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June 11, 2014

June 4, 2014

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Black Hair, Chill Babies, Bugs and Blogs

June11, 2014

Nat: Did you cut your hair?

Me: No. It just shrunk in the pool. Because I'm black.

Nic: I've heard that. Is that a real reason black people don't like to get their hair wet?

Me: You've lived with your black mother for 18 years. How could you not know that?

Anyway...I did have a good pool day yesterday.

You know how when little babies are at your pool and you totally can't relax because you just know they're going to fall in the pool and drown? Well, not with this chill baby.

Chill Baby

Athena is the most relaxed individual on the face of the earth. I've never even heard her cry.

So, in true Random Rosy style, I'll take you to the beginning of the day. I went to Zumba at Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio this morning. This is about the 7th time I've been to a whole class since the knee operation. The girls had me do Balada (checherereche, checherereche) and I almost died. The knee held up fine but I guess I have some major stamina building to do before I start teaching again. So after all that dancing, we had to eat, right? Usually it's at Giant Chef Burger in Pleasant Hill. Today we went to Giant Chef Rosy Burgers at Straka Springs. We had the usual, bacon, hash browns and eggs to order.

Chill Baby

Then Ollie walked on Nat's face.

Chill Baby

Then we headed to the pool where the Chill Baby chilled.

Chill Baby

But the Dragon Flies didn't.

Chill Baby

This is Big Red, the resident Dragon Fly. He has owned this pool for 6 years now. He does not take kindly to people using his pool.

Chill Baby

This year, he hooked up with the Lady in Red. I guess he was patrolling the pool, waiting for her to show up. A little Blue Guy and another Grey Guy tried to use the pool but he wasn't having it. We were like, "Dude, CHILL. We're trying to relax here!" He sat on his perch when he wasn't chasing someone off. "I'm the KING OF THIS POOL!" Yeah, yeah, Big Red, we know.

Chill Baby

On another note, this fantastic mascara didn't even wash off in the pool even though I wasn't wearing goggles and we were trying to get across, under water in one breath. Several times. It's Younique. I don't sell it but I can hook you up if you want.

Chill Baby

My mascara didn't wash off but my hair did shrink. Cause I'm black.

Chill Baby

Anyway...then I went to my second round of Zumba after I chillaxed some more in the pool.

In the words of Sofia Cepeda, "Dees eez da life!"

If you like reading crazy people's blogs, you may enjoy my crazy friend's blog. She is Shelly and she is hysterical. There's always a link to her blog on my sidebar...looks like this. Be sure to read the Salad and End Facebook posts. LMAO. ENJOY!

That Girl Blogs

Hoppy June!

June 4, 2014

No, I didn't get a frog. Been there, done that. No, my Little Honey Bunch, aka the Prince to my Cinderf*nrella, did not turn into a frog. I simply liked this picture. In my header, I mean. Cute, huh?

I'm kind of behind in my stories. That last tour of my life took the life out of my story telling. I'll have to back up to Larry's 60th Birthday Party, which was May 10.

Speaking of my stories...I am probably one of my biggest readers. I refer to stories in my blog often, to remember things or just to reminisce or just because I'm so afraid of Alzheimer's/Dementia setting in that I figure at some point, my blog will help me remember. I got to thinking...what's going to happen to my blog when my mind or I die? When my credit cards expire with me, I guess my blog expires, too? I always thought this would be my 'journal'. A place where my kids could read my words after I was gone. I just didn't think it through. Do I have to print it? Do I need to make sure all the files are in one place on one local computer? I don't think I can pay GoDaddy from the grave.

SO...after having a small panic attack, I decided I'm going to invent a company where dead people's blogs can stay alive forever. For a fee, of course. What do you think? And if I don't get around to it, and you invent it, just don't forget to throw me a bone for the idea. Which reminds me...did anyone ever invent my other fabulous idea (post here)? Where's my bone?

Oh, I made a gif today. Weird, huh?

Rosy's Eyes

That had nothing to do with the price of rice in China.

Anyway, now I've noticed I've run out of time and I have to go take a shower and make dinner and make it look like I wasn't sitting around for three days on my computer while my Little Honey Bunch was in Philly.

Blog at you tomorrow.

Signed, Peg Bundy.

Hi Again!

June 4, 2014

So I jumped in the shower, got the laundry rolling again, am making Bread Crumb Chicken, which only takes 20 minutes, and according to Google Maps, my Little Honey Bunch will be home in 57 minutes, which gives me 37 minutes for another story. And, my Little Honey Bunch won't get home to find me looking like Axl's roommate. (I think Run On Sentence is my middle name.)

Axl's Room

So, in the shower, I was freaking out about my knee. It looks and feels weird where the incision was. Should it still be tender a month and four days after the operation? Is it possible that there's an infection brewing in there and I'm going to get Gangrene and will have to have my leg amputated or worse, die and ... OMG ... I'm freaking out! I haven't even invented my Dead People's Blogs Company! On the other hand, I've been known to be a bit of a Hypochondriac as is evident in Story 1 and Story 2. So Doctors, am I freaking out unnecessarily?

Knee Update

Speaking of my Leave of Absence because of my knee surgery, I may have accidentally gotten myself fired from 24 Hour Fitness. I'll let you know how I managed that if it happens. A whole $20 a week (before taxes) up in smoke.


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