mostly for me. I never remember what I post anymore so searching the site helps me.

I was on a monster rant, but I couldn't remember if I had talked about the Dookie Monster. So I searched and found the Phobia Post and no, I had not mentioned the Dookie Monster. What is a Dookie Monster you ask?

Well, it's the burbling, gurgling, swirling, brown, stinky, fly infested, Jabba the Hut looking monster that lays in wait for your naked bottom and just when you think you're out of harms way, it reaches up and takes a swipe at your naked bottom. It's also known as a porta potty, pit toilet or an outhouse. Sorry. You asked.


November 13, 2011

1. I am writing Thank You notes for my birthday. I realized I can't write anymore. The keyboard has been an extension of my fingers for so long, it's impossible to write anymore. I used to have such pretty writing, too! I hope the PO can read it and they get to their destinations lest the recipients think I'm an uncultured swine for not sending Thank You notes. I think I'll go look for a handwriting font I can use in the future.

Thank You Cards

2. I got two pennies today but they are baffling me. Pennies, who are you? Is it all my classmates that are no longer with us from St. Joseph's Class of '72? Nicky Mamaril, Paul Prado, Madeline Fernandez, Steve Alley, Daryl Johnson. And '88? I married P-Rez in 88. Is that you, P-Rez? Still, I love getting my pennies.

Pennis from Heaven

3. My Honey Bunch and I went to The City for a date night as a belated birthday for me. We went to Luella for dinner. YUM! Coca-cola braised pork shoulder. YUM! Then we went to see his friend's band, Buda Belly at the Red Devil Lounge. It was all we could do to stay for the second band. They played, I kid you not, 80's sitcom theme songs! Seriously, Facts of Life, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Silver Spoons. There were more. And the funniest part was that everyone was digging it! LOL! Here's Ty and the girls.

Buda Belly

Then we headed over to the Buena Vista for Irish coffee as usual. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a cab. I think everyone wanted to be in The City for 11/11/11. Lots of weddings going on, too. Here's a view from our room of City Hall, The Sutro Tower, Old Pac Bell building. Fun night in The City with my Honey Bunch as always. I think when I win the lottery, I'll buy a weekend place in The City.

SF View

4. I did a stupid thing. I embarrassed a friend on Facebook. I found out my friend had been taken advantage of and I posted something about it to try to help. Instead, I only succeeded in embarrassing my friend. I'm so stupid sometimes. I think I'm going to steer clear of Facebook for a while lest (did I use that word TWICE in this post?) I alienate any more friends. Stupid Nerd.


November 3, 2011

The first few days in November are always about our scrapping trip. Eight to ten girls go on a scrapbooking retreat. We always eat, drink and laugh way too much. Well, there's no such thing as laughing too much. I like how Happy Hour starts early. My liver probably doesn't. Sharon and I were the first ones here and didn't waste any time toasting out on the gorgeous deck.


One guess where we are.


Yup. Bodega Bay. The Birds. Silky is all pooped on. Poop. But this is the gorgeous view when I woke up.


Drat you, New Girl, who brought the candy!


Walked down to the beach.



I 'heart' Bodega Bay. And the ocean. And the sound of the waves. And the smell of the sea.


Cool pic!


Always breathtaking.


It rained this morning so we couldn't but we're going to Zumba tomorrow morning.


My name is Rosy, Chacha, Meez, Mama, Mother...take your pick.

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