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November 28, 2012

November 23, 2012

November 18, 2012

November 16, 2012

November 10, 2012

November 7, 2012

November 1, 2012

Archives 2012

Archives 2011

Christmas Wish list

November 28, 2012

Dear Family, you've been asking me what I want for Christmas and since I have everything a Cinderella ever wanted or needed (except may a soup-ed up Camaro), my reply has been, "World Peace, end to world poverty, end to hatred, racism and intolerance, and for my kids to love me and accept my love the only way I knew how to give it, because all I ever wanted was to help them to be loving, caring, honest and especially, happy."

OK, sorry. This wasn't supposed to end up sappy, but it did. And I mean every word.

Anyway, the masses of catalogs have been arriving and I happened to browse through the Williams-Sonoma one and saw this. (Click on photo for link.)

Williams Sonoma Pie Maker

Yes, I do believe Cinderella would LOVE this as would the folks who would have a fresh pie every night for dessert! I can't add it to my Amazon Wish List so I thought I'd put it here. In case anyone in my family reads me. Oh, and if you enter the PROMO CODE: FREESHIP, you get free shipping! So you don't have to drive around for 45 minutes and then go home because you never found a parking space in Walnut Creek.

Family? 'Crickets chirping.'

Oh well, I tried.

Photo Bombed

November 23, 2012

This is what happens to your iPhone at my house when you leave it unattended or without password protection. (Click on image.) By the way, nice banana earrings.

Nat's Face

Photo Bombed II

November 23, 2012

This series of pictures cracked me up, too. I have NO idea where Natalie gets it. None. (Click on the image.)


Rosy's Face


November 23, 2012

Remember I decided to take a hiatus from my 365 Project because I started it on the random day of November 20, 2011? Well, it was all good and well until the 365th picture landed on November 18 instead of November 19. I was befuddled. Why? Why didn't it end on the 19th? Did Rosy Math have something to do with this?

Oh, we had a Leap Year. My Project should have been the 366 Project. Oh well. I'll add one from the 19th so that all will be well with the universe again. See you back there on January 1, 2013!!!!!

Boy Scouts, Dogs and the Needy

November 18, 2012

I was standing at the island yesterday eating tuna fish with cheezits. Munching away happily, I glanced over my shoulder and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw this:


Which looked like and I thought was this, which is impossible since she got her angel wings in 2008:


It was actually this:


What's with the cans and why the Boy Scout reference you ask? Well, you see, when I was coming home yesterday, I saw the Boy Scouts out collecting food for the poor. I figured they'd be at my door momentarily so I went to the pantry to put together a care package.

Unfortunately, most of the cans I looked at had expired LONG ago. Like there were some dated 2003. One shouldn't eat that, right? So it turned into a cleaning out the pantry day. My Little Honey Bunch was crying tears of joy to see me actually getting rid of stuff. Anyway, a bunch of stuff that was going to get thrown out ended up in this, um, dog pile.

Which ended up scaring the bijeezus out of me. It does look like Chiva, right?

Utter Randomness

November 16, 2012

Mot and a cat.

Mot and a Cat

Mot and a Bug.

Mot and a Bug

I was so excited that they had Menudo on the menu at Cinco de Mayo -- and it wasn't even Sunday! Unfortunately, it was very disappointing. Tasted like they just put it in the pot 5 minutes ago. No time for the flavors to meld AND it didn't have hominy!


I had to break into the Emergency Chocolate.

Emergency Chocolate

I also wanted to warn you that I'm on Day 363 of my 365 Project. I think I will take a break and start a new one on January 1, 2013 because it's always bugged me that I started on such a random day. November 20, 2011. I don't know exactly why something so random would bug someone so random.

But it does.

There's A New Blog In Town

November 10, 2012

As you know, Reader, I have been too lazy to figure out how to get comments working with Dreamweaver. So I looked into WordPress, where there are templates and themes and everything all set up for ease of blogging.

I am not sure that I want to migrate over completely or even at all. I have to use it a while and see if it does everything I want it to do the way I want it to do it. Know what I mean Vern? Take a looky look for yourself and let me know what you think because you can actually COMMENT! Click the WP (WordPress) Blog button up yonder to the right.

Speaking of Vern, I was at Starbucks with my Zumbini's and the discussion turned to Superfly. Remember fine ass Ron O'Neil and his 'Lord' (straightened hairstyle)? We were reminiscing on how everyone back then idolized the pimps and drug dealers from those Blaxploitation movies. Then Z said, "Yeah, everybody was a tennis shoe pimp." I almost spewed my coffee from my nose. I hadn't heard that since the 70's back in Berkeley! And that coming just shortly after a girl used the word 'siddity' which I also hadn't heard since the 70's in Berkeley. I miss Berkeley.

I'll just leave you with fine as Ron O'Neil for now.



The American Dream

November 7, 2012


I am the American Dream.

Yesterday, me and my fellow Zumba enthusiasts headed over to Starbucks after class. I parked, looked in my purse to make sure I had some ones, as I always leave at least a dollar in the tip jar. There was a homeless man at the entrance, dirty, raggedy, begging. I knew he was going to ask me for some change and I thought, "No. I'm not going to give him anything. He'll just go get drugs or alcohol."

I walked past him and when he asked, I shook my head no. I went inside. Then I thought, "I'm going to put a dollar in the tip jar. Why do they deserve this any more than the homeless man?" They are working and contributing to society and he, down on his luck. They both deserve the same chance.

I can help a brother out.

I went back out and handed him a dollar. And maybe, just maybe, the smile and the encouraging look I gave him will help him to see that there are people out there still willing to help a brother out. And maybe that smile and that encouragement will give him the push to go back and try again.

After all, I received that smile, encouragement and money when I needed it. Look at me now. The American dream.

At sixteen and pregnant, an immigrant with struggling immigrant parents, I had no where to turn but the Welfare system. I was mortified to have to go there but there was no other choice.

A brother helped me out.

I had that baby on Welfare and as soon as I could, I looked for a job. It was one of the happiest days in my life to march into that Welfare office and tell them I no longer needed their assistance, I was employed!

Fast forward 36, hard, wonderful, sad, and beautiful years.

I have the best husband ever, a beautiful home, four wonderful children and more than I ever imagined I would ever have. We have probably paid more in taxes than many make in a lifetime but you know what?

I can still help a brother out.

I will never stop helping a brother out, especially one who is trying to help himself. I will NEVER forget where I came from.

I can not understand how a person with $20 million will not help a brother out. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't care to randomly give extra money to a broken system. I know the system needs a revamping. I know there are many taking advantage of it. I have also stopped helping in instances when it seems futile or there seems to be no effort to move forward. I just don't understand why the powers that be, don't work together to come to a good solution.

Mr. President, Mr. Romney, you both had great speeches last night and I heard you both say that you would work together to move our country forward. I am holding you both at your word.

So please, let's stop blaming and pointing fingers and work on fixing things that need fixing. If my struggling brother can get affordable Obamacare, how is that hurting you? That doesn't stop you from continuing to charge $100 for an advil. Continue to do it. It's a free country. With all due respect Mr. Romney, if you would have won, we would have seen the clock turn back at least 50 years. I would probably have to go underground with my bi-racial marriage and kids. The government telling me what I can and can not do with my body? No thanks. You declaring your God everyone's god? Not cool.

I am not ashamed to say that I'm glad Obama won the election yesterday. I was delighted because you know what? He will still help a brother (sister, white, black, immigrant, gay) out. If it means I have to give a little more, that's OK. I have it to give.

I can help a brother out.

NOTE: For those of you who are not black like me and may not get it, 'a brother' does not refer to a black man but rather, a fellow human being.


Los Muertos

November 1, 2012

I'm going through a box of P-Rez' pictures that were at Lola's. Amazing memories and realizing just how many 'muertos' I know. Rest in peace. I'm sure there are more that will come to mind.

Rosa Maria Rodriguez

Ignacio Rodriguez

Manuela Rodriguez

Maria de Guadalupe Ayala

Maria del Refugio Ayala

Jose Azael Ayala Sr.

Jose Azael Ayala Jr.

Ignacio Ayala

Liborio Marin

Socorro Ayala

Ernan Ayala

Gustavo Fuentes

Quica Fuentes

Hector Fuentes

Jose Fuentes

Paul Mondragon Perez

Teresita Perez

Manuel Perez

Gilbert Guerrero

Ernie Guerrero

Patty Adams

Elaine Semien

Paula Graham

Melvin Revecho

Gene Gould

Larry Donaker

Mrs. Murillo

Motsy's Altar

Motsy's Muerto Altar. Those are P-Rez' actual pigeons on the lower right.


Dia De Los Muertos

November 1, 2012

I'm "scrapbooking" in rainy Bodega Bay. There were no trick or treaters. Thank goodness. I've been so over that for years. I did, however, enjoy looking at my friends kids' costumes and their own costumes. I'm waiting for Natalie to post photos of her costume. She was going to dress up as the Black Swan. Anyway, here are some of my favorites.

My friend Yuyi.


My friend Sherri.


My friend Leah on the right.


My Panda friend Mia.


This was Natalie (left) and me (right) last year.


And I can't forget to wish my Irish twin a very happy 55th! We spent the last 8 days being 54 together. Here, she has just turned 5 after she and I being 4 together for 8 days.



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