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September 26, 2012

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September 1, 2012

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Funny Physical

September 26, 2012

So, I went to the doctor yesterday because my shoulder has been killing me. I know I have arthritis. When I had my last physical a couple of years ago, they took an X-Ray and confirmed that. However, when I'm doing Zumba, it click-clicks all the time and it hurts and I was worried I might be making it worse. She said that the movement was actually good for it and if I wanted to sign up for Physical Therapy classes, to let her know as it requires a referral. I also had high cholesterol last time and she asked if I had taken anything for that. Um, was I supposed to? For the record, this was the first time I'd seen this doctor. The last one left. Not sure why. So I think I'll fast tonight (does gin and red wine count as water?) and go for the blood work in the morning to see if my numbers are still off.

She looks at my chart and asks if I still have two glasses of wine a day because that's WAY too much and I should cut it back to one. I say, "Um, yeah. I still have about that much." I did not volunteer that before the wine there were typically two gin and tonics and after the two glasses of wine, there were usually two more. At least. I seriously think she might have had a heart attack or had me escorted immediately to AA.

Then, she looks at my weight and says I'm on the verge of being obese but that I shouldn't worry about it because I'm so fit and exercise like a fiend. OK, she didn't say obese, she actually said overweight. But in the WW guidelines, I am considered obese. It also probably wasn't the brightest thing to go get weighed after Zumbaing, drinking tons of water and going to Chinese Buffet. Anyway, so am I a giant muscle or what? Does this look obese to you? I could use a butt, though. How much do YOU think I weigh? I'm 5' 3". Fine. 5' 2.5". FINE. 5' 2.25".

Rosy Zumba

Actually, I don't think I want you to answer that.

Ayala Smile No More

September 26, 2012

I got my braces off on July 3rd. I was expecting fireworks, parades, a gleaming beautiful movie star smile. I was expecting a lot. What I was not expecting was to hate my smile.

Yes, it's true. I officially hate my smile.

I told my friend, Adrienne, why I hated it and she just rolled her eyes at me. So, prepare to roll your eyes at my reasoning OR to feel me, and mourn the loss of my Ayala smile with me.

Let me present you Exhibits A, B, C and D. A brilliant, radiant, Ayala smile.

Exhibit A. Big, cheesy smile.

Ayala Smile

Exhibit B. More big cheesy smile. Notice how you can't see my bottom teeth? That's because my buck teeth are covering them.

Ayala Smile

Exhibit C. Notice how the gum line is straight across here?

Ayala Smile

Notice the straight gum line on top and the crooked one on the bottom? I would have liked the bottom gum line to be straightened. You can't see the crooked bottom teeth, again, because of the buck teeth.

Ayala Smile

Then, the kids' Ortho says, "When are you going to do something about your teeth?" I say, "Aren't I too old?" He says, "Absolutely not. Let's see if you are a candidate for Invisalign." I say, "OK, why not! I've always wished I had beautiful, straight teeth!"

They discuss, and whisper, lots of head shaking going on. They come back and say I'm not a candidate for Invisalign but they will come up with a treatment plan for me. So, 30 - 36 months with traditional braces, remove four teeth to alleviate the crowding, put a thingamabob on the roof of my mouth for the first year or so to widen my too narrow roof. There was the option of doing that with surgery. Something to the effect of sawing it in half and blah, blah, blah...he lost me after I squeemed out. I'm also wondering what is wrong with the roof of your mouth being too narrow? I mean, what could it possibly affect? I can only think...oh, never mind. OK, sure, whatever you say (except for the sawing). You're the expert.

Then, after looking like a toothless meth addict for four months, I get these torture devices on. On a positive note, I couldn't eat and it did kick start an additional weight loss. Although, I could have just called my friend Shelly to motivate me instead of spending thousands of dollars.

So here they are in their full glory. Pretty gory, eh?

Ayala Smile

Ayala Smile

I did everything I was supposed to do so it didn't take the full 36 months. The result?

Well, here's the post of the day I got them off.

And here's why I hate my smile. The buck teeth have now been moved up so that you can see the straight bottom teeth, but now that the gum line is not straight on the top, I look like a frickin chipmunk, or beaver or something.

Ayala Smile

I have to bare my teeth like this so you can tell they're straight and then, you can see that the bottom gum line is still crooked.

Ayala Smile

If I try to smile au natural, then, you don't see the crooked bottom gum line but look at the two black holes on either side. In the second picture above, I had a mouth full of teeth and no black holes. I look like the freakin Joker.

Ayala Smile

OH YES! Let's not forget that I have to wear retainers FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, ALL THE TIME, EXCPET FOR WHEN I'M EATING!! They're frickin annoying! When I take take them off, I can feel my teeth trying to run back to where they once belonged! Get back, get back...get back to where you once belonged. Oh sorry, look, a squirrel! There's always this pain, but more like an annoying sensation. For the rest of my life.

Ayala Smile

The bite is unnatural, the smile is unnatural. I hate it. This is not a brilliant smile. No, I didn't tell the doctors I hated it. They seemed so proud of their work. Big sigh....

Ayala Smile

So the moral of this post is, just leave well enough the frick alone. Especially if you're over 50. I know this seems trivial what with world hunger and stupid politicians and all, but I can't help but be disappointed.

Big sigh....

Wedding, Parade, Birthday, Music, Oh My!

September 17, 2012

Helloooooo?? Anybody out there?? I'm still here. Just been lazy, um, busy.

Well, my little brother got married on the 8th. It was a beautiful, magical ceremony. As I've mentioned, Chacho and Michelle met in the First Grade. A few of their classmates, who (who? whom?) they've also known since First Grade, were on hand for the celebration. Angela even flew in from Australia! Here are the St. Joseph's Class of '75! That would be 8th Grade Class, not high school. Angela, Anita, Dede, Ken, Michelle, Rudy (Chacho), Mercedes, Desmond and Pete. I do have a million more pictures of the wedding at my Phanfare Site. E-mail me for password if I haven't sent it to you yet.

As is customary in a Catholic school, the families were big and siblings always had siblings in each other's classes. My St. Joseph's class ('72), guess who was at the wedding? Yvonne Pruyn. Yup, Nancy's sister! She's a good friend of Crystelle's, Michelle's sister. I told her how our class gets together often and she said Nancy would love to join us! :) She is Nancy, um, crud...forgot her married name and lives in the San Diego area.

St. Josheph's Class of '75

I bought Natalie a pack of mustaches. She loved them. Wears a new one each day.


She made Ollie wear them, too.


He was not that amused.


For Nat's 15th Birthday, My Little Honey Bunch, Nic, Nat, Sanberk and I went to La Veranda.

Nat's Birthday

On Saturday, the last day of the Music in the Park series, they also had an impromptu parade for Clayton's two Olympic Bronze Medallists. It's funny that in a town of just over 10,000, we had two medallists in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Very proud town. Here's Kristian, who's family owns the famed Skipolini's Pizza.

Kristien Ipsen

And Kara, a graduate of Clayton Valley High School.

Kara Kohler

Yes, I do have a hundred zillion more pictures of the 10 second parade, the crowd at the last Music in the Park and the continuing celebration at the Clayton Club on my Phanfare Site. You know the drill. This guy was there. I didn't know they still existed. Oh and, no brawls this time.

Hells Angel

OK, that's all my randomness for today. Until next time I get unlazy....

Getting Hitched

September 8, 2012

I can't stop singing this song today.

We'll be hearing this later: Chacho and Michelle

Congratulations on finding each other, on finding happines!

Chacho and Michelle


September 7, 2012

I posted this status over on my Facebook page. I crack me up. (Click on photo.)

Bubble Bath

In other news, Happy Birthday to my brudder, Chacho! 52 years young today and getting married tomorrow for the first time! Yes, they are both in their 50's. No, there will be no children. I think. Michelle already has three beautiful daughters and a grandson. Yes, they met in First Grade. Yes, life is good for those who seek it and are lucky enough to find it.

Chacho and Michelle

Happy September!

September 1, 2012

When I sat myself in what looks like a grass blade, I felt teeny tiny, like I Dream of Jeannie in my bottle. Just felt I had to explain myself. You know, cause inquiring minds want to know.

So, it's September...NOW it feels right for school to be in session, unlike two weeks ago when Nat started in the middle of summer. Sheesh.

Notice there's a new button, Youth, up yonder? I added a new page for my new venture - in search of the Fountain of Youth with Rodan + Fields! Be sure and check it out and PLEASE, feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

Rodan + Fields

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