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February 20, 2012

February 16, 2012

February 13, 2012

February 3, 2012

February 1, 2012

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Seven Totally Unrelated Things

February 20, 2012

1. Natalie Mia

Natalie Mia

2. Natalie Motsy

Natalie Motsy

3. Natalie baked buttermilk pancakes, a sour cream coffee cake and French puffs this morning. Drat you, Nat!

Baked Goods

4. Fifty and sixty somethings can still laugh so hard they practically pee their Zumba pants. Or it could be fifty and sixty something's incontinence. In any case, my Little Honey Bunch texted me to find out if I had gotten lost after Zumba. After lunching for about two hours, Tammy, Adrienne and I sent him this picture and told him I'd been kidnapped and that they were holding me for ransom -- $30 each.

Queue crickets chirping.

Guess you had to be there.


5. Remember my friend Tammy and I discovered she knew my brother, Baby, back in the day? And she gave me a picture of him that she had? That post here. Anyway, Tammy and I are leaving Fuddrucker's and I see a penny, pick it up's a 1986. The year Baby died. Hi to you, too!

Baby Ayala

6. Are camp fires allowed on Mt. Diablo?

Fire on the mountain

7. My cherry tree is blooming.

Cherry blooming

That's all. Off to ballet class.

I Could Have Saved Whitney

February 16, 2012

A few years ago, my Little Honey Bunch went out of town and stupid me decided to take a soak in the hot tub by myself. It was all good until I realized I had fallen asleep -- until 3 a.m. I really could have Whitney'd myself. There was alcohol involved.

Anyway, I decided I would never ever ever do something so stupid again. I never go in the hot tub without my Little Honey Bunch anymore.

I do love to do this by myself, however.

Tubby Buddy

But sometimes this happens.

Tubby Buddy

Which totally freaks me out. So after the first falling asleep incident, I invented (in my mind) a contraption called the Tubby Buddy (not to be mistaken for my fat cat or Slade Smiley). It looks something like this.

Tubby Buddy

It's made out of a comfortable, soft, water safe material with rubbery grabby handles that you can hook on the edge of the tub. The straps are adjustable and the chin cup keeps you safely out of the water in case one were to fall asleep.

If I weren't such a procrastinator, I would have had this patented and manufactured and would have had my sales force out there selling it to drug addicted celebrities and/or wine loving housewives and Whitney would still be with us today!

Drat me and my procrastinating!

Anyway, since I'm sure I will procrastinate further, when one of you takes this idea and runs with it and makes a billion dollars, just remember to throw me a bone, OK?

In Other Random News

February 16, 2012

In other random news, Chicken Feet.

My grandmother used to put chicken feet in her chicken soup. I used to love them! My family would disown me, me thinks, if I ever served them chicken feet, so I haven't had them in about 40 years. I went to lunch today with my fellow Zumbini, Adrienne. We went to Dim Sum at the Imperial, formerly known as Baker's Square. She's Chinese so she knew all the good stuff to get! I noticed there were Chicken Feet on the menu but was too chicken (LOL, no pun intended) to try them. Anyway, it reminded me of this picture I took of chicken feet the other day at Mi Pueblo. Why did I take a picture of chicken feet? Have you met me?

Chicken Feet

On with the randomness (can you tell I'm looking at what's on the SD Card in my camera and on my iPhone?). Last Friday, we celebrated Zumbini Lupita's birthday over at Mia's. Here is me, Alda and Tammy. forehead is as shiny as Tammy's necklace. Let's play small world for a minute. Tammy is a friend of Big Chi Chi Lisa, who used to be by ex-brother-in-law's girlfriend. They used to hang out with the Berkeley Boys including my first baby daddy. Tammy also went out with Danny, who is Anthony's baby daddy, whose mother was my BFF and little red headed sister since about the 7th grade. Are you still with me? Small world. I have a bunch of other pictures I'll load up on my Phanfare site (noneofyourbusiness).


Part of the reason I happen to be blogging at this moment is because I'm procrastinating. Again. I have these piles that just keep getting bigger and bigger. I finally couldn't take it any more and I just went through, found and dumped tons of files from when I was PFC President at Mt. Diablo Elementary from 2003-2005. I hope nobody needed anything. I'm pretty sure I still have piles from when I worked at Pacific Telephone & Telegraph. In 1977. (Can you say "freaky hoarder lady"?) I found a check made out to MDEPFC for $26 from November of 2003. I think I'll shred it. I also found diskettes. Yes, diskettes. How old school is that! I also found this article that ran in the Clayton Pioneer in May of 2005. Freaky hoarder.

.PFC President

Procrastinating. That's why I ended up in the bubble bath, too. Avoiding the piles. My office is still blown up. My Honey Bunch walked by the other day and said, "Hi Napolean." I'm like, "Huh?" He says, "You look like Napolean Blownapart." Hence the picture in my 365 for February 13.

OK. I'm going in again.


February 13, 2012

Yes, I'm still here. Just having a bit of blogger's block. You see, I've been formulating this post in my mind. The title is 'Mama Bear, Fuzzy Bug and the Two Sided Creature'. It's all jumbled around in my brain and I'm trying to sort it out. I even have pictures in my mind that I'm going to draw for the post, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Anyway, stay tuned.

In the mean time, I'll leave you with what happened to me last night. Last night, it was daylight and I was visiting with some friends a few doors down from my house. We were having some sort of event as many of the neighbors on my street, Mira Vista Avenue in Oakland, were outside. A commotion arose and when I looked towards my house, a large brown bear came ambling out of our narrow driveway and headed to the house across the street. All of a sudden I noticed no one was on the street any more. Then, a cute little deer also came from our narrow drive, flitting carefree across the road, unaware that there was a bear near.

I started screaming at the little deer to watch out for the bear! It saw the bear, just as the bear saw it and both turned around and high tailed it back across the street and down my driveway. I ran in after them and made some commotion to distract the bear and give the little deer a fighting chance of getting away. I hid behind a portable storage unit and the bear, looking for me, ran right past me.

I jumped out from behind the storage unit, opened the front door and let the deer, who had been hiding in a nearby bush, in. We were both safe! He was so exhausted from our little adventure that he fell asleep on the floor by the back door.

While he was sleeping, I noticed he had a bunch of creatures crawling around on him! ICK! Fleas, ticks? I was wondering how many had gotten off of him and were now in my house! Darnit to heck!

I was about to wake him and kick him out but then...

I woke up.

Remember my other ones? This one and this one?

Dream analyzers, what's up?

P.S. I feel itchy.


February 3, 2012

My little Honey Bunch is a lot of things. He's smart, handsome, funny, kind, loving, not lazy, talented, musical, smart, patient, successful, athletic in a skinny little white boy kind of way, smart, and has the most gorgeous blue eyes. He combs our daughter's hair. He is a great cook and makes breakfast for the family every Saturday and Sunday. He collects all the sheets and towels once a week, washes, folds and puts them away. He cleans the cat litter. He keeps his bathroom sink cleaner than anyone I know. HE PUTS DOWN THE TOILET SEAT! I'll stop now before y'all get too jealous.

Anyway, the one word you might never use to describe my Honey Bunch is 'macho'.

So I was a little surprised when I was routinely checking our bank statement and this entry is there:

1/31/2012 MACHOMESTORE/GOPRISM 214-4321845 TX -$69.95

I thought, "I didn't buy anything from a place called the Macho Me Store. It must have been my Honey Bunch. But what in the world would he buy at a Macho place?"

So I forwarded him the email to check with him to ensure the charge was legit. "Did you buy something at the Macho Me Store?"

When we got into bed after he had checked his email, and while trying not to laugh too hard, he said, "It's the Mac Home Store."

Was my face red.

This was about the third awkward moment for me this week. First, as I mentioned below, the crud in my braces. Then, after my orthodontist appointment on Thursday, I noticed I had a booger. He did say I had excellent dental hygiene. Good thing he didn't see me after my Zumba class. Now my macho misunderstanding. Well, at least I keep me amused. .

On a side note, I was plundering and pillaging the interwebs looking for a funny macho picture to include with this story. Googling 'macho' images brings up a lot of interesting things. None of which I can post here.

Oh Yeah

February 1, 2012

Oh yeah and Nic gave me a really nice present on his birthday. He said, "You must be doing something right since you're 53 and people think you're younger than both your sons (who are 32 and 16)." Pimp walking. Oh yeah, uh-huh, oh yeah, I'm bad, uh-huh.


February 1, 2012

OK, so it took me all day but I'm back.

Just wanted to mention Nic's birthday yesterday. There were no Sweet Sixteen parties, no cotillions, no hoopla. Very Nic. We had a quiet dinner, just the four of us. Bread crumb chicken (I should post the recipe), Rosy's Mashed Potatoes (I'll post that, too), broccoli, homemade biscuits (will post). And for the birthday cake(s), Boston Cream Pie and Flan. Stupid Costco. Remember last January I included a picture from his every year? You can see them here. Here's a picture to add to the group. His hair has grown about a foot.

I've used these candles since he was one.

Nic's Birthday

There's a little bit of a smile. See it?!

Nic's Birthday

HE didn't grow a foot. Nat just wanted it to look like he did.

Nic's Birthday

So this morning I taught my Zumba class and hopefully burned off the BCP and Flan. After the girls left, I practiced some songs.

Feb 1st

I was having fun. And sweating. And hopefully burning lots more calories.

Feb 1st

Then I had an awkward moment when I realized I'd been teaching my Zumba class all morning with a giant smile and crud hanging from my braces.

Feb 1st


February 1, 2012

Be Right Back. Going to teach a quick Zumba class. Don't you like my February header in honor of Valentine's Day month?

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