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August 31, 2012

Paul Perez

Paul Mondragon Perez
August 31, 1956 - October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, P-Rez. You should have been 56 today. You were kind, loving, and heck of funny. You are greatly missed by the many who love you. I hope you, Nene, Baby, Mom, Dad, Lolo, Lola, Tommy, and so many others, are resting peacefully in eternity in what I imagine Heaven to be.

End of an Era

August 28, 2012

Almost four years ago, I stumbled onto Mia Said's Zumba class. I started out one day a week at her class at Centre Concord. I was about thirty pounds heavier than I am now. I instantly fell in love with Zumba but specifically with her very Latin style. Her classes fun, her smile infectious. How could I not love it?

Once I dropped a few pounds, I was ready for more. She told me of the other places where she taught. I had heard she had an 'advanced' class at 24 Hour Fitness in Antioch and Concord, so I signed up. It was definitely a little intimidating. Tons of people with a much higher energy than Centre Concord. I started out in the back of the room but was soon confident enough to move towards the front.

I loved it so much I kept going and lost lots of weight. Remember this post? (Click here.) Her class in Antioch was my absolute favorite as was her class at 24 in Concord until they ruined it with those stupid numbers. I supported Miguel there for a while...but...stupid numbers!

Anyway, a lot of good came from those classes. Many a fabulous instructor was born from them. Miguel, Alex, Leah, Sheyla, Bryan, Marisa, etc. She encouraged me as well, and I am forever grateful. I also met many new friends who will always be my friends. I remember first meeting Alex at Concord when he said to me, "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I really dig what you're wearing." LOL! Those were the days when I was self conscious of my BFCB (Big Fat Cellulite Butt) and wore a little skirt. With my 1980's pink leg warmers.

I wasn't sad about this being her last class at Antioch, until I walked in this morning and Eddie said he was going to cry and wore his dark glasses. I hadn't given it a second thought since Mia is not only my favorite Zumba instructor, but also my friend...and I can talk to her whenever I want! I also still stalk her and attend her classes at Sanctuary and UFC.

It did make me think back over the last four years, though, and I did get a little sad. Truly, the end of an era. Mia's Zumba Classes at Antioch. Goodbye forever. Sniff, sniff. Oh and in case you're wondering why she left, basically, it had just become a hardship for her and her family. You can blame it on CalTrans, LOL! Seriously, all her other ventures are in the Concord area and getting out to Antioch and trying to get back in time to teach her classes in Concord, getting stuck in that Highway 4 construction...welll...yuck.

Here are a couple of pictures of her last class. I will upload a bunch more to my Phanfare Site, but not until later this afternoon. I'm in my office and data transfer is at a snail's pace. Email me for the password if you don't have it.

Long time morning Antioch folks.

Mia's Zumba Class Antioch

Mia's Zumba Class Antioch

Mia's Zumba Class at Antioch

Four years after I first met her, Mia Said, my friend and mentor. A class act who never calls attention to herself. She didn't even make any announcements about it being her last day! She just quietly and graciously stepped aside. A truly classy, young lady (who happens to be the same age as my beautiful oldest daugher and has a daughter the age of my youngest daughter. Confused? LOL).

Mia Said and Rosy Straka

On a lighter note, Marisa is taking over the Tuesday morning class! YAY!! And we still have Bryan on Friday's. For those of you non-ancient people who don't have gin and tonics getting in your way in the evenings, there are still Miguel and Marisa's evening classes!


August 26, 2012

Every now and then I google "Zumba Flyers" to get ideas for my flyers. Today, I came across this flyer. (Click on the flyer for her Zumba classes in New Jersey.)

Zumba Flyer

Which looks suspiciously like this flyer I created with my own bare hands (and Photoshop).

Zumba Flyer

What's that they say? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? LOL!

By the way, this flyer is no longer valid. There is no Thursday night class with Alex, just Tuesday and Saturday with Mia. This is the current flyer for Sanctuary, created by yours truly.

Zumba Flyers

Happy Birthday, Mommy

August 20, 2012

Mommy and Abuelita

My abuelita, Rosa, and my mom, Maria.


My mommy.




Oh, Mom. You should have been 77 today.


Motsy at de Young

August 15, 2012

So, I happened to find out through Facebook (ay, nako, Motsy) that Motsy, my son, (Miguel 'Bounce' Perez) had work at the de Young. YES, THE DE YOUNG. In San Francisco. He didn't even tell me! Currently, he's still in Guadalajara painting murals in a jungle, fending off goats who try to eat his camera.

I think.

I better go check his Facebook status.

From de Young website:

de Young

Anyway, the exhibit ends on the 19th so I finally have a free day tomorrow and I'm going to make the trek out to see it. Luckily, Nat's friend snagged these pictures when she went. I don't think you're allowed to take pictures, eh?

de Young

de Young

Here is a write up on the creation process. Nice!

Proud mama signing off.


August 13, 2012

Remembering my brother, Baby, on what should have been his 48th birthday. Click here for the post from last December about him. Happy, happy birthday, Baby....

Tower Grille Burger

Speaking of babies, I was looking through my first web baby,, and finding the most incredible treasures. Here's a picture of me and Motsy from 2006. He looks a lot like, Baby, huh? I actually have three versions of out there that have all my old stuff. I'll have to keep links to them so I can look at them occasionally. So there's my original, then the updated short-lived version, then the last one that I kind of abandoned when I started Nerd. Somehow, I must get these all consolidated. For the time being, I'll just add links to them on the side bar.

Tower Grille Burger


Last Weekend

August 12, 2012

I can't believe it's only August 12, yet I'm realizing and saying it out loud, that it's the last weekend of the Summer before school starts! What the heck ever happened to school starting the second week of September? Is this like Global Warming? Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doooooo. (That was the theme music to the Twilight Zone.)

As far as weekends go, it was a pretty good one. On Friday night, the Russell's, my Little Honey Bunch and I went to the Tower Grille at Todos Santos Plaza. YUMMMMOOOOO! Had a burger with buffalo fries. I could only finish half. I saved the other half for lunch on Saturday. Highly recommend it. The Tower Grille!

Tower Grille Burger

Then on Saturday morning, I didn't get up in time for Zumba at Sanctuary (remember, late night with the Russell's), but I did have time to make it over to Alex' class at Pacheco. Fun as always! Me and some other special little people shared the stage with him.

Zumba Pacheco

Zumba Pacheco

Then I hopped on Highway 4 to head over to Berkeley. The old West Side Berkeley folks have an annual reunion in August. My brothers and sisters have been to one or all. I have never made it to one so I decided to go. The announcement said it was to start at 11:00.

I should have known a bunch of mostly Mexicans would not show up anywhere near 11! Luckily, my sister lives across the street from the park so I visited with her and her husband and doggie for a bit.

Couldn't help myself. Had to crime scene Lennox. They just ask for it.


Love Eugenios's niece's sense of style.


So finally some people show up at the park. Here's some OG's (LOL! Original Gangsta's.) Fernando Murillo and Tony DiGrazia.


Fernando (left) was my brother, Nene's (RIP), good friend. He even gave his first born son Nene's name. He's wearing a t-shirt with the image of the members of the original Pueblo Nuevo Car Club, which my son, Mot, named his studio after. My brother, Nene, is top left and Mot's dad, Paul, is middle top. RIP both of them. Fernando was surprised I remembered all the names. Also, when I walked up he said, "Nena?" Which made me feel good because she's my sister who is 5 years younger than me. Then he said, "Oh, I thought you were some 25 year old coming over here." Yup, I'm feeling all pimp walky good, uh-huh, oh-yeah, I'm bad, uh-huh (imagine me pimp walking away). And...Ferr hasn't changed a cinch! Still crazy and goofy.

Here's Patsy Madero, Ethel Entes and Mark Tanjuatco -- yup, Ronnie's little brother. The original Mexi-Flips. LOL! Patsy wanted me to do some Zumba with them but I hadn't planned on staying so I left them with a Zumba Shuffle. They were doing it in their chairs when I left.

Patsy, Ethel, Mark

The beautiful Martha Rubio. When I first met Paul Perez (my baby's 1 & 2 Baby Daddy), her brother, Pedro (RIP - why do I know so many dead people?) and Paul gave me and my then boyfriend, Oscar, a ride home from a party in the hills. So really, I have Pedro to thank for introducing me to Paul, which led to my beautiful babies Lina and Mot.


I take the scenic route home rather than get on I80. Dream Fluff always gives me the warm fuzzies. Used to be owned by childhood friend, Sue Dodd's (Herrenbruck) family.

Dream Fluff

And the always gorgeous landmark, the Claremont.


Speaking of being a pimp, I really need this car. It would look SO good on me, don't you think? Hmmm...wonder what King Creole Entertainment is? Zydeco band, I'm guessing. My bad, Elvis impersonator!

Pimp Mobile

Home again and run across this kitteh who has apparently met with foul play.

Foul Play Kitteh

Then, the rest of the afternoon, there's a lot of this going on. We stop to eat and I make a surprise lovely Purple Slaw, the recipe which will be posted shortly in the Eats page.

Cherry Lime

And it continues into the night. At this point, the water is warmer than the air temp. Fitz joined us for a swim.

Night Pool

Then Fitz fished this fellow out of the pool. He was making quite the splash trying to get out. "Thank you kind Sir or Madame. I am deeply grateful for the rescue."


"Allow me to express my gratitude by performing this Zumba Shuffle for your enjoyment."


Since it was already 10:00 pm and the Meteor Shower Show had started, I decided to sleep on the deck to watch the show all night. I counted 14 beautiful shooting stars before I fell asleep. I woke up again around 3:00 but was too groggy and went inside to the bed. It was hot. I didn't even see any rats or spiders or anything. I'm going to get a comfier thing for porch sleeping that will fit me and my Little Honey Bunch.

On with the weekend...Sunday morning Zumba is usually at UFC with Amelia, but Alex was subbing for her today. Good thing I went to his class Saturday, it helped me keep up with his routines today! Nice.

Alex at UFC

I think the rest of this Sunday deserves some more pool time. Check back with you later!

Chacho and Michelle

August 4, 2012

Chacho and Michelle

My brother is getting married next month for the first time! Woo-hoo! It took him 51 years but he has finally shaken off his demons and has found happiness with his beautiful bride to be, Michelle. They're both in their 50's so I think we can safely assume there will be no kids...LOL! Michelle already has three beautiful daughters and a lovely little grandson, Boogie.

They hosted a potluck at their home to have the families meet before the wedding. The funny thing is, my siblings and her siblings all know each other so it was more of a re-connecting. And meeting our kids and Honey Bunches.

We all went to St. Joseph's at the same time, in fact, Chacho and Michelle were in the same class since 1st Grade (through 8th). Her brother, Timmy, was in my class. Her brother, Mark, was in my sister's class and her sister, Crystelle was one year behind me.

We also grew up in the same neighborhood, just blocks from one another. My brother and I had the paper route that delivered to their house and their dad had the Postal route that delivered to our house. We had funny memories of our antics as kids. Nice, nice, day.


Chacho and Michelle

Bike Timmy built.

Chacho and Michelle

YUMMO! (Michelle's daughter, brother and his BF.)

Chacho and Michelle

Nineteen and Bernie going for a walk. Just in case you were wondering why in the world by brother would name a dog, Nineteen, I'll tell you. First, well, he's my brother. Second, he once had a dog he named Bullet. Then he got Bullet a companion and named her, Eighteen. Why? I'm 18 with a bullet, I've got my finger on the trigger and I'm gonna pull it (click her if you still don't know what I'm talking about). So Nineteen was the natural succession. I have no idea where Bernie came from.

Chacho and Michelle

Chacho and his future mother-in-law, Charmaine. I couldn't resist the urge to still call her Mrs. Smith.

Chacho and Michelle

Congratulations, Little Brother. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

Of course I have a zillion more pictures on my Phanfare Site. Email me for password if you don't have it.


August 1, 2012

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about Nat's boobs. She was hurt and offended by it (even though it was meant to be funny, not hurtful) and asked me to remove it. So I did. Because I love her. And I didn't want to offend her little self (no pun intended). But if she reconsiders and thinks it's funny now, I'll post it. Durn, do you remember it?

Anyhow, then the other day she did something that cracked me up for days and I told her I was going to blog it. She said go ahead. Go figure. I can't blog boobs but I can post poop. (Say that fast, three times.)

I don't know what's up with her and still being in a scatological phase. Don't you get out of that when you're like three? While we're at camp, everything was poop this and poop that. Us, "Where's Sam?" Her, "In da batroom. Taking a poop." I'm sure he appreciated us all knowing that.

Then she always sends me text poops. Yup, text poops.


So I'm all down with her pooping all the time but then the other day, she took it just a bit further. I was laughing so hard I almost pooped MY pants. I was down by the pool waiting for her and I texted her to see what the hold up was. She replied with this text, complete with TMI, a photo and some toilets.

Poop 1

And as I'm posting this and looking at it again, I am literally laughing out loud. Again. When I enlarged her picture, more laughing.

Poop 2

So, I guess if you're not laughing, too, you have actually left your scatological phase behind when you were three. Clearly, poop is still funny to me.

Speaking of poop, I walked in the house this morning, and one of the entry mats was all jumbled up. Usually, the cats skid around and mess them up, so I go to straighten it out and...THERE'S POOP IN IT! WTH? The litter box is 2 feet away, Kittens. WTH?

Off to throw mats in the wash. Poop be with you!

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