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May 19, 2012

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May 18, 2012

May 1, 2012

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Sam's Senior Ball

May 19, 2012

My Baby #4 went to the Senior Ball with her boyfriend, Sam, at his school. She said they had a blast! I'm so glad everything turned out well as we came very near to a dress disaster. She insisted on ordering the dress on-line and even though I mostly shop dot com, I didn't think it was the greatest idea to buy a prom dress that way.

Anyway, we did. We measured like the web site advised us to and ordered the size based on those measurements. It was too big. So we took it to a local cleaner to have it taken in. We got it back and the zipper almost didn't close. As she was getting dressed, the gismo on the front was coming off so I was trying to sew it back on with her in it because I wasn't going to chance pulling that zipper up and down and having it rip.

In the end, it looked beautiful as did Sam and Nat.

Senior Ball

Senior Ball

Senior Ball

Senior Ball

Senior Ball

Of course I took a billion more pictures. You can see them all at if you are so inclined. (noneofyourbusiness)

Note to self: Never, ever, ever, buy an important dress on line again.

Yo Momma

May 18, 2012

I don't know why but my kids find it extremely amusing when I respond to anything and everything with, "Yo Momma". Maybe because I find it amusing, too. I remember way back in the day, I mean WAAAAAYYYYYYY back, like the early seventies, my friends and I used to take Aunt Clara (AC Transit), the 88, from the North Berkeley BART to downtown Oakland.

We used to hang out at this place called Synanon. I wonder if the organization is still around (now Ima hafta go google it -- Holy Crap! I had no idea!)? I know the building isn't. It was imploded to later become the parking lot I would park in while working at IBM. Anyway, it was a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. They also had a program for Bay Area youth. Anyone could go and hang out, use the pool up on the 20th floor and participate in the 'circle', where you could say anything about anything and it stayed in the circle. Sort of. (The Game, Truth Telling Sessions.)

We'd get off the bus and the first order of business was to watch the newest drug addicts going cold turkey in the main floor display windows. It was pretty ugly. Vomit, screaming, shakes. It was their way of letting people see what being drug addicted could do to you.

Then we'd wander around downtown, pool our pennies together and go to Jack in the Box for some Breakfast Jacks and Tacos. One day, crossing Broadway at 14th, where the new Clorox building was going up, one of my friends hollers up to a guy way up on the scaffolding, "Wacha buildin'?" The guy responds, "Yooooo mooooooommmmmaaaaa." We died laughing and to this day, I still love Yo Momma everything. I even downloaded the Yo Momma jokes app to my iPhone.

Trying to remember the kid's name, wait...I have a picture. Let me go and find it. Here it is:

Yo Momma Kid

Dangit. Doesn't have his name on the back. I can't for the life of me remember his name! Julie, do you read me? What the heck was his name? Too bad Patty isn't around to help me remember. RIP. I remember Ricky Mahoney and Wayne and Gary Anderson. I also remember at one point, this kid hooked up with Yo (Your) Black Muslim Bakery and we lost him. Lost him in the sense that once he became a Black Muslim, we 'white' ones, were invisible to him. I remember being so sad about that because he was such a funny, good friend. I didn't get it. Oh well...c'est la vie.

And, you know what? Chicken Butt! (That one always cracked me up, too.)

Orderly and Random

May 1, 2012

When we were camping a couple of weeks ago, my Little Honey Bunch was in the trailer pulling stuff out of the cabinets and organizing them. I told him, "You're!" LOL! Worst thing I can think of to say about my Little Honey Bunch! So that's him and me, Orderly and Random. (Remember my post about us being Night and Day?)

Hence, the following 8 random things to regale you with.

1. We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on the 27th of April. He brought me lovely roses. We went to Moresi's Chop House for hors d' oeuvres then to La Veranda for dinner then to the Clayton club for the most random night of individuals ever. We saw lots of friends also hanging out in downtown Clayton. Everyone said, "Happy Anniversary." My Little Honey Bunch is like, "How come everyone knows it's our anniversary?" I'm like, "Facebook. Duh!"

Anniversary Roses

2. Baby was in the Clayton Club.


3. Natalie made French Bread. (YUM!)

French Bread

4. Our kids have gotten really tall. Especially Shane.


5. My purse threw up.


6. My friends think I'm, um, different?


7. I bought 2 dozen donuts and promptly ate 5 all at once. I couldn't help it, they were warm.


8. I have approximately 40 pairs of Zumba pants and approximately 60 Zumba shirts. Why yes, those are shoe boxes, labeled with a picture and description of the shoes. Why no, my Little Honey Bunch didn't do that for me. I had an Orderly moment.

Zumba Clothes


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