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October 26, 2012

October 21, 2012

October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

October 7, 2012

October 1, 2012

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The Birthday Continues

October 26, 2012

This 54th birthday of mine is lasting quite some time! I like it. First, my Little Honey Bunch took me to Moresi's on Saturday night. I already posted that. On Sunday night, I went out to dinner with the Zumbini's and then over to Adrienne's for cake. Yes, I did leave the house dressed like Audrey/Madonna/A Hippie/A Soldier in Combat boots. Why do you ask?

Rosy Straka

Birthday Cake


Luckily, they opted not to put 54 candles on the cakes. Thank you Zumbini's!!!!! Adrienne, Mia, Alda, Josie, me and Tammy.

Monday was uneventful except for the two Zumba classes I taught and my Little Honey Bunch leaving for a business trip. He was bummed that he was going to be gone for my birthday but I didn't mind. Somebody's got to bring home the bacon around here.

On Tuesday, my actual birthday, I came downstairs to this lovely display.

Birthday Morning

Thoughtful little Durney. Gotta love that kid! All my favorites, Victoria Secret's, chocolates and roses. After dropping the kids at school, I went to Marisa's awesome Zumba class in Antioch. Had a blast as always. Even did a couple of routines -- Che che re re che.... Then I joined Marisa, Josie, Eddie and Zina for Chinese Buffet. I didn't tell them it was my birthday.


I came home to a beautiful bouquet of roses that my Little Honey Bunch sent! I'm still enjoying all the flowers from my Little Honey Bunch, the Kids and the Zumbinis!

I got a lovely surprise. Motsy came home from Mexico! Yay! I picked him up from BART and we had a nice little dinner at the GG although I missed Lina and my Little Honey Bunch. Funny story, Mot got carded. He's 33. Oh yeah, uh huh, oh yeah, my baby got carded. That makes me around...40 to them, right? It's almost as good as me getting carded! They probably would not have carded Nic. As you recall, they tried to serve him wine at Moresi's.

Guadalajara Grill

I wore my new PJs to bed. You were just dying to know that, I know.


What the heck did I do Wednesday? I taught Zumba in the morning then, I have absolutely no idea what I did the rest of the day. Sucks getting old.

Thursday, I have absolutely no idea what I did all day until I taught my Zumba class in the evening. Again, it sucks getting old.

Today, I taught my Zumba class in the morning, missed Bryan's Antioch class, but then went to Happy Roll with Laura and Marcie. Thanks, girls!

Don't know what the rest of today will hold. Tomorrow, Rodan + Fields training and who knows what and the birthday week will end Sunday with a little celebration at my lovely, wonderful mother and father-in-law's home.

Thank you everyone for a great 54th birthday week! And thank you everyone for your wonderful wishes on Facebook! Although, funny story, heh, heh. When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I logged on to Facebook with great anticipation for many wishes. But alas, there was only one from my sister. Queue crickets chirping. Then I realized I had set my profile to hide my birthday! I quick corrected that and the wishes starting coming in and all was well in the universe again.

Speaking of on.

A Little Bummed

October 26, 2012

For my Facebook friends, you may have noticed that I have been somewhat absent and will be even more absent in the future. I'm trying to wean myself off of Facebook. Why? Because it hurts my feelings. I know, I know. It's stupid but I can't help it. It's like back in grade school when I was left out or picked last or simply told, "I don't like you." It hurts.

I've gotten a thick skin teaching Zumba. I know people don't like me/my style but I know some people do enjoy my classes and I certainly enjoy teaching. I grew a thick skin for that but apparently, not for this type of rejection.

Let me explain. You see, I had this friend who I've known since our kids were in kindergarten. We were comrades, we helped each other out, we hung out. When our kids went to different schools, I loved keeping up with the kids via the Facebook posts. Then, the other day, I realized she had unfriended me. It made me very sad. She didn't unfriend other people like me. What did I do? Did I offend? It really threw me into a depression.

Maybe that's what I did Wednesday. Mope. Anyway, it still makes me sad but I'll get over it eventually.

C'est la vie. If you care to know what's going on with me, you know where to find the Nerd.

P.S. Maybe with all this extra time on my hands not being on Facebook, I will REALLY figure out the comments section. Or maybe not. I may not be emotionally stable enough for you comments - LOL. With the silence, I can't tell if you like me or not and won't get hurt.

I seem to have issues, eh? Well, off to prepare gin and tonics, gather my Little Honey Bunch and figure out what we will do with our Friday night!

Clayton Oktoberfest

October 21, 2012

I've been meaning to post my photos of the Oktoberfest while we're still in October. These are actually from Sunday, October 7, 2012.

I was walking downtown and I came across these fellows.


Then the irony of it all struck me as I entered the festival.


Anyway, it was a fun day. Pretty much, it's a drunkfest. Although I only had one, yes that's right, ONE beer. It was quite amusing watching everyone. This is one of my favorite people watching events. Apparently, on Saturday, friends were dancing on the tables!


This was cracking me up. The German guy checking Shotzie's, um, well you know.


Then this guy who was pretending to be filming the dancing was actually filming Shotzie's, well, you know.


They called her Shotzie because she was the shot girl and kept bring them shots. Shotzie. Cute, Shulzie. I also learned German folk bands sing in Spanish. Here they are doing 'Alla en el Rancho Grande'.

Pretty good, eh? Then they made me cry with this one.

Because it was one of my mother's favorite songs. Damn it. There I go again.

Anyway, I have a bunch more pictures on my Phanfare Site. Email me if you need the password.

Night and Day Again

October 21, 2012

I was looking at my bathroom this morning and it reminded my of my post about me and my Little Honey Bunch being night and day (click here for that post). I guess we're night and day in many aspects. Here's his side of the sink.

Night and Day

Yup. This is my side.

Night and Day

And it looks like I'm encroaching on his space. It's a good thing he loves me. Actually, this morning out of the blue he said, "You don't look a day over 35." Awwww. I said, "Why? Because of all the Rodan + Fields stuff?" He said, "No, you're just lucky." Awwwww.

Night and Day

Birthday Dinner

October 21, 2012

My Little Honey Bunch took me to an early birthday dinner on Saturday night. We went to one of our favorite spots downtown, Moresi's. While there, Nat sent me this picture of herself.

Birthday Dinner

So I sent her this picture of me.

Birthday Dinner

So she sent me this picture of her and Sanberk.

Birthday Dinner

So I sent her this picture of me and my Little Honey Bunch.

Birthday Dinner

I sent her this picture from Moresi's. She remembered the movie it was from. Do you?

Birthday Dinner

Then we drank and ate and drank and ate and drank. Then we wen to the Clayton Club for some country music, people watching and, yup, more drink.

Birthday Dinner

The end.

Mending Pile

October 9, 2012

I seem to be in a chatty mood this month, eh?

Do you sew? I actually own a sewing machine. I sew. But usually only jeans. I can hem jeans because I was always on the short side and had to learn to hem them in order to avoid wearing platforms at all times. I'm pretty good at it actually. So anyway, I have sewn another thing here and there. Mostly things that go in straight lines.

My Little Honey Bunch ripped his car cover and I said, "I can sew that." So basically, it's in the Mending Pile. He made a comment last night about ordering a new cover because of moving mending pile. Then Nic says, "Yeah, have you mended my blanky yet?" Facetiously.

So I looked in the mending pile.

Oof. Sorry, Nic.


Oops. One of Nat's, too.


I can see them on the shrink's couch now. "I first started hating my mother when I cried myself to sleep at night because she said she was going to mend our blankies but they never reappeared." Ay, ay, ay.

It's California. You really didn't need that jacket when you were 3, right Nat?


Or this blouse from when you were about 8.


Honey Bunch, this has definitely gone out of style since 2005.


OK, fine. Order a new car cover.

Victoria Sofia Siri Straka

October 8, 2012

Meet my new iPhone 5. She arrived last week on October 5, the one year anniversary of Steve Job's death. Eerie, eh? She is tall and slim, like a Victoria's Secret model. Hence, I will call her Victoria. My Little Honey Bunch said that would be weird since he was once married to someone named Victoria. No matter. I still like it.


Then, this morning, Mia recalled that my Little Honey Bunch was also a fan of Sofia Vergara so she suggested naming her Sofia. In case you missed it, I posted over on Facebook, "Love is helping your Little Honey Bunch google pictures of Sofia Vergara's Emmy wardrobe malfunction." Are you going to go google it, too? Here, I'll save you the trouble: Sofia Vergara Wardrobe Malfunction I told my Little Honey Bunch her middle name would be Sofia. He said, "Why, does she have butt crack showing?" My Little Honey Bunch cracks me up. Oh and by the way, LHB, thanks for joining the Zumbini's for lunch!

So since I am Hispanic (where is Hispania anyway?), she will have a loooooong name like all Hispanics. Her name will be Victoria Sofia Siri Straka. Like it?

I must say, she's lighter and slimmer the my 4 (who remained nameless, poor thing), however, my thumb seems to have gotten shorter. Longer reach for the top row of icons.

Her Siri function and I got off to a rocky start. I was so excited to use Siri, the first thing I said to her was, "Hi, I'm Rosy!" She said, "I'm sorry. I do not understand. Shall I google it for you?" SMH.

Anyway, we've made peace and I think I'm really going to like her.

OK, off to teach Zumba! Who's coming tonight? I have a new routine I think you will like! The song is Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê).

Cat Hats

October 7, 2012

I was laughing so hard at these pictures at breakfast that my family was seriously going to have me committed. Aren't they hysterical?

Cat Hat

They just kill me!

Cat Hat

Nice Cat Hats!

Cat Hat

Nic said he wished he was as easily amused as I was. He said he would never be bored if that were the case. I agree! I'm never bored! Well, there were those two times I was bored. They were such rare events, I had to blog them. Remember, More bored than snot and Sharkey's Road Trip?

And just cause I'm still laughing, here are a couple more.

Cat Hat

Cat Hat

Cat Hat

ROFLMAO! Oh, that reminds me of this. Now that's a LMAO and a ROFLMAO. Actually, it would be funnier if they were actual asses (donkeys). You know, Laughing My Ass Off? Never mind.


Yes, yes. Easily amused. That's me.

Happy Fall?

October 1, 2012

So, it's October. It's Fall. And this is our weather.


I know everyone else is hating it but I'm saying, "YIPPPEEEE! More pool time!"

I also got sick of the Beautiful ES Font, so I changed up yonder. Not sure if I like this one yet. It's Comic Book. Maybe I'll change the color.

I also got sidetracked reading Housewives Blogs (Holy Guacamole!) after watching the Reunion Part One. My Little Honey Bunch is poking his head in occasionally, asking what important think I am working on. (Tee-hee-hee.) He can't understand why I watch Housewives. It's like a want to look away but you just can't. You're waiting to see when Tre will finally get that no one wants to be like her, look like her, act like her, have a gross husband like her or have disrespectful children like her. Then you realize that she simply doesn't have the mental capacity to realize -- anything. I have friends in New Jersey who are mortified that New Jersey is portrayed this way. I also have seen where people in other countries watch things like Maury Povich (sp?) and think that all America is like that. SMH.

Oh wait, Tre, maybe the people on the Maury show would want to be you! That would be fraction more classier than they are now. Maybe.

Anyway, then I remembered it was October and got more sidetracked updating my Nerd Header to October.

Now I'm missing my Monday morning Mia Zumba and lunch with Adrienne! SORRY, GIRLS!

And now back to my very important reading. (Tee-hee-hee.)

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