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June 23, 2012

June 1, 2012

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All of June

June 23, 2012

All of June, why not take alllll of June. Can't you see, that I'm no good without you. Your goodbyes, left me with eyes that cry. You took the part that once was my heart, so why not, take all of June....oh, hello.


When I decided to title this post 'All of June', it reminded me of the Billie Holiday/Diana Ross song, All of Me. Love that song. Here, let me find a link for your listening pleasure:

Billie Holiday Version

Diana Ross playing Billie Holiday Version

Ok, back to my regularly scheduled post. So much happened in June, I'll just add snippets here and there and probably direct you back to my Phanfare Site for more pics (noneofyourbusiness).

So, let's go back to June 3. When I got home from my Bodega Bay trip, I took Nat to her recital rehearsal. This was a picture of the ballet number. I love this picture. It reminds me of The Sound of Music for some strange reason. Nat is front left.

Dress Rehearsal

When I got home from the dress rehearsal, I saw that my Little Honey Bunch had been very, very busy while I was gone. He likes to clean out stuff and organize when I'm away so that I don't see what he's throwing out. Otherwise, I pull everything out and say, "NO! We NEED to keep those pacifiers and sippy cups that my babies used." My now 14 and 16 year old babies.

Not only did he clean out a number of drawers, reorganize and label the whole pantry, he did this:

Wine Glass Racks

He built racks at the top of the wine glass cabinet to fit all of the glasses. We never had enough room before. I was amazed and astounded. He had originally purchased all this tupperware when he redid the pantry a couple of years ago but he reassigned them to now needed items. And labeled everything. When he first purchased all the tupperware at a kiosk in the mall, he said, "The salesperson definitely thought I was gay." Not that there's anything wrong with that. Well there would be if my Honey Bunch was gay. For me anyway. Oh never mind.

Pantry Labels

There was tons of activity at Clayton Valley Dance Academy in preparation for The Recital. I loved all the chaos at picture day. Tutu's flying as the dancers were trying to get into the shots for each of their dances. I love dance studios. Oh and yes, I posted about a zillion pictures at my Phanfare Site.


On June 7, I was having a particularly rough day so I went to visit my mom, brothers and my favorite stone angel. It's so beautiful and peaceful there. Someone left them candies. I wandered around like I usually do and noticed you can see the progress on the Bay Bridge. Nice! Yes, I posted a bunch more pictures on my Phanfare Site.



Bay Bridge

A while ago, Motsy brought me a box of 'my stuff' that had been at his dad's house then at his grandmother's house. I finally went through it and boy, was my mind blown away! First of all, every IBM pay stub, every PG&E bill, Pacific Telephone and Telegraph bill, Macy's and Emporium Capwell's statements, and every cancelled check I ever wrote in the 80's was in that box! There was also my training guide for TSPS Operator. That was the O Operator, back in the day. I started at Pacific Telephone and Telegraph in 1977. The training guide for the Memory 100 that I started using when I began work at IBM in 1982 was also in there. HOLY CRUD!

And as I started shredding stuff I realized and remembered a few things.

1) That we ate a lot of Domino's Pizza in the 80's. Exhibit A.


2) That before ATM's or VERSATEL's, this is how you got cash. Exhibit B.


3) That there was life before email. (P.S. Fi, it looks like I forgot to mail one.) Exhibit C.

snail mail

4) That I paid $50 for Motsy's circumcision. (Oh, sorry. TMI?) Exhibit D.


5) That I once had 4 brothers, 3 sisters, a mom, a dad, a Tia (aunt) Manuela and grandparents. Exhibits E, F and G.

A 1972 birthday card from my Tia Manuela RIP and my abuelitos RIP (grandparents).

Birthday Card

A card from when all my siblings were alive. It must have been October of 1978. Kathy must have been Nene's girlfriend. Warms my heart.

Birthday Card

A birthday card from 1974 written by my dad (RIP) from him, my mom (RIP) and brothers and sisters. Chacha Linda he says. Grabbing tissues. BRB.

Birthday Card

6) That I considered attending my senior year at Berkeley High School. And with a smile on my face, remembering that my life took a different, more difficult but in the end, a wonderful course. Exhibit H.

BHS Course Catalog

Then came the actual Recital Day! Nat was in six different numbers. Billions more pictures on my Phanfare Site. Here's the a picture from the Finale. Natalie is in the middle right, kneeling.


And a picture of my and my girls. My oldest and my youngest.

Me and my girls

Coming up to June 16, Patrick, My Little Honey Bunch's nephew, married beautiful Amanda in Turlock. It was dog butt hot (sorry for that) but the heat could not and did not put a damper on a beautiful wedding!

Pat and Amanda

My Little Honey Bunch's sister and mother of the groom. And hubby and step dad of the groom, George.

Pat and Amanda

My M-I-L and grandmother of the groom.

Pat and Amanda

Sisters of the groom with their dad.

Pat and Amanda

Amanda, sister (step) of the groom. Not to be confused with Amanda, bride of the groom.

Pat and Amanda

Natalie, cousin of the groom.

Pat and Amanda

Yes, I am strange. Why do you ask?

Pat and Amanda

Doesn't everyone grab a frame from the house to take to a wedding?

Pat and Amanda

I did take regular photos.

Pat and Amanda

And there are like a billion on my Phanfare Site. I was not the official photographer. I just happened to have my trusty camera with me.

Pat and Amanda

Finished off the weekend with a nice, relaxing Father's Day.

Father's Day

Okey dokey. I'm feeling a little caught up now. I'll be over on the Zumba page shortly as I have pics to add there and updated flyers to add, as I've dropped my prices.

Also, I'll leave you with these words of wisdom. Don't drink and Facebook and feel sorry for yourself and post stuff that makes people concerned when in reality, you have a wonderful life and you are Cinderf*nrella and also don't tell a woman you don't want to be her friend because she dissed you when you started your classes and she tells you she's sorry you're still mad and we should still be friends on Facebook.

Sorry for the run on sentence.

Scrapbooking III

June 1, 2012

The scrapbooking girls decided to add a third trip since we love being around each other so much. Good fun, great laughs, good food and even good cries. We've never been at this time of year and Bodega Bay is absolutely gorgeous! It was kind of hard to get this picture as there were quite a few people on the beach. I might even be able to wear shorts today!

There were a lot of young people (high school senior ditch day?), too. Unfortunately, they had beer and the police showed up and there was one unfortunate young man being handcuffed. Elisa and I considered taking the giant bottle of beer from the ones down on the beach to spare them getting arrested. We decided that it was probably illegal for anyone to have alcohol on the beach and decided we didn't want to get arrested so they had to fend for themselves. Plus we had no cell service so we wouldn't have been able to call anyone to come get us.

Several of the girls couldn't make it so we were spoiled by all the room we had! Usually, I don't get table space because I'm a computer scrapper and right now, I have a whole table all to myself! Until Shelly gets here. Yes, Shelly is back!

Bodega Bay

OK, so I thought this hard lemonade would be just what I needed on a beautiful afternoon looking out at the ocean. I decided that for the amount of calories and the lack of alcohol, it wasn't worth it. So, back to gin and tonics. It is a pretty picture, though.

Bodega Bay

Such concentration. Love it.

Bodega Bay

More Pinterest concentration. Love it, too!

Bodega Bay

I'll also be posting yummy recipes from the meals we're having. I already posted the Monkey Bread (click here) we had. So good! I didn't cook anything. My meal was Clam Chowder from the Tides on Wednesday. Easiest meal of all time which suits a lazy one like me, just fine.

And now, for the Pièce de résistance. A massage......

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