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May 16, 2013

May 1, 2013

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Dead People

May 16, 2013

Remember my post about Los Muertos (dead people - click here)? As I mentioned there, I thought I would remember more and I did.

Fred Pivacek
Debbie Johnson
Matthew Newman

I also mentioned that there would probably be more added. Mr. Guerrero joined his two sons in December. Frankie Perez joined them on Friday.

It's crazy how many dead people I know and frankly, how routine it is to hear this news anymore. Frankie was my first husband's youngest brother. He was only 50 years old. He died of a massive heart attack at work on Friday, May 10.

In 1976 my brother, Nene (RIP), Frank and Paul's brother, Nin, my brother, Chacho and Frankie (RIP).

Nene, Nin, Chacho, Frank

More recently with his daughter, Bryana, at her graduation.

Bryana and Frankie

Bryana's mom, Gina, worked tirelessly to figure out the funeral insurance and to set up the services. An angel on earth for sure!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
9 am - 11 am Viewing
11 am Service
Sunset View Cemetery
101 Colusa Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530

One of the memories of Frankie that always puts a smile on my face was when we went to Shattuck Avenue Spats one night. It was when portable phones had just come out. The kind that looked like a small briefcase. He carried it into Spats, all proud and then got even prouder when the thing rang. He answers, all important like, listens for a moment, then stoops over and whispers into it, "Not now, ma!" LOL! Oh, Lola. She probably wanted to make sure he had doubled his sweater. For $6 a minute.

Rest in peace, Frankiko.

Wrapping Up the Weekend

May 1, 2013

Our anniversary weekend started with some lovely flowers from my sister-in-law and a lovely card from my in-laws! Ollie liked the flowers very much, too.

Our Anniversary

Then my Little Honey Bunch surprised me with a lovely necklace and earrings. He cheated. I didn't get him anything because we agreed our weekend in The City was our present to ourselves. Grrrr. But, YAY!

Our Anniversary

We went to our usual, the W. They have these funny little mirrors everywhere. Looking up from the window seat.

Our Anniversary

We had our G&Ts in the Hotel bar then headed to dinner. Espetus, a Brazilian steak house, a meat lover's dream. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Our Anniversary

We headed over to the Buena Vista for an Irish Coffee (or two).

Our Anniversary

Back to the W bar for a night cap and more people watching. Next time, we're going to find somewhere to go dancing, right Little Honey Bunch? My Little Honey Bunch is the best! Looking forward to the next 17 and beyond!

Don't Take It Personally

May 1, 2013

No Facebook

Recently, it was brought to my attention that I was bugging the shit out of people with my incessant postings about Rodan + Fields. So let me apologize now if you are one of those people. I just can't understand why people don't want beautiful skin and extra money. I just can't help but try to share, not only the fabulous products, but the opportunity of a lifetime to own your own business --- OH CRAP, there I go again! See the Rodan + Fields (Youth) page for more on that. Ahem.

I had this same problem when I started taking/teaching Zumba. Hence, I created a separate Zumba Facebook page so that my non-Zumba friends would not get annoyed.

When the latest bugging of people happened, I deactivated my account and tried to decide how to proceed. Should I create yet another Facebook account? I decided not to because my very successful R + F Business Partner wants her whole team on it.

So instead I decided to clean up my accounts. So I started removing people I thought I was bugging. Then I started removing people who were on both my Zumba and Personal account because then I get all their feed on both my accounts. Then I started removing people who NEVER say anything (stalkers). Then it was after midnight and I was drunk deleting and blocking.

I have no idea how far I've gone or what I've done.

So. If I deleted you but you really love me and want to see my random cat postings and can stomach my incessant Rodan + Fields postings, then come on back!

Don't take it personally!

(Did you know that 'shit' is not in the spellcheck dictionary?)

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