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August 24, 2013

August 5, 2013

August 1, 2013

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Catching My Breath and Toilet Paper

August 24, 2013

Hello Followers(er)! I've missed chatting at you! I just finally caught up on my 365 project that was almost 10 days behind. Next I must catch up my Zumba page! I've been to Convention and added classes, so there's much going on there.

So give me a moment while I peruse my photos because as you know, that's the only way I can remember anything...

Oh one day, Natalie wanted to have a party. We agreed to let her have it on the third floor of our house, the room with the 360 degree view because it's all windows. She wanted the tickets to be a vile of each person blood. So we installed a gizmo at the entrance to the third floor that would draw blood, deposit the vile and then open the door for folks to get in.

Several hours after the party started, I decided to go and check on them. I had my blood drawn at the door and went in. Everybody had pretty much left as it was nearing dawn. I caught a glimpse of a large hawk flying towards our roof. He landed on the roof so I got my camera out and started taking pictures of him. Great pictures! Then he started eating the pigeons that live just outside of Nat's window. NOOOOOO!

We went outside to try to stop him, but ended up taking the long way around. On the walk home, there were giant puddles in the street, so big that they had carp swimming around in them. That's odd. I wonder how they got there? Then, as we crested the hill, we saw the view of the bay including the Golden Gate Bridge. Hearts started pounding as a large helicopter was making it's way towards us. THEN, ALL OF A SUDDEN, HE PULLS OUT A MACHINE GUN AND STARTS SHOOTING AT US!

We ran for cover, entered a building that turned out to be a visitor center. The helicopter landed and pilots came out smiling. "Just kidding! That was a fake machine gun! Were you scared?"

Then I woke up, trying to catch my breath from all the excitement.

Of course, that was a dream and wasn't real but if someone could explain it to me, I would be most grateful.

So my Little Honey Bunch and I love to frequent the Clayton Club. There's always such good people watching. It's always fun to get a rise out of John, too, by trying to pay with a credit card. He only takes cash, if you're planning on going there. There is an ATM inside that he will direct you to if you need it.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, we're there. The regulars are there, too. Wait! We resemble that remark. One in particular, always stands out. He's a large man, Wranglers with beer gut hanging over the front of them, cowboy boots, big white cowboy hat. He stands by the dance floor, chewing on his cud, one elbow on the bar, beer in the other hand, one leg crossed over. Every other song or so, he gets out on the dance floor with one of the cowgirls.

At one point, he goes to the rest room. When he comes out, I notice there is a piece of toilet paper stuck between his legs, at the back about mid thigh. How does that happen, I wonder? I mean, on the shoe would make sense but between your thighs on the outside of your pants? Of course I amuse myself watching the little piece of toilet paper dance the night away.

I didn't take a picture.

So a couple of weeks later, we are there at the Clayton Club again (I'm pretty sure people think WE are regulars). Same scene, different country band. Same cowboy standing there, dancing occasionally. Again, he goes to the bathroom at one point and GUESS WHAT? He comes out with toilet paper caught between his legs! Again! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN TWICE? HOW? I am beside myself with amusement!

I HAD to take a picture.


I'm STILL cracking up about this. Yes, yes, easily amused I am. Are you cracking up as much as I was? No, guess you had to be there!

Yes, I check myself in the mirror every time now to make sure I don't have toilet paper stuck to me.


And since I'm on a picture taking roll, there was this interesting girl there with her pets. (I have yet to have someone decline my request to take their picture.)


Pet number two.


And my Little Honey Bunch messing with John.


And yes, this WAS real.

OK, off to update my Zumba page!


August 5, 2013

OK, I'm really, really going to wrap up the Europe Trip. I did post about Paris here, and Nice and just a little bit about Genoa here, so I'll continue with a little more Genoa and finish off with Rome and Frankfurt. And if you're not weak of heart, you can venture over to my Phanfare Site (CLICK HERE) to see all 1,139 pictures. I'm not kidding. I've broken it down into the 5 cities we visited and captioned most of the stuff. So if you're so totally completely bored that you want to stick red hot needles in your eyes, this might be a slightly better activity. Slightly. If it asks for a password, try: uploads.

Before I get into Genoa, I wanted to mention that after I was all pissy about my Little Honey Bunch giving away our seats in my Train Wreck post, it turns out he didn't go to any effort. He had no idea we were seated together and offered that had we kept the original club seats (4 facing each other), one of us (mainly me) would have barfed from riding backwards. Heh, heh. Was my face red.

So anyway, as I mentioned, we rode into this town thinking it was an absolute ghetto, scared and so forth. We're bumbling out of the train station and come out on the street to this.

Genoa, Italy

I'm thinking, "Please, please, please, please, please don't let this be our hotel!" It's not. My Little Honey Bunch has his iPhone out (target) looking at the nav to guide us, as we're struggling along the cobble stone (bags with wheels aren't that great on cobble stones), hugging all our bags tightly to ourselves (targets), eyeing everyone with suspicion (targets) as we follow my Little Honey Bunch and his iPhone (yes, dumb tourist targets). Anyway, we are guided around the corner to the lovely Grand Hotel Savoia!

Genoa, Italy

We later found out had we exited to our left, rather than our right, the hotel was directly across the street, on the right side of the tracks. Live and learn. So you're wondering why we went here? So was everybody we told. "Genoa? Why Genoa?" Simply, we new we were going to go by train from Nice to Rome but it was too long of haul in one shot. My Little Honey Bunch looked on a map and saw the Genoa was at about the half way point, so he decided to have us stop there for a day. He probably should have gotten a clue that it was not a 'destination' when Rick Steves did not have any recommendations there. It is a port staying in the Port of Oakland only you don't know where to stay away from.

We ended up have a lovely little stay there, even though Nat was so spooked she only left the premises one night for dinner. We were at this little restaurant (ANOTHER FABULOUS MEAL) and I thought, "What in the world is Mary Ann Benedetti doing here? She's supposed to be in Hawaii on the trip Rodan + Fields sent her on." Mary Ann, you have a twin in Genoa!

Genoa, Italy

Genoa's claim to fame is that it has THE oldest working light house in the world. Pretty cool.

Genoa, Italy

And Christopher Columbus lived here and his house was somewhere. We didn't look for it. On to Rome! A million or so pics over on Phanfare, if you dare (hey, I rhymed!).


August 5, 2013

So now that we knew the non scary way to the train station, we are feeling pretty good. Our train shows up on the board, we head to our platform (we all have great muscles by escalators or elevators), we get on our first class seats and have a lovely ride into Rome. Now this was the setup we were supposed to have when my Little Honey Bunch gave away our seats. No worries. The kids don't talk to us anyway.

Rome, Italy

Let me just say now that I absolutely LOVE Rome! Well, I LOVED Paris, too. Oh and while I'm thinking about Paris, let me just mention that we also went to the Musee d'Orsay but I followed the rules and didn't take any pictures and it must have been the day before we went to the Louvre but in my early stages of dementia/Alzheimer's, I don't remember. I do remember that I had actually seen a lot of the pieces already in San Francisco when the Musee D'Orsay was here.

OK, back to Rome. If you are ever in Rome, you must eat at Memmo's (click here for web site) . Large, jolly Italian owner. Family style meal. Twelve antipasto's BEFORE they even bought us a menu for the next seven courses, plopped down a bottle of red wine and kept them coming with a Moscato to finish. YUM, YUM, YUM!

Rome, Italy

I think my favorite part may have been the Tour we took. WELL worth the money, a tour guide, Daniel (who was easy on the eyes), picked us up at the hotel at 9 and took us to the most important parts of the city AND what a wonderful history lesson we had. He was extremely knowledgeable. Made us want to come home and do some more reading up on the history! I made notes of all the places he took us to on my Phanfare Site.

Just gorgeous!

Rome, Italy

Must come back here!


August 5, 2013

Bye beautiful Rome! We're off to Frankfurt.

So Frankfurt. In a nutshell, clean and orderly.


Just a tad OCD, if you ask me.


But kind of odd. Again, you might ask, "Why Frankfurt?" Well, you see, our original plan was to use it as home base to take the train up to see Castles on the Rhine (sp?). There was a train station walking distance from our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, which turned out to be in the financial district AND very near the Red Light district. So it was like downtown Oakland or San Francisco on a weekend when there are no business people. Just derelicts. However, even the homeless encampments were neat. A mattress with a nicely folded sleeping bag on top just to the right of the hotel.

But due to a couple of Korean pilots crashing an airplane, we were off a day and decided we did NOT want to take any chances on trains again, especially on a reduced weekend schedule. So we just hung out and drank beer, apple wine and the best meatloaf, bratwurst, pork ribs and liver dumplings ever! Really! Good food in Germany! Go figure.

I was so in awe of the Bridge of Love. They also had one in Paris but I only took one picture. I took a bunch here. Here's me and my Little Honey Bunch on the Bridge of Love in Frankfurt. Thank you, Little Honey Bunch, for taking us on this wonderful adventure, even though we all had meltdowns and almost came home. I love you!


Again, if you dare, you can see all my photos on my Phanfare Site. Password is uploads if it asks.

Wrapping It Up - Almost

August 1, 2013

I'm working on a wrap up on the Europe trip but I decided to weed through the thousand pictures and it's taking me a while. So I may not have the post ready today as I'm still in Paris pictures and haven't gotten to Nice, Genoa, Rome and Frankfurt. I didn't even TAKE that many...just about 1,200 or so. Anyway, check back soon or tomorrow as I've got to go teach my Zumba class shortly!

I'll leave you with this for now.

Mike and Rosy in Paris


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