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September 28, 2013

September 24, 2013

September 22, 2013

September 4, 2013

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Old School, New School, Crazy School, Fun School

September 28, 2013

Natalie went rummaging through my closet and found some old Levi's I still have from the 70's and 80's. This pair in particular was from the 80's that I wore well into the 90's. Then I got fat. Then they fit again for a minute a couple of years ago. Gotta get there again. This pair is particularly sentimental to me because my mommy tapered them into skinny jeans and hemmed them, too. And how many years later everyone is wearing skinny jeans?! LOL

Nat in 80s Jeans

This was me and my Little Honey Bunch at breakfast this morning with the paper. I prefer the new school one. It doesn't get in my food and I don't have to keep folding it down to a manageable size. Plus this way, we can read the same section at the same time. Which do you prefer? Nic still prefers paper. He won't buy electronic books.

Morning Paper

By the way, if you're ever in my kitchen, beware of the crazy cat, burrowed under the blanket on the comfy chair.

Crazy Cat

And for my Raider fans, watch for about 400 Zeeps, dancing a Zumba routine at half-time. We're going to have a blast! Remember we did a half-time routine at a Warriors (video links on the side bar of my Zumba page) game? So fun!


Driving and What Not, Especially Not

September 24, 2013

Little Natalie had an appointment this morning for her driver's license test. She has been beside herself with anticipation and excitement. We had the first appointment of the morning at Concord. Everything was looking good. We got checked in and I watched as she and the instructor took off.

Driver's Test

I hunkered down with my iPad for what I was told would be about a 15 minute test. At about 5 minutes, I glanced up and they were walking back towards the building, Nat's little face fallen. Uh oh. This can't be good.

Apparently, she changed lanes in an intersection without signaling or looking back at her blind spot. She had no idea what he was talking about. I could only surmise that she was crossing an intersection, in an area she's not familiar with, that probably had lanes that sort of jogged one way or the other, therefore, a lane change. I'll have to go back to the scene of the crime and try to see what might have happened. Poor Little Durney!

She was understandably distraught. When she finally cheered up a little, we rescheduled an appointment for November. In Pittsburg. She did NOT want to go back to Concord. So I guess I'll be taking her to drive around Pittsburg over the next couple of weeks so she'll be comfortable with the area. Poor Little Durney...

In other news, I wasted the ENTIRE day. What do you mean, "That's not news?" ANYWAY, I got caught up on Housewives and Dancing with the Stars (Good thing my Little Honey Bunch wasn't home to witness this). Then I was watching House Hunters on HGTV and an episode with a lovely couple, Juliana Falco and Daniel Werner, came on. She was originally from Brazil and a former model. He a trader originally from Denmark. They met in Mumbai, were currently living in Spain and had just decided to move to Costa Rica.

I love this show. I especially love the International episodes. This couple seemed so cute and in love. I decided to google them to see them still living happily ever after, perhaps married with a family. I googled them and came up with some hits. I found a video that had put out in 2010 but it was no longer available on YouTube. I checked the origianl air date of the House Hunters and it was 2011. Then I found a Juliana Falco on Facebook. It was the same girl, but this girl is "in a relationship with Martin Quinn". What?

Then I started digging more and I saw that she and Daniel met around 2009, saw their move to Spain then how happy they were to move to Costa Rica, then earlier in 2013, the posts were dark and sad.

And I was devastated that this beautiful couple did not last.

I kept looking. She then moved to Dubai and after a few months, happy posts again. Friends congratulating her on her relationship status. YAY! This is from her Facebook.


So my point with this post is me wondering if I'm the only person who can waste time as well as I can? Please say you do this sort of thing, too!!!

And another point, make sure your Facebook posts aren't public...if you really don't want them to be, otherwise, you may have a whacked, stalker housewife looking all up in your business.

But really, I just proved that I'd be a really good investigator. Or stalker.

Knee and Other Random Musings

September 22, 2013

Three weeks ago today, I was at Thayna's Zumba class and after a routine, I couldn't walk. There was a very strong pain in my left knee. I hobbled over to the side and sat out the rest of the class. I never heard anything pop, or step on it funny. I had absolutely no ideas what I did. I called my doctor on Monday morning and she said ice, ibuprofen and stay off of it.

A week and a half later, it was feeling OK, so I taught my 2 Wednesday classes. BIG MISTAKE. Although it felt fine Wednesday evening, I woke up Thursday morning and could not walk again. Another week of rest and I insisted on an X-Ray or MRI to make sure nothing was torn. They obliged with an X-Ray and a trip to the Physical Therapist. It feels much better today but I'm not going to chance it. I got subs for all my classes this coming week.

A couple of days ago, after my daily morning ritual of pooping then weighing in (sorry, I know, TMI), it came to my attention THAT I HAD GAINED 8 POUNDS IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS! AARRGGHH!

So I dusted off my account and decided I better start by cutting my calorie intake in half. Typically, when I do two or three Zumba classes in a day, I burn from 1200 to 1800 calories, so my intake is close to 3,000 calories. Um, when you're not moving, this is NOT good.

I decided to have just one egg instead of two for starters, and I crack this open.

Double Egg Yolks

Thanks a lot, Mother Nature. NOT FUNNY!

Anyway, it's been really difficult to cut the calories. I had my annual OB and Mammo, too. It's really awkward when the doctors ask, "Have you had more than 2 alcoholic beverages any time in the last 7 days?" Um. Yes. "Have you had more than 4 alcoholic beverages in one day in the last 3 months?" Um. Yes. My OB pointed out that if I just cut out the alcohol, I'd have cut all the unwanted calories. If I had a nickel for every time someone has told me this...

In other randommness, I put on false eyelashes one day. Actually, two days.


I have the puniest, non-existent eyelashes ever. I wanted to see how the pretty people lived. It was interesting. My Little Honey Bunch didn't even notice for some time. When he finally did, he was like, "Why?" Says he who has the longest eyelashes ever. One of the pretty people. How would they know how the eyelashless feel?

I was in Oakland the other day so I had to stop by one of my most favorite places, Mountain View Cemetery, to visit my mom and my brothers.

Mountain View Cemetery

I wandered around, as usual, visiting my favorite angels. This one is my favorite.

Favorite Angel

I also noticed they have done a massive clean up of the old side of the cemetery that used to be completely ensconsed in weeds. How lovely!

Mountain View Cemetery

Oh, I wonder what this says? I undersatnd the 'good bye' at the end.

Mountain View Cemetery

I was delighted by this! My favorite angel has a twin!

Favorite Angel

I know, I'm easily amused. Enough randomness for now. Off to watch the Niners!

Carte Blanche and the Wrongly Accused Cowboy

September 4, 2013

So, did you notice it's already the 4th and I am just now changing to September? Well, let me tell you why. You see, on Sunday, my ancient butt was Zumbaing and I tweaked my knee. I don't even know what I did. I didn't fall or snap anything. I just walked off the stage and all of a sudden couldn't walk. My left knee was killing me! I sat out the rest of the class. I hobbled around Costco before heading home then it seemed to get worse and worse. 800 mgs of Advil, some ice, some gin over ice and I was down for the count. I must have had the most interesting looking Pimp Walk. Plantar Fasciitis on my right foot, bum left knee.

I decided I had better see a doctor but there were no physical appointments, just a 'telephone' appointment at 9 am. Luckily, it was Monday and my 3 Zumba classes were canceled due to the Holiday. Anyhow, I spoke with my doctor and after some questions, she determined that I had just sprained my knee, not torn a ligament or meniscus (excuse me while I squeam around for a moment). She said that I was to stay off of my leg for at least 3 days, icing it and taking Ibuprofen as needed.

Did you hear that?! Carte blanche to be velcroed to my couch FOR THREE DAYS and watch Housewives, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, and So You Think You Can Dance!!!!! My Little Honey Bunch chuckled at my good fortune of being told to stay on my sofa FOR THREE DAYS!

So anyway, I definitely didn't tear anything as I it is getting better. I did, however, get subs for the rest of the week. I hope I can return to teaching on Monday! Still a little swollen as you can see on my 365 Picture from yesterday.

I finally ran out of shows to watch, so here I am switching to September and catching up on my 365 Project.

I also need to exonerate the wrongly accused cowboy of dancing with Toilet Paper. He apparently wasn't who I though he was. My Little Honey Bunch and I were at the Clayton Club again last Friday night. The Dancing with Toilet Paper Cowboy was there, but lo and behold, his somewhat smaller twin was playing in the band (Desert Moon). I'm looking back and forth, beside myself, trying to figure out who was who. My Little Honey Bunch was offering his bemused theories. He said, "Maybe they ARE twins." When I told him I was beside myself, he said, "Well, they're besides themselves." My Little Honey Bunch cracks me up.

Dances with Toilet Paper Cowboy facing away. Twin in the band.


OK, so this is the Cowboy in the band Desert Moon, who is neither the Dances with Toilet Paper Cowboy OR who I thought it was originally.


OOF! Caught me taking a picture. Who are these posers?


THIS is the cowboy I wrongly accused of Dancing With Toilet Paper. And clearly, he is not the one in Desert Moon or the Dances With Toilet Paper one. I think.


OK, enough with the cowboys.

My doctor may or may not have said I need to stay off my leg for another day, perhaps two. Off to get velcroed to the couch...oh and it's G & T time, too!


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