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October 25, 2013

October 4, 2013

October 1, 2013

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Snuck Into 55

October 25, 2013

This was one of the worst weeks of my life. It was not my finest hour in the parenting arena. I will not go into detail because all is right with the universe again and I don't want to relive that. Let's just say that things went completely awry this past weekend while at our Pismo Camping trip. It was so bad that we came home a day early, didn't get to celebrate my birthday with our friends and in-laws. On Sunday, after asking Siri some questions, one of which was, "How does one kill oneself?", I came to the conclusion that I should banish myself from this family before doing it any more harm. I was going to ask my friend, Adrienne, if I could stay with her until I got myself on my feet. Perhaps I should go apply to be a BART Train Operator Scab or really work my Rodan + Fields business. By the way, Siri will give you the number to the Suicide Prevention Hot Line if you ask her that question. Seriously.


I did get some BEAUTIFUL pictures which I have uploaded to my Phanfare Site. Friends, family, please email me for the current password if you're interested in seeing the pictures. There was so much sea life at our fingertips!

Crab at Pismo Beach

And because it was such a rough week, I turned off my Facebook account and quietly snuck into 55. I did not go to the Black Bear Diner to see if I would get carded for ordering off of the senior menu. LOL. I may try that soon, though. I had lovely Sushi with Adrienne and then my Little Honey Bunch cooked my favorite dinner, Filet Mignon! I heard from everyone that I love and it made my day.

Motsy and his tiny dog joined us for dinner.

My 55th.

I heard from my brother, Little (and my other siblings).

My 55th.

I got to visit with Motsy and his little dog.

He got me and his dad inked on himself. Nice!

Motsy Tatts

And now me and my Little Honey Bunch are going to Moresi's for another birthday dinner. All is right with Cinderella and the Universe again.

Randomness and the Hypochondriac

October 4, 2013

I finally got around to fixing my Photostream which stopped working when I upgraded to IOS7 on my iPhone. I uninstalled iCloud from my Windows 7 Desktop, then re-installed it using Apple Installer. It's working. The other Apple devices never stopped working. Anyway, now I don't have to go find my phone to post my random pictures.

Speaking of random pictures, here's a tip on how to foil a thief's plan to steal your phone. There was a recent incident in Oakland where a couple of guys robbed some casual commuters. If you're quick thinking enough, you can snap a photo of the perpetrators while sweetly telling them, "That photo has automatically gone to my photostream and you will be identified momentarily." Then they'll be all scared, give everyone back their stuff and high tail it out of there! Wouldn't that be so cool?

Focus, Rosy.

I recently went in for all my womanly checkups; the Pap, the Mamm, the blood work. Unfortunately, it appears my cholesterol is through the roof. My doctor was so alarmed that she ordered me some medication. After looking at the warnings (may cause liver damage, for one), I decided I was going to try and fix this without medication. I don't need anything else messing with my liver. My gin and tonics and wine are doing a fine job of that.

Which reminds me, it's gin and tonic o'clock. BRB.


So I looked up lowering cholesterol friendly menu's, etc., and basically, it's everything I already eat/do! I eat sensibly, I exercise like a fiend (except for these last four weeks my knee has been out and I gained 8 pounds), I don't have stress in my life! Why is my cholesterol so high? Never mind that my Little Honey Bunch pointed out that even though I do exercise and eat right most of the time, I also tend to eat stuff like pork rinds, lots of lovely red meat, poultry skin, cheese.

Big sigh. In any case, I am going to attempt it with diet. Wouldn't you? But if I have a stroke or something before my next screening in three months, I guess I didn't do a good enough job. Good thing I like oatmeal. It's yummy with fruit thrown in. I also had egg whites this morning.


The other thing that is changing drastically in our household is our moving to organic and clean food. Nic and Nat are obsessive about eating right. I've never really bought in to 'organic' but they didn't take it well when I said, "Eat right today, get hit by a bus tomorrow."

So yesterday, the Hypochondriac (not me, the OTHER hypochondriac in the house), said she had a bump on her head and it really hurt and could I make her a doctor's appointment. I did. She went in today.

It was a pimple.

That's almost as bad as me calling 911 for a hangover. (Post here.)

Oh and let me leave you with this lovely post from one of my favorite Bloggers, The Bloggess. It made my day.

Happy Birthday Month!

October 1, 2013

It's ma birfday, it's ma birfday! Well, not really. It is my Birthday month, though. I think I will start celebrating now. Then on my actual birthday, I think I'll go to Black Bear Diner and use my Senior Discount. And I will cry if I don't get carded.

Don't I look fabulous for 55 in my header picture? You're right, it's not me. I couldn't find a decent picture of me so I searched for one of Sonia Braga, who is going to play me in the movie. Except I think she's like 75 here and looks MUCH better than my 55. Anyway, I'm still going to have her play me in the movie. I don't know what the movie is about yet. Maybe I will call it, "50 Shades of Old".

I have no picture to share with you at this time. My photostream stopped working and I'm too lazy to plug my phone into the computer. I'll regale you with more photos of our Zumba Half Time show later on my Zumba page.

Happy October!!!


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