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January 16, 2014

January 3, 2014

January 2, 2014

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The Long and Random Blog Post

January 16, 2014

Aren't they all? (Long and random, I mean.) So yesterday was my Little Honey Bunch's birthday. He, Nic, Nat and I headed down to Moresi's for his birthday dinner. Natalie had asked for some notebooks for school and I said I had picked some up for her.

Here comes random.

So it made me remember that when they were little (like 1 & 2), Nic had a lot of nicknames for Natalie. One of them was Notebook. We have no idea why. He also used to call her N'ie, which we figured was a contraction of Natalie.

Lots of eye rolling going on as we reminisced. Nic says he hates embarrassing baby stories. Luckily, he doesn't read me. Shhhhh....don't tell him! I did mention that I needed to write these things down before Alzheimer's set in and I forgot them.

Anyway, we also remembered that his style of name calling was quite unique. When annoyed with her, he would call her 'A Bag of Rocks' and 'A Two-Minute Parking Meter'. No idea why. We figured they were pretty useless things and he thought her useless? No idea.

Most kids when annoyed with someone would scream, "I hate you!" Not him. He would calmly say, "I dislike you with great intensity."

Remember, this was the child that had a 300 word vocabulary by his first birthday. He was that kid who was reading Harry Potter in Kindergarten. OK, maybe 1st Grade.

I also told him the story of when he and I were at the Oakland Library once. He must have been less than 18 months old because Natalie wasn't born yet. So, he's sitting in his little stroller, looking like a baby, with his blankie and his chupe (pacifier) and his little slippers that he had to wear because of his fat little Fred Flinstone feet. He had picked up a flyer (not sure why, probably to read later while I wasn't looking) and was holding it carefully so as not to crumple it.

Another baby in the library comes up to him (this 'baby' is probably older), "Goo-goo, ga-ga, blah, blah, cute baby gibberish." The baby grabs the flyer from him and proceeds to man-handle it.

Nic pops out his chupe, says, "That baby ravished my paper." Perfectly enunciated, of course.

The baby's mom said, "Did he just say RAVISHED?" Um, yes, he did.

The discussion then turned to Natalie driving us home because we were going to consume copious amounts of gin and wine at dinner. I'm kind of really liking this! Then we got on the subject of driving in general. Natalie said my driving terrified her. I never knew that. I asked Nic if my driving was reckless or scary. He said, "No. I would call it opportunistic." Hmmmm. OK. I'll take that.

Here's me and my Little Honey Bunch.

Mike and Rosy

And here's Nat with her dinner that is bigger than her.


And here is Nic with his giant hamburger. By the way, we ordered a bottle of wine. The server came back with a single glass. Um, Stephanie would have known we wanted the whole bottle. LOL! She also proceeded to ask us how many wine glasses we needed. This time, we didn't tell her that Nic was only 17. Two years ago, the same thing happened (post here).


And there's the photo bomb queen.

Nic and Nat

She's also a selfie queen. She even selfied the four of us.


So the randomness continues. This morning when I was leaving to teach Zumba and drop Nic off at school, I opened the trunk to find the groceries I had purchased yesterday, were still there. #senile

Luckily, there were no perishables. Just some sweet breads, chicharones, pinto beans and tortillas. My Pan Dulce was just a little on the stale side but sill good. There's that Alzheimer's setting in.


I have been craving Menudo for the last few days. (Random continues.) I know that most Mexican restaurants only serve Menudo on Sundays. I never understood that. Can someone tell me why that is? I passed by Cinco de Mayo and it had a scrolling sign that said pozole and menudo! I whipped Silky around and went in. "Tienen Menudo?" Bait and switch. They only have it on Sundays. Then my lovely friend posted on Facebook that El Tapatio has it every day! Even though I had already ordered a consolation burrito and tamale, I went to Tapatio and YES, they did have it! I'm in heaven!


Apparently, so is my cat.


I wondered why I don't know how to make this and why my parents never taught me. Then I remembered the only time anyone ever cooked this at my house was one time when my Tia Mila and my cousin Angelica were visiting in 1969. It also made me realize that we NEVER made tamales. The only time I ever remember making them was at my Grandmother's house in Mexico in about 1967. I remember because my Grandfather freaked us out when he brought home the head of a pig.

No wonder I'm such a poor excuse for a's my parent's fault!

My mother never really cooked. I always remember white rice, beans and iceburg lettuce with lemon for dinner or a beef broth (no meat) and egg noodle soup. Probably because we didn't have any money. And, my dad worked in an Italian Restaurant. Giovanni's on Shattuck. I think it's still there. He used to make Chicken Caciatore all the time.

Oh, and finally, don't get distracted taking pictures of cats sniffing menudo when you have a tortilla on the burner.


The long end.

The Happiness Project

January 3, 2014

You may have noticed a new button on my navigation bar, Happy. Last night at a meeting with my Rodan + Fields Business Partner, Mary Ann Benedetti, she gave us a book to journal in called The Happiness Project, One-Sentence Journal, A Five-Year Record. You write one positive thing every day for 5 years which is supposed to help in the pursuit of happiness. I think! I haven't actually perused the web-site ( in detail but I will. I did go ahead and start journaling but you know me, I'm a paperless kind of gal so I'll be keeping it in soft copy, too, the the Happy Button!

I've also updated the Zumba Blog, Kittenies and 365 Project. I'll work on Youth tomorrow!

May the positivness and happiness be with you!

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2014

I just wanted to let you know I'm still here! This is not much of a post sorry. I did get the 2014 365 Project going although I failed on my resolution to take good pictures with my big girl camera. I ended up with what I always end up with...a cat picture taken with my iPhone. I should have gone on the Photo Walk with my dear friend That Girl, but I taught a Zumba class instead. Then proceeded to eat pancakes.

See. This is why I don't make resolutions. Or lose weight. Or quit drinking. Or agree to sew anything. Wait...this is spiraling in the wrong direction, so I'll just stop now.

I WILL join the weight loss challenge beginning on January 6 at Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio. You should join me, too! $5 to buy in and WINNER (based on percentage of weight loss) wins the WHOLE pot! Come on and join! I'm going to head over there on Monday after I teach my class at In Shape (4:00 to 5:00) on Clayton Road. Join me there, too!


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