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December 20, 2013

December 19, 2013

December 1, 2013

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Red Tape

December 20, 2013

I always get a kick out of my dealings with the government (remember my Green Card Story, the Saga Continues and my Passport story?).

So anyway, in 2012 I had my first paying job since 1997, with a paycheck, withholdings and everything. When my Little Honey Bunch went to do the taxes on April 14, he realized he didn't have a W-2 for my job. So I contacted the employer, who was busy and couldn't get me any information right then and there.

So, my Little Honey Bunch filed an extension.

The employer contacted me and said I should contact some payroll company and pay $30 for a copy of my W-2. I still don't understand why they expected me to pay $30 for something I never received (my Little Honey Bunch opens the mail, not me) or just couldn't send me a copy. Do they not keep copies? Did they even send it to the right address? Did they REALLY send it?

Anyway, I refused to pay $30 for a copy but luckily a friend told me that I could just go down to the IRS office and get a copy. I hippity hop down to the IRS but guess what? Yup, they're on strike. Closed until who knows when.

So now it's October and the government is shut down. I can't get a form, my Little Honey Bunch can't file an extension. Oh well. I wonder what the fines are going to look like?

I attempt to go to the IRS a few more times. Once, I get there and I have number 203. They're on 106. I leave. I go again and it's too late in the day. They aren't giving out any more numbers. Finally, I get there on Thursday and only wait about 10 minutes before I'm called. The lovely young lady looks up my record and says there is no record of anything but my Rodan + Fields income. WHAT? How could that be? She says they probably never filed it nor sent it but that I should check with the Social Security Administration. If anything was filed, they would definitely have a record of it.

She gives me the website address and I go home and try to create an account. I agree and answer all the questions, correctly, I might add, but I get this message:


Big sigh.

I go on about my business, wait 24 hours and try again. Did you ever live on Mira Vista? How many bedrooms does your house have? Did you apply for a car loan? These are some of the questions.


I see there is an option for them to call me. I enter my phone and wait. They call me within about 10 minutes. Kind of impressive.

So I tell the operator the message I've gotten twice while trying to create an account. The operator gets all my vitals before determining it's really me.

"Mam, you are suspended for 30 days for trying unsuccessfully twice within 7 days."


"You answered the questions wrong."

Me: Um, no, I didn't.

"Mam, your choices are to request your records be mailed to your home which will take about 6 weeks or to go into an office. Do you know where your nearest office is?"

Me: I can look it up.

Me: This is the most unhelpful call I have ever been on.

Awkward pause. "Have a nice day, Mam."

Me: Thanks, you too.

So then, I can't see the option to have the docs mailed to me or to find the address. I start the process of trying to create an account again to get to the options.


Longer story shortened abruptly, there is no freaking record of any income from that employer in 2012 as of today, December 20, 2013. And when my Little Honey Bunch finally files the taxes without that income, and it ever somehow comes back to try to haunt us, I will simply show them this post.

Happy Friday! Off to date night at Moresi's with my Little Honey Bunch.

Fa, la, la, la, la...

December 19, 2013

That's the sound of me trying to get into the Christmas spirit. It's not working. But I'm gonna keep trying! We at least have a tree, even though it's still in the garage, bound and gagged. I at least did my Christmas shopping -- all of it, yesterday, on-line, in 23 minutes. At least I have my health, my family, food to eat and a roof over my head. I know there are many who are not so fortunate.

For some reason, I've had dead people on my mind. I was trying to find the post about Paul Perez and his seat belted coffin, but realized that was BB (Before Blog). He died in 2009 and I didn't start this blog until 2011. So here's the link to the post. It made me smile!

Paul Perez

It's also my dad's birthday. He would have been 90 today, but he passed in 2006. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Jose Ayala

December 5 marked 27 years that my brother, Baby, has been gone.

Jose Ayala Jr.

December 1 should have been my brother, Nene's, 52nd birthday. He's been gone 34 freaking years. Here he is working on the car that probably caused him to get the infection that he succumbed to.

Ignacio Ayala

And let's not forget Andrew, who was born and died in December. Andrew Ortega 12/13/95 - 12/30/10. Natalie was just speaking about him to me this morning. One of my first posts on this blog was about him (click here for post) .

Andrew Ortega

Hmmm...I think I finally figured out why I have such a hard time in December trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Ya think? And then, yeah, that thing about health, family, food and a roof. For as many angels as I know, too many, in fact, I am still freaking Cinderf*nrella and have many, many blessings.

Is It Christmas?

December 1, 2013

Dangit! How did this happen? Eating Thanksgiving leftovers and Christmas is breathing down my neck. It's only the 1st people! I won't even shop until the 23rd, on-line, overnight delivery! Even my Little Honey Bunch was Christmasing around.

Christmas Lights 2013

And look at this! This is on my coffee table. OK, I confess. I never put it away from last year.

Christmas Nativity Scene

All right, all right. I'll go turn on the Christmas music and try to get with it.

And because he will forever be in my heart, Happy Birthday to my brother, Nene. He should have been 52 today.



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