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June 27, 2013

June 10, 2013

June 1, 2013

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Complete and Utter Randomness including, but not limited to: Mending Pile, Annoying Neighbors, Things to do at 4:45 am, and in random order as well.

June 27, 2013

Be warned, this post is going to be so random and scattered, you might get whiplash! First, I'm here because my friends on Facebook told me to be. Well, actually, there were other suggestions but swimming at 4:45 a.m. just does not sound appealing. At all. Ever.

My Little Honey Bunch went out of town on Monday and I decided to not have alcoholic beverages while he was gone, so that I'd lose 10 pounds by the time he got back and I would surprise him with my new svelte body. NOT. (See posts here.)

Usually, I can't sleep when my Little Honey Bunch is gone but I wonder if the lack of alcohol also played a part in that. I'm going to go with YES. The other downside when my Little Honey Bunch is gone is that the kids know I don't cook when he's gone so they have to forage. Nic asked me on Monday when he would be home. Big sigh when I told him. On the plus side, I did bring them burritos from Cinco de Mayo last night.

Seriously, on Monday night, I laid (layed? Where's my grammar corrector when I need her?) in bed, eyes wide open until 2 or 3 a.m. On Tuesday night, same. On Wednesday night, I was SO tired from lack of sleep that I FINALLY dozed off at about midnight. Then I get a text from Natalie at 3 am because she heard a noise and is frightened. I realize the freaking morons behind me are still out in the yard. I considered calling the po-po when they were still being loud and obnoxious at midnight. On a Wednesday night. SMDH. But like I said, I was so tired, I fell asleep.

I laid there listening to their stupid asses, not being able to get back to sleep. It seemed like the college kids were back visiting. At 4 a.m., frustrated, I was about to pick up the phone and call the police (I can't call the neighbor because she asked me not to call her anymore...yes, the same people with the incessantly barking dog). I wonder if there is adult supervision, which I guess doesn't really matter because they don't do anything when the dog is barking for hours on end.

I had enough. I turn on the lights (which they can clearly see) in my room, bathroom and back deck, not sure what I'm going to do. I brace myself to go on the deck and say something like, "SHUT THE F UP". I stand at the door. They see the lights and get a clue. I hear, "I guess we better go in." Lights and TV go off, filing into the house ensues. Freaking morons.

It's 4:30 a.m. and I can't go back to sleep. What to do, what to do? I know one of my friends is probably awake and she doesn't disappoint. She suggests I make coffee, get on the computer, catch up on shows. So I do get up. Since I'm not in a hurry, I decide I'll send my poop sample in for my colon cancer screening that's been sitting there since February. I know, I know...TMI. I make coffee and head to the computer.

And hence, this post. Plus, I caught up on my 365 Project and will also update my Rodan + Fields and Zumba Flyers. Then I'll learn some new Zumba routines...

Hmmmm...maybe there's something to getting up at 4:30 a.m.

Then I started sorting my pictures and remembered about my mending pile. It all started when I decided to hem my Zumba pants. I found yet another mending pile (remember this one - click here?). We got a chuckle out of Nat's jammies from when she was about 3.

mending pile

I did get several pair of Zumba pants hemmed though.

mending pile

But I had to kick the cats out because they want to bat at and eat the thread...at the most inopportune times, of course. They were not pleased. He kept trying to open the door.

mending pile

And crawl under the door.

mending pile

And to leave you with this randomness, me in my jammies trying on Nat's new shoes. That she wore to the Symphony on Sunday. And was able to walk in.

Nat's Shoes

Ollie likes them. He's so gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's what blows your skirt up.

Nat's Shoes

Enough of this. Check back to the Zumba, Youth and Eats pages later. Will have more updates.

How About Some Live People?

June 10, 2013

There were live people in my weekend! Natalie had her recital this weekend. She was in 8 numbers! She and all the other kids did a great job! She had to keep her costumes under tight wrap as Ollie LOVES munching on lace. Weirdo.

CVDA Recital

My camera is broken! I did not get any good shots. I'll have to see if I can pull any stills from the video when it arrives. That's Nat in the split.

CVDA Recital

That's Nat with her leg up.

CVDA Recital

The madhouse that is the dressing room.

CVDA Recital

Had to have a crew to move all her stuff. The lovely exit crew, my sister Boobie, Nat and my daughter, Lina.

CVDA Recital

Stage makeup.

CVDA Recital

Goofing with her aunt and sister.

CVDA Recital

That afternoon, it was actually hot enough for ME to go in the pool. The pool temp got up to 87! Official season opening of Straka Springs!

Straka Springs

Milo would not have anything to do with the pool, which is very strange for a lab!

Straka Springs


Straka Springs

I forgot how nice it was to have a dog that cleans up everything.

Straka Springs

It was even warm enough to eat outdoors. Thanks, Fitzie's!

Straka Springs

More Dead People

June 10, 2013

So my friend, Kathy, asked me if I wanted to go to see something called a Long Island Medium with her. Who? What? "Her name is Theresa Caputo. She talks to dead people."

I see.

I told Kathy, "I can't go. I know too many dead people. She'll never leave my side!" Kathy said, "I know. That's why I want you to go." Anyway, although I was a bit apprehensive, I finally agreed to go. I imagined it being like Whoopi Goldberg's character in Ghost. Dead people pulling her this way and that. I wasn't disappointed.

So she's this little flashy chick, (great shoes!). I took this from her Facebook page. This is what she was wearing. I guess she came from her Stockton shows to San Jose.

Theresa Caputo

She explains how she works, her signs, etc., etc., which most of you probably know because you watch her show? Anyway, she starts working the room asking who has a dead mother, sister, kid who died in an accident, someone who took their own life. She's making her way through the audience and I am totally fascinated. I believe! Now mind you, the auditorium was sold out and seats 3,000. We were kind of in the back of the ground floor (On aisle seats. Thank you Kathy! You know, my 'Not Sitting in an Aisle Seat Phobial).

She made her way to the back of the room, opposite of where we were. She's finished talking to some people, she whips around and looks directly at me, starts a bee line towards me and says, "Who has someone who died in a motorcycle accident?" I gasp, "OH MY GOD!" I stand up, she walks over to me and says, "There's nothing they could have done. He wasn't wearing a helmet. He would not have survived even if he was wearing a helmet. Was someone ejected?" Yes, he and his passenger were. His passenger survived.

When we went to the hospital that night, the doctors said exactly that. That even if he had been wearing a helmut, he would not have survived as his spine was severed.

I was in utter shock! But I'm not sure why. I always knew the dead people were out there.

Then she asked something about a necklace. The people behind us said, "Us!" So she starts talking to them...yadda, yadda. Some dead people are so rude! Why couldn't they let me finish talking to Baby? LOL!

If you're really into this stuff, Kathy detailed the experience here (click here)! Just one boo-boo about the date at the end.

Anyway, the thing is over and Kathy and I go to stand in line to use the bathroom. I glance at the wall and under the poster of Ted Nugent (as in Ted Nugent was here), this plaque is there.

March 12, 1988

Yep, March 12, 1988. The day Paul (RIP) and I got married. Hello, P-Rez!

When I got home, my Little Honey Bunch asked if we raised the dead. I said, 'Yup, we sure did!" Then at dinner, I was recounting the motorcycle bit of the story. I was expecting oooo's and ahhhh's.


99% of people who die in accidents aren't wearing a helmet...something about a fake...blah, blah, blah, I don't know, I wasn't listening anymore. They could see that their words had saddened me so they stopped.

STOW IT! DEAD PEOPLE DO EXIST! What about Lester Anderson at Mira Vista? Everyone knew he was there, opening windows, switching the lights, fixing lights. He had lived in that house for 72 years. He wasn't going to move out just because he died!

Anyway, I felt shot down. Saddened that maybe Baby didn't stop in.

I thought, I'll show them it was real! I'll find a 1986 (the year he died) penny or something tomorrow. You watch! You watch!

So I'm leaving my Zumba class at 24 Hour Fitness. I go to log in my time and sitting right on the desk is a nickel.

1946 nickel

A really old nickel. I have no idea what the significance of a 1946 nickel is but I do know that nobody would just find an old ass nickel sitting around for no reason. Or maybe the spirits just transposed the numbers. He was born in 1964.

Hello all my lovely Dead People! I love you!

By the way, I did set my TIVo to record two of her shows last night. Must go watch!

Happy June!

June 1, 2013

Hold on time! You're going way too fast!

Yesterday was the last day of school at Clayton Valley Charter High School. Can you believe it? It's summer already, but we have no sun! It also happens to be the 19th anniversary of one of my favorite people, Mia. Happy Anniversary, Mia and Omar!

I came to change my header for June and realized I only posted twice last month. It was a ... um ... pensive month for me. Trying to understand why death hits so often in my world. Trying to solve the mysteries of the universe in my head. Wondering why people I thought were my friends turned out not to be. It made me sad. It hurts when you encourage, support, cheerlead, offer advice, make flyers for, do free photo shoots for, think enough of them to bring them trinkets from your trip...and then the thanks you get? For reasons still unclear to me, I get blocked on Facebook (not talking about you SS...LOL!). You see, it's not rocket science. When the only posts you see are PUBLIC, you know you're blocked. So if you're going to play like that, Homie, let me kindly escort you to the unfriend button instead. I would also like to respectfully request that you refrain from bringing me up in your gossip sessions. Am I talking about you? Does the shoe fit? If it does, wear it, Honey, wear it.

public friends

Sometimes, I hate Facebook. Makes me act and feel 12 all over again. Sorry to have gone off on that tangent but really, life is too short to deal with silly pettiness. I wish you well.

OK, putting on my big girl panties and moving onward!

Also contributing to my lack of posting, my camera is broken!!!!!!! Must get that fixed. All my recent photos are iPhone shots.

Now these people make me happy! True friends through and through.

True Friends

And my lovely Little Honey Bunch. He makes me happy. I love our weekly date nights.

Honey Bunch

I got into the habit of taking a picture of me in the toilet. Seriously, does this look like a 54 year old? Rodan + Fields, Baby! Zumba helps, too.

Clayton Club

Last week, this fellow was hanging out at the Clayton Club.

Clayton Club Dog

Apparently, he's a regular. He was there last night, too. Hey, wait a minute! Me and my Little Honey Bunch resemble that remark!

Clayton Club Dog

The most regular of all, John "I don't take no credit cards" The Bartender.


And the ever present cowboys and cowboy boots. Hey, isn't that what's his face?


And...can't forget my self portrait toilet picture. That's my drunk scum of a bum face. (Julie, remember that phrase?)

Clayton Club

Aren't my high top, high heeled tennis cute?


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