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April 27, 2012

April 23, 2012

April 20, 2012

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April 11, 2012

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April 1, 2012

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Sue Heck

April 27, 2012

So that Friend request on Facebook is still sitting there, bugging me (See HUH? Post). But that's not what I'm here to talk about bugging me today.

Today, my braces are bugging me. I am so sick of all the time it takes to remove all the debris from eating a simple orange or hunk of meat. Aaaargh! I think the end is near, though. At my last appointment, my ortho said that they might come off this summer. WOOHOOO! I've had them on for 26 months now.

I am definitely feeling like Sue Heck. Do you know who she is? She is the teenage daughter on that whacked show, The Middle. That show cracks me up. It's so true to life and only a tiny touch exaggerated! Anyway, we have only known her with braces. On a recent episode she was elated to be getting them removed. Sue heck would not be Sue Heck without braces, however, so the story line was that they over corrected all her bites and had to keep them. LOL!

Anyway, I feel like Sue Heck. I've met friends through Zumba that are now good friends and have never known me without my braces! Here's Sue Heck. And Sue Heck.

Sue Heck

Rosy Heck

On a brighter note, it's me and my Little Honey Bunch's 16th Wedding Anniversary! Happy Anniversary to us! Here's a link (click here) to my wedding scrapbook pages from back when I actually used to scrapbook (even though it was paperless).

Mike and Rosy

Living happily ever after. I love you Little Honey Bunch!



April 23, 2012

So Reader (s?), help me, if you wouldn't mind, wrap my head around this.

I get on Facebook yesterday and I have a new Friend Request. I look to see who it is and to my surprise, it's the woman who walked out in a huff on my first Zumba class at Sanctuary. Remember that? Click here for that post.

So, Reader (s), I'm puzzled. Why would she request to be my friend? What I want to say to her is, "You must have me confused with someone else."

Or, "You were the beginning of the demise of my Thursday night class. You threw a giant wrench at my confidence and sent it plummeting. You and everybody else left my Thursday night class. Why would you request to be my friend? You apologized for your behavior and I appreciated it and forgave you, but I'm sorry, I really don't want/need to be your Facebook friend." To top it off, it's on my personal Facebook, not my Zumba Facebook.

Or should I just decline and say nothing? Or am I making too much of this? Or what?

Weird, eh? It's still sitting there glaring at me, puzzling me.

On another note, you're right. I still haven't fixed the comments section of this site. Sorry, I'll get on that!


April 20, 2012

I don't remember exactly when this was, just that me and my mom had gone to some seminar in San Francisco and it was one of my best days with her ever. We got home and we were still cracking up. I love this picture.

Me and Mommy

It's been 17 years since you've gone but it seems like yesterday and I miss you to heck. I'm not going to say more because I'll start balling. Again. Here's my post from last year (click here).

More Bored than Snot

April 13, 2012

So yesterday, Thursday, I was so utterly bored out of my mind, my mind actually went into it's recesses and came up with a funny thing.

First, let me explain that I can usually amuse myself and NEVER, say the 'B' word. But yesterday, it just wasn't to be. You see, we were camping in the desert but it was cold, rainy and windy. Three things I absolutely abhor.

So I'm sitting at the dinette in Sharky, looking out the window. I sit and watch the weirdest creature ever created (the Basset Hound) at the campsite across from us, take a dump, then drag his ass across the desert sand (that's gotta hurt) then come back around to sniff his droppings. Interesting.

Then, I'm so bored I play Angry Birds Space until it tells me I have to pay ninety-nine cents to continue to more levels. I buy them.

Then, I am even more bored I get on to the interwebs and notice I don't have Words With Friends loaded on my iPad, so I download it. I resurrect some games I've played with several friends. Little do my friends know that I really HATE board games (Remember my post about games? Click here.) and really don't know how to play WWF. But I manage to crank out an intelligent word or two.

Then, I'm so utterly, utterly, utterly bored, I'm just lying down on the dinette seat thinking, "Lord, take me now."

My mind is wandering and wandering. It wandered about 45 years back because all of a sudden I sat bolt upright and thought, "That's why we called it ChinChin!"

You see, when we moved to San Francisco from Mexico City in about 1961, my dad bought a used '57 Chevy station wagon. It looked just like this, color and all.


The car's name was ChinChin (pronounced cheen-cheen). I loved that car. My dad took me down to Golden Gate Fields parking lot and taught me how to drive it when I was 12. I may or may not have then taken it to my friend's house after that, where I was so small (at 12) that I couldn't see over the steering wheel, I had to look through it.

Anyway, it just occurred to me that the reason it's name was ChinChin, was because of the words my dad used to use while fixing it! Duh! I clearly remember the hood open, his bottom half sticking out, a wrench or two flying and the language flying. Hijo de puta. Sunny beaches (I seriously always thought he was saying 'sunny beaches'). Chingado!

ChinChin, that's were you got your name!

Moral of the story: Sometimes being bored can help you solve the mysteries of the universe.

Good night.

Lazier Than Snot

April 11, 2012

Camp Date. Wednesday. April 11, 2012. 11:13 AM.

I never thought I could be lazier than I am at home. I was wrong. Try spending a week in the desert where one day, it's too hot (95) to go outside the air conditioned trailer and then the next day, it's rainy and windy and 64 degrees. Too cold to go outside the heated trailer.


Yes, we are roughing it at camp. Why do you ask?


Roughing it means you can't get your dish positioned properly to watch golf.

Actually, we really are roughing it. The oven isn't working. GASP! So we went to the hardware store and bought a microwave safe dish to cook our corn bread in. It was interestingly OK. Nat went next door to Grandma and Grandpa's trailer and borrowed their oven to bake her snickerdoodles in. Yes, roughing it.

I'm pretty sure this is Sharky's last hurrah. His days are seriously numbered after all the repairs my Little Honey Bunch had to make to it when we arrived. He's served us well. I'll miss him. Sniff, sniff.

Anyway, my Little Honey Bunch is off playing golf with his parents. So I thought I'd use up some of Ellison's bandwidth and blog a bit. We actually have gotten out a little. We did do the Palm Canyon hike yesterday. Beautiful as always. We even saw the borrego (sheep) several times during the hike.




Camp Date

I have a billion more pictures that I will post on my Phanfare Site when I get back. I don't want to take advantage of Ellison and use up too much of his bandwith, even though he can probably afford it.


OK, blog at ya later...

Facebook Again

April 3, 2012

Remember back in December when I broke up with Facebook? See post here. Then of course, I wanted it back? See post here. Anyway, I realized I never changed the Facebook link to the right, back to a Facebook link. So now I have. As I said in the 'I Want You Back' post, feel free to friend or unfriend my Zumba Con Sabor page ( and/or my Rosy Straka ( regular page.

On my Zumba page, it's mainly about our Zumba events, classes and Zumbini's. You, too, could be a Zumbini! You can friend me on my regular page if you don't mind my off color humor, my heatheness, my refusal to be political, my political incorrectness and my total randomness. I guess that just really depends on how bored you are.

And for some stupid reason, I changed my regular Facebook name to chachayala and apparently, you are only allowed one change. Ever. I will be Chacha Ayala forever.


April 1, 2012

Last night, my Little Honey Bunch and I went on a date to San Francisco. He called it our Ground Hog's Day date because we always do the same thing! LOL!

First, we check in to our favorite hotel, The W. This is the view from our room. Then we have a glass of red wine.

Date Night

Then, I notice that there is room service for your pets. Seriously. $20 for a steak. $6 for a bowl of gourmet dog food and so forth.

Date Night

Then, we head to the bar in the lobby. I have a glass of Chardonnay.

Date Night

Then, I switch to a gin and tonic.

Date Night

Then, we take a cab to Ruth Chris Steak house. We share a nice bottle of Pinot.

Date Night

I order an heirloom tomato salad. The good for you definitely abruptly stops there. I also order a petite filet which comes in a bowl of sizzling butter. We order a hash brown to share that could have fed a small African nation. It is SO good. Probably because they deep fried it to get the beautiful, crunchy crust. It also has grilled onions and bacon. Yum. Between the two of us, we only ate less that a quarter of it. Then, we had to have the bread pudding for dessert.

Date Night

Then, we took a cab to the Rockit Room out in the Avenues (are you sick of me saying 'then' yet?) to watch my Little Honey Bunch's friend, Ty's band, Buddha Belly.

Date Night

Then, we had a gin and tonic there.

Date Night

Then, we saw a pug while waiting for a cab.

Date Night

Then, we saw this funny sign in the cab.

Date Night

Then, we took that cab with the funny sign to the Buena Vista where we each had two Irish Coffees.

Date Night

Then, my Little Honey Bunch astounded an amazed me with his newest iPhone app, Uber, where you click for a town car, watch the car's progress as it approaches you, pay then and there, tip and all, and money never exchanges hands. I was impressed.

Date Night

Then, the town car drops us back at the W where things have heated up considerably since we left. Our little waiter from earlier, welcomes us back and yes, brings us another gin and tonic. He tells us Donovan is putting on some fashion event that we can get into with our room key. We don't know who or what that is. We decide to just people watch on the main floor.

Date Night

Always interesting.

Date Night

Then, we head back up to our room and have a glass of red wine.

Then, I'm pretty sure I heard my liver and my arteries screaming, "UNCLE!"

Sadly, this is NOT an exaggerated April Fool's story. On the bright side, it did take us ten hours to consume all that.

Date Night

Then, we headed home on Sunday and didn't even have a hangover. I love hanging out in The City with my Little Honey Bunch. Gotta get me a place there.

Then, The End.

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