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March 25, 2012

March 20, 2012

March 15, 2012

March 3, 2012

March 1, 2012

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More Funny Stuff

March 25, 2012

In my high school car pool, one of the kids has gotten his license and has started driving himself to school most days. The other afternoon he texted me and said he needed a ride home unless I had some jumper cables and could I come and give him a jump. I did have some cables so I picked up the other kids at the usual location and drove back over to the high school parking lot.

I pulled up nose to nose to him but then I said, "I don't think the cables will reach." Shane said, "Kevin should pull around next to you so the cables will reach."

His sister, Lauren, and I whipped our heads around and stared at him in disbelief. Lauren says, "And you call ME blonde."

On another blonde note, Natalie just read this entry and said, "I don't get it."

This is the sort of text I get from Natalie.

Nat's Goofy Face


Ancient Stuff

March 25, 2012

In true Motsy fashion, he stopped in to pick up some clothes last Monday. He had come from Sacto, stopped by our house, was going to the studio in Berkeley and then catching a flight to Guadalajara, Mexico. He had also just found out the building where his studio, Pueblo Nuevo is, was being sold and they had to have their stuff out by the end of the month. Since he was on his way to Mexico, all he could do was put stuff he wanted to keep in a pile so that my sister and daughter could pick it up and hold for him until he gets back from Mexico.

There was too much stuff for my sister's tiny house so I went and picked some of it up to house here. There was also an old box of mine that was at his grandmother's house. He had boxes of his dad's personal items as well as boxes of his grandmother's personal items (both deceased).

First, I opened the box that was my stuff. I couldn't believe what I found in there!

Old Box

There was my life in a box. An old 45 from a boyfriend; Julie's red hair from when I gave her a haircut; old address books; autograph books from the 8th grade; my Junior Berkeley High School yearbook; pants that apparently I had in '72 and '73 that a bunch of friends signed the ALMOST fit me but DID fit Nat and she is 14, same age I was then (posted more pics of that on my phanfare site (noneofyourbusiness); a business card from my Berkeley Police buddy Alan Yuen from when he was a rookie; sketches from my friend Mel (RIP); steno pads full of shorthand; my letter of employment from IBM!

IBM Letter

What a flash back I was having. I did find some treasures amongst the canceled checks and PG&E bills dating from 1976!

There was also a box marked Paul Perez' Personal items. Some amazing finds in there, too. I found pictures of girls from 1980 that I just recently met at my Zumba classes. I Zumba with Lisa (in red) and they are all friends of my Zumbini, Tammy. Small world!

Lisa C

Guess what else was in the bottom of the box? A penny. 1992. The year P-Rez and I split up. Me and my pennies.

Paul Penny


Funny Stuff

March 20, 2012

I was remembering one time on Letterman, he had Zsa Zsa Gabor (or was it Eva?) as a guest. She got pissed off at him and told him, "Kiss my ass." He looks her backside up and down and says, "Looks like an all day job."

Another time, someone asked if he knew who was going to take over for Fidel Castro. He said, "I heard it was going to be his idiot son, Fidel W. Castro."

Then there was the time Wanda Sykes chimed in on Obama as president. She said, "You know, we're going to have to find us a new excuse. You can't blame the man, if you are the man."

This is kind of funny, too. My Little Honey Bunch and I watch our shows after dinner. He always says I fall asleep. I always deny it. He was giddy with delight when he shot this to prove it to me.

Rosy Sleeping

Stow it! I was just resting my eyes.



March 15, 2012

While I was in Bodega Bay last week, my little Honey Bunch, the HNIC (Head Nerd In Charge), upgraded my desktop. I was almost out of space so he put in a terabyte hard drive and added ram for a total of 8 gig. Everything is so much faster! The computer boots up in like 5 seconds. Like my Mac. He also upgraded it to Windows 7. Also much more Mac like. (Hey IBM, what ever happened to OS/2?) I knew there would be some transitional issues so I've been dealing with those this week and not blogged much. It's making me a little crazy. iTunes can't find a bunch of my songs. So I have to go and point it to the proper location. Couldn't connect to my MacBook and visa versa but I figured out the sharing issue. Also, my Adobe products (Photoshop, Bridge, etc.) keep wanting me to register every time I open them. Upon googling fixes, I see that I have to edit the registry to fix this. Also, Dreamweaver won't remember my danged user and password information. Every time I re-open Dreamweaver, it has UN conveniently forgotten that information. More googling, found fixes. There's a patch to download but it won't install. I suspect the patch is for a 32 bit system and not a 64. More googling....

How does the mere mortal even deal with computers?

Yeah, yeah, I know...they only have Macs. Although, my Little Honey Bunch's Mac Air would not turn on a couple of days ago. He couldn't find a fix and the Genius Bar isn't taking anyone until Sunday because of the, you know, iPad rush. He's only been on the iPad since! I guess you could do it if you had to.

I've been cleaning out paper, too. I found this. Ooops. Yes, that does say November 23, 2003. Sorry. I guess I better deposit the ones I still have from November of 2011.

Old Check

Anyway, I'll have more to report shortly. Lot's of Zumbini Birthday Lunches; my one year anniversary of teaching Zumba is tomorrow; and more!


March 3, 2012

This was not a good week for Paula's. First, last Friday, my dear friend Deborah's treasured Aunt Paula, passed away. Cancer. She was Deborah's mom's sister and like a second mother to her.

Then on Saturday night, we discovered our long time friend and scrap booking masseuse had died suddenly at the age of 47. We aren't sure what the cause was yet but it's looking like it was diabetes related. She was such a treasure; always thought of everyone before herself; a delightful child like wonderment about life even though many times, it was very tough for her. We imagined her slipping away to the other side and saying, "Wow! This is cool!" That would be exactly what Paula would do. She was supposed to be here this trip just as she was on our last trip in November. Her partner in crime took the time off to come in her place so we could all attempt to get some sort of closure. Thank you so much, Debbi, for doing the massages, facials and pedicures in honor of our friend, Paula.

This picture was April of 2005. If you start on the left of the table, it's Lisa, Debbi, Paula, Trisha, Leslie, Deborah, Patti and Carrie.

Rest in peace, Friend.

By the Sea

And lastly, my Facebook friend, Paula's uncle, died in a massive tornado on Wednesday.

Yes, not a good week for Paula's at all. My heart goes out to all of you.


March 3, 2012

This is our second time coming to this house, By the Sea, in Bodega Bay for our biannual scrap booking trip. It's fun as always! Lots of laughing, lots of eating, LOTS of alcohol consumption, lots of walks on the beach but not much exercise. Although Marcie did get the girls to do 4 - 1 minute intervals to boost their metabolisms. She was doing it, too, hence the impromptu pushups on the beach. We always say we're going to Zumba, but we haven't gotten around to that yet. I'm actually pretty sure we won't get to it again this trip. It's 2:30 p.m. and the first bottle of wine has been opened.

It was pretty easy. I brought absolutely nothing but gin, tonic, wine and the tables. And I was supposed to cook on Wednesday night. Thank goodness for the restaurants in town! I knew I could stop in at The Tides (where they filmed Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds) and pick up some clam chowder, salad and bread. That was the easiest dinner I EVER made on a scrap booking trip!

We also have a crate that we put together because our former house was lacking in essentials, like a wine opener. We also keep baggies, extra toothbrushes, shampoo and toilet paper. We couldn't locate the crate. As it turns out, it was in my garage. Ooof. Well, we didn't really miss anything out of it. Except for maybe the shampoo. And the toilet paper.

I have a zillion more pictures on my Phanfare site if you're so inclined. Or bored. Or a stalker. (noneofyourbusiness)

Natalie Mia

By the Sea

By the Sea

This was about as close as we got to any Zumba moves. This 'machete'.

By the Sea

Scrapping and What Not

March 1, 2012

Natalie Mia

We're scrapbooking in Bodega Bay. Pretty much an eating fest. These are Jen's ebelskivers. A Swedish pancake. Yum. Much more to come!

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