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March 27, 2014

March 20, 2014

March 19, 2014

March 13, 2014

March 4, 2014

March 1, 2014

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Apples to IBM to Apples

March 27, 2014

When I first met my Little Honey Bunch, he was a Mac. In fact, he had this Mac (yeah, it was the dark ages).

Mac SE 30

His was state of the art. It was so advanced, it had a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive. I was an IBM PC. This is what I had.


Yes, that is a 5 1/4 inch drive. No hard drive. You had to load the operating system and applications from a floppy, then swap and save your files to another floppy. Dang I'm old.

Anyway, over the years, IBM PCs somehow took over our household. My Little Honey Bunch converted for me! In the last several years, members of the family slowly started getting the sexy Mac things. I think Mot was first to convert because of his art. Then Nat got a Mac because Poppy had a Mac. Then somehow my Little Honey Bunch decided to get one. Then Lina got one, too. Then Nic's PC desktop died and he got a Mac. THEN, the other day, my PC desktop had a stroke. It comes back on but it keeps having mini strokes. So, I decided to not replace it and get the files I need from the backup server when ever I need something.

For the first time since I retired from IBM 21 years ago, I am a full time Mac (biting my nails)!

Mac Thing

I'm freaking out, Jerry! (I do like being able to use the real estate across both displays since I always have so many apps going at once.)


March 20, 2014

Oh look. One of our windows needs to be replaced.

Broken Window

Guess where I'm NOT going to get it replaced?

My Blog Got The Police Called On It

March 19, 2014

If you thought my story about calling the police for a hangover was funny, wait until you hear this! MY BLOG GOT THE POLICE CALLED ON IT! I kid you not.

So, today I headed over to Zumba. As I approached the studio, I see the woman from the business next door, standing out front talking to a police officer, patrol car parked right in front. I see she didn't tell her not to park there. I go park in the back. I'm the first one there so I unlock the doors and welcome the first couple of Zumba enthusiasts. I ask what the police is all about. They say they don't know but she's been there since before they got there. I say she's probably complaining about us again. They shake their heads in disgust at her.

A couple of minutes later, the officer comes into the studio and asks me if she can speak to me somewhere private. The girls are now walking in the back and I tell her they are the owners. She says she wants to speak to the three of us. Um...OK.

So we go in the office, she says the woman next door called because of a blog post that I wrote. She had a copy of it in her hand. She had highlighted a sentence where I wrote I would hunt and haunt my friends if they ever gave her any business. They thought I was saying I would hunt and haunt HER and that it was a serious threat and that's why she called the police. I removed that sentence from my post below (click) even though in retrospect, I did not threaten HER. I was even kind enough to remove her company name.

Anyway, the officer is reprimanding us for making Zumba look bad and telling us that our customers are going to leave us because of my lack of professionalism. NOT. They fully support us. They have seen first hand the ridiculous behavior. One of our clients even said, "We're going to be dancing to the sound of NO music pretty soon."

You know, we have 22 classes a week with an average of 40 people in a class. If you had 880 people coming next door to your business in a week, wouldn't you try to capitalize on that by making nice with the owners and maybe asking them to pass out your flyers? Shooting your own self in your own foot.

The officer tells us how serious this is and that she has threatened to sue us for slander. (Never mind about all the devious things she is doing to us as mentioned in my post below.) According to the the woman, a potential client called her and said she googled her store and my blog came up. LIE! My blog does not come up when you google her store. My theory is that she was googling the girls, stalking them and found my blog. Since they moved in 3 months ago, she has done everything possible to make them seem like a nuisance because once they are a nuisance, they can be kicked out.

The absolute ridiculousness of the whole situation makes me start to laugh. The officer tells me it's not funny. I know it's not funny but up until now, you have only heard her side. She actually told the officer that Thayna 'barged into her business'. Thayna actually went in there to check to make sure they couldn't hear the music. She was locked in her office. Another blatant lie she told the officer. Isn't that a crime? Lying to a peace officer? And never mind that she had her assistant actually BARGE in and YELL in the middle of us conducting our business (as stated below).

I'm absolutely certain that she called and had the police show up just as the class is about to begin so that our students could see that we were involved in some sort of police activity. When I first saw her with the officer, she actually looked like she was feigning being a victim. Sorry, backfired. It only brought our Zumba family closer together.

Anyway, I told the officer I would take down the blog, specifically the part about hunting or haunting which I didn't even say I was going to do to HER. I took it down while I made sure there were no license plates showing, etc., and removed company name. She also asked us not to go into her business. No problem here. We asked the officer to please inform her that she may not set foot in the studio either. And we will stoop to her level and call the police if she does.

I then had this conversation with my Little Honey Bunch:

Me: The lady next door called the police because of my blog.

Him: I see. Has she heard of the First Amendment?

Me: It was pretty comical. She did it right before 5 so that all the students could see. They just dislike her more now.

Him: The cops actually rolled a patrol car?

Me: Reader's Digest version of our conversation with the police officer.

Him: I see. What alleged crime were they investigating? Last I heard, having a blog wasn't a crime.

Me: We slandered her and she's going to sue us if she loses any customers. She claimed that a customer called her and asked if she was the place mentioned in this blog that came up when she googled her company. Which is bull. She would have had to have been looking up the girls in order to find my blog at all. I said people should not go to her store.

Him: That's Yelp, not slander.

Well, again, in retrospect, I should have just put my review on Yelp! They have a lot more traffic than I do. I only apparently have one new reader.

And you know what? I am so bummed I did not get a picture of the lovely police officer or her car for my blog. DANG!

Oh, another funny thing, my little sister called me because she thought something was wrong because my blog disappeared. I explained that I took it down for a minute because someone called the police on it.

She laughed hysterically.

Miserable Bitches 2, 3 and 4

March 13, 2014

So, you may recall my post about the first Miserable Bitch (click here for post). I now find myself posting about more miserable bitches! Those who follow my Zumba teachings, know that Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio moved a couple of buildings down to a permanent location. Well, they had the misfortune to move in next door to a company*, owned by Miserable Bitch 2. Since they moved in, she constantly complains about the parking and the noise. The girls have gone to every effort to be good neighbors by putting up cones, so that there are parking spaces available for her customers (which are never filled up), by putting up a sound wall and turning down the music during their business hours. Only one hour from 9 to 10 am on Tuesday through Friday overlaps with their business hours. Every single day she calls or sends an email to the property management company about something. Sometimes, she's not even there. She just automatically calls to complain.

One day, knowing that it was about 2 minutes to 5, I parked in front of her store. First, I had paint to unload and second, it was almost time and she was leaving.

Miserable Bitch 2

So she stops backing out to tell me I can't park there. (That's her backing out in the black SUV.) I say, "First of all, I've got paint to unload. Second of all, it's 5:00 and you are closed. And third of all, if you are so concerned about your client's convenience, why are YOU taking up a store front parking space?" She says, "You're rude!" I say, "No, you're the rude one. I'm going to be sure and tell my contractor husband to NEVER shop here!" (Even though he's not.) And you know what she says? "Good!" LOL! I guess she has so much business she can afford to be a miserable bitch.

Anyway, she continues to complain about EVERYTHING! And now, she has her assistant, Miserable Bitch 3, come over to tell us to turn down the music. The other evening, she walked right through the middle of class to say that someone was parked in their driveway and to move the car NOW! Everyone in the class heard her. She even took a picture and sent it to the property manager.

They have had their trucks blocking the Studio driveway all the time but the girls won't stoop to their childish level and barge into their business and demand that they move the trucks. I should have barged in there the other day when I took this picture of one of their trucks blocking the Studio door.

Miserable Bitch 2

They have the nerve to complain about every little thing, yet they have all the parking spaces in the back lot filled with garbage or workers trucks who can't park in a space properly to allow others to park.

Miserable Bitch 3

Every day, this blue truck is taking up 2 spaces.

Miserable Bitch 4

Every day, they have the garbage bin taking up 3 spaces unnecessarily, the white truck taking up 2 spaces and that garbage trailer taking up another.

Miserable Bitch 5

But she thinks she has the right to complain AND to have all the spaces in front available for her invisible customers?

So this morning, the assistant is outside smoking for the millionth time. We have to put up with her cigarette smoke wafting into our exercise space. I don't think she does anything but come over to complain and smoke. So when she lit up today, I said, "You are not supposed to smoke near the building." And her nasty ass said, "Who are you? I've never even talked to you before." I say, "No you haven't but you come in and interrupt my classes EVERY day." She starts throwing the F and B bombs around. I (surprisingly) do not. I tell her, "Why don't you go take a picture of a truck parked illegally. In fact, why don't you take a picture of all your trucks back here unnecessarily taking up all the parking?" She continues with her obscenities. I say, "Smile!" There she is...illegally smoking.

Miserable Bitch 6

Miserable bitches should really take a Zumba class and chill. Miserable Bitches. ** Removed because I'm being nice and not naming her business. **

So my 4th Miserable Bitch is Yelp. Yup, Yelp. Ever since I joined, they kept putting all but one of my reviews in the filtered section. Needless to say, I was none too pleased with them. Then, a salesperson contacted me about advertising. I say, "No thank you. You've put all my reviews in the filtered section and I've done fine without you. I'm not interested."

A couple of months go by and he contacts me again. I say, "Not interested. Thank you." And he replies, "Thanks again for reaching out. Why are you not interested? Yelp is clearly working for you already: In the last thirty days, Zumba Con Sabor has had some great activity on Yelp. Here's what I mean."

I ignore him. Today, I happened to be on Yelp (it's possible I was going to write a scathing review about a certain Window company) and guess what? They took ALL my reviews away. Yelp sucks. I wrote a scathing review of Yelp on Yelp. And I noticed many others did, too! Of course, they're filtered.

Miserable Bitch 7

So, enough about miserable bitches...I'm off to post about our fabulous Zumba party we had last week!

My Dancer

March 4, 2014

Last weekend, Natalie's dance school, Clayton Valley Dance Academy, competed in the Rainbow Dance Competition. They had 4 dances total (Nat was in 3) and they received 2 Platinum's and 2 Gold's, a judges award AND, an invitation to go to a Dance Camp in New York!

And I missed it all. What a dope. Never again! I missed it because of our bi-annual scrap booking trip. I finally came to the realization that I am one of the few who commits to the whole weekend in addition to, dragging up a bunch of crap for everyone, making arrangements for the house, figuring out and coordinating the payment, stressing about who might not pay this time, finding subs for my classes and missing my kid's 'sporting events'.

Sorry, girls, I love you but I'm feeling rather annoyed and a little used and on the verge of resigning.

So now that I've vented and possibly lost some friends, let's turn our attention to what I missed!

I viewed and purchased of bunch of the professional pictures that were taken (this is just a screen shot of the proofs). Loved this one!

Natalie's Competition

My Little Honey Bunch purchased the videos. These aren't great'll laugh when I tell you how I made these. Yup, I took a video of them from the computer screen with my camera. LOL! I couldn't figure out how to import them from the format they were in (suggestions welcome!). Well, it's better than having missed it all together!

This is their Tap Number. Nat is in the pink shirt.

This is their contemporary routine. Nat is the non-blonde.

And the Jazz. Nat is the one on the far left.

Brings a smile to my heart! Even though I'm kicking myself for missing it!

And, girls, I really do love you but it feels like it's time for a break for me. And furthermore, I expect to see your asses over here for dinner. SOON! (I wonder if this is a first...breaking up via Blog Post?)

Frat Party

March 1, 2014

Or Bodega Bay "Scrapbooking" weekend. Same diff. So, the trip starts off quite civilized. We have lunch at this great restaurant where bacon is the theme. Even in the desserts. YUM. It's Zazu (click) in Sebastopol. You really must try it!

Brussel Sprouts

Then we started drinking Margaritas at noonish.


Then we finished those.

empty margaritas

Then we moved on to wine.

Bodega Wine

Then the bras came off.

Bodega Bras

Then we moved on to gin and tonics.

Bodega Gin

Then somehow the gin and tonics turned into gin shots. I did not partake.

Bodega Shots

Then the shots turned into, "Who needs a glass for the wine." And they wanted to protect their identity.

Bodega Wine Straws

Then I tried to make a little dog dance like the Chihuahua in this video.

Bodega Dog

Yeah, it's been that kind of trip.


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