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February 27, 2014

February 14, 2014

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February 27 , 2014

Last weekend, we headed to Hemet to visit my childhood classmates, hosted by Michael Peterson and his lovely wife, Jackie. Peety (as we called him in grade school) is ill but was such a gracious host and it was so nice to be able to spend time with them. Also joining us this trip was Chris Gormley, who we haven't seen since a reunion in the early 80's at the Marian Hall. He's still funny as hell!

It's always like we're transported back in time when we get together. The Talent Show always comes up and Chris, after all these years, told Kathy that he was still annoyed that they sang the theme to Love Story. He wanted to. LOL! Later when we were walking back to the room, they were all singing it walking down the hall. It was cute. I wish I had thought to take a video.

The Talent Show. Michelle and Johnetta singing, "Wanted, young man single and free..." Timmy playing the drums. John singing "Big John". How Larry instigated the audience to only clap once for John. I didn't have a talent. I pulled the curtains.

Sadly, we learned that Chris has two sons but his oldest son, Chris, died in a tragic accident, just 4 days after his 18th birthday. Our hearts go out to him, his wife and their surviving son.

Here we are, me, Jackie hiding in the back, Peety, Bev, my Little Honey Bunch, Bev's Little Honey Bunch, Charm, Chris and Kathy. We had dinner Friday night at the local Country Club.

Hemet 2014


Hemet 2014

Here we are for our last visit at their house on Saturday night. Me, my Little Honey Bunch, Steve (Bev's husband), Peety, Kathy, Bev and seated, Jackie (Peety's wife) and Charm. I posted a bunch more pictures on my Phanfare Site. Email me for password if you don't have it!

Oh, hi.

February 14 , 2014

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I can't believe I am not changing over to February until today! S**t happens, though. Nothing bad happened. Just life got in the way of my posting. And probably a bit of laziness.

I started off by going to the Zumba Conference in LA from January 30 to February 3. I had a blast as usual! I'll put up a post in my Zumba page shortly. Other than that, it's been mainly Zumba, eat, sleep, Zumba.

I'm a little melancholy today. My mother used to always phone me on Valentine's Day to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. That and on my birthday and time change day. She called on my birthday for, um, obvious reasons. She always called me on time change day to remind me to change my clocks after the time I missed a flight to Atlanta because no one told me the time had changed. And I had to find and call my boss to get approval to get on the last seat they had left, which was a first class seat. I got it. I wonder if this was the same time I got to Atlanta and my driver's license had expired and I couldn't get a rental car? This turned out well because, Eric, a great looking guy from my office, ended up chauffeuring us around for the week. Did I blog about this already? I don't know why she called me on Valentine's Day. To remind me that she loved me? To wish that I would find my true love? Which, by the way, Mommy, I did. I know you know!

I get my little reminders that all my lovely dead people are out there. I found three pennies in random places in the last couple of days. Warms my heart! Although I can't place them. A 1974, a 1997 and a 2004. Who are you? My mother died in the 90's, my brother in the 70's and my dad in the 00's. OK, I'll go with that. Hi Mom, Daddy and Nene! I guess Baby didn't stop by because he stopped by when I went to see the Long Island Medium (story here).

Pennies from Heaven

Speaking of eating, have you been to the Lazy Dog in Concord? Me and my adopted Zumba Family have been going after our Zumba classes. They have a vast and interesting and DELICIOUS menu! We started off the other day with Peach Bellini's. YUM!

Peach Bellini

Then I ordered this thing called Hawaiian Rice from their Brunch Menu. Reminiscent of eggs over Mexican Rice my mommy used to serve us. YUM!!

Hawaiian Rice

Emely had this thing called a Breakfast Pizza which I am trying next time. YUM!!!

Breakfast Pizza

Emely went into a food coma after eating her breakfast pizza. LOL! Gah! Now I'm hungry.

Food Coma

I love these girls! They have quickly won a spot in my heart. And Thayna's baby, Athena, is so precious! She just learned how to suck her thumb. Two months old yesterday, when this pic was taken.

Zumba Baby Athean

They are just the pick-me-up I need when I'm feeling down. Which I really needed today. I subbed for Miguel twice this week, once in Antioch and once in Concord. I get my hopes up when I sub...hoping that some of my friends will show up, support me and even help out with a song or two. I guess it's time to quit getting my hopes up, just to feel let down.

I always appreciate you, Eddie, for coming out and supporting me. Your presence helps this damn 55 year old get through the high energy hour, teaching by myself! Thank you! And Miguel, I'd like to commend your students! Their enthusiasm, smiles, singing, welcoming attitudes and energy, makes my hour euphoric! None of this walking out business because it's not 'their favorite'. Love your classes! I'll sub for you anytime!

Thinking about the high from class last night in Concord followed by seeing my girls at Thayna and Emely's has gotten me out of my funk! YAY!

Now to get ready for a date with my Little Honey Bunch! (Wait, why was I in a funk? I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! Signed, Cinderella.)


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