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July 31, 2014

July 30, 2014

July 21, 2014

July 8, 2014

July 2, 2014

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Things On Our Heads

July 31, 2014


So Natalie texted me this picture. A pillow on her head.

Things On Our Heads

So I texted her this picture of a cup of fruit on my head.

Things On Our Head

So she texted me this picture of the hair on her head.

Things On Our Heads

So I sent her this picture of Emily on my head.

Things On Our Heads

So she sent me this picture of her room on her head.

Things On Our Heads

So I sent her this picture of a plane on my head.

Things On Our Heads

I win.

Red Face

July 30, 2014


Remember the time when I was the IT person for my office at IBM, responsible for installing computers, and I called service because my keyboard wasn't working? Then the CE came and told me I had my keyboard plugged into my mouse port?

Remember when I thought some cute guy was trying to pick me up but as it turned out he was just trying to tell me my gas cap was open?

Remember when I took Silky in for servicing because of a clunking noise in the trunk and the Service people discovered my weights back there?

Well, today, I was teaching a Zumba class at 24 Hour Fitness. I couldn't get the sound system to go up. We tried all the buttons, I made sure my computer's volume was all the way up. No dice. Eddie went downstairs to find someone to figure out what was wrong with it as I was trying to do my routines to quiet music.

So one of the kids comes up...takes a look around...fiddles on my computer and voila! He got the volume up.

"Lady, your iTunes volume was turned down."

Boy, was my face red.

Red Face


The Dookie Monster

July 21, 2014


As you are aware, one of my biggest phobias is The Dookie Monster. What is a Dookie Monster, you ask? Well, it's the burbling, gurgling, swirling, bubbling, brown mass that lives at the bottom of pit toilets or outhouses, that reaches up and swats at your butt with its long, gnarly arm, if you dare hover over it.

ANYWAY, at camp last week, our trailer toilet got clogged for the first time ever. We tried shaking the trailer. My Little Honey Bunch took a coat hanger and dug around in the toilet. I decided to do my hour of Zumba in the trailer to try to loosen the clog.

It appeared to work. The toilet was back in working order.

Until the next day.

My Little Honey Bunch went back to the coat hanger as I pondered this. Then I said to him, "What if there is a real live Dookie Monster in there? What if he does not want to drown so he is damning up the opening like a beaver? Hence the clog?"

My Little Honey Bunch says, "Yes. That's definitely got to be it." Sarcasm needed to be wiped up.

So I'm watching him with the coat hanger, pieces of Dookie Monster clinging to it (sorry, I hope you're not eating). It doesn't unclog.

No biggie. There are lovely bathrooms in the campground and it's our last day. I walk down to the bathroom (because my efficient Little Honey Bunch has loaded the bikes) for my morning constitutional but the Camp Staff is cleaning. Ugh. I better wait. If I walk to the other bathroom, he'll probably beat me there. I just get on the camp WIFI and Facebook.

So, we head home. As you know, my Little Honey Bunch has TB (Tiny Bladder) and has to stop at EVERY rest stop. I never go in those bathrooms because of my, you know, Strange Bathroom Phobia. I usually go in the trailer. I guess I'm more scared of the Dookie Monster than a Strange Bathroom so I went to use the bathroom at the rest stop. When I came out, I see this.

Dookie Monster

It looks like the Dookie Monster. Only the real one is brown. Dookie Monster, why doth thou torment me so?

More on my trip and other stories later....

Peety and Paul

July 8, 2014

Peety and Paul

As I mentioned in my Word Press Blog Post (click here), two of our St. Joseph's friends passed away on June 17. Sue, Kathy and I scrambled and got our butts on the road, to be there for Peety's wonderful wife, Jackie. It was a bittersweet trip. On our road trip, we were able to catch up and had a lovely visit. It was hard to say we were going to have fun for after all, we were going to a funeral. I posted all the pictures I took on my Phanfare Site, with captions. E-mail me if you need the password. Here is one of the photos of my classmates from St. Joseph's Class of '72. It's Chris Gormley, Kathy (Chere) Williams, me, Charm...um...well, Donom, Sue Herrenbruck and Larry Gray, whose brother Paul, passed away the same day as Peety. Charm married name is about 24 characters long and even though she gave me a lesson on the pronunciation and spelling, I didn't can't remember it. Sorry Charmy!

St. Joseph's Class of 1972

This picture broke my heart. Burying your best friend.

Larry and Peety's Hearse

Getting back to the bay, we were to be together again to support Larry in the passing of his brother, Paul, who was one year behind us. It was a lovely church service at St. Joseph's followed by a reception at St. Mary's High School. As the Gray's had 10 kids and the rest of us had 8, 6, 7, etc., we had a lot of siblings in each other's classes. The Class of '72 represented here as well. More pictures are on my Phanfare Site with captions. Here's a pic before Bev left but before Sue and Kathy got there. Larry Gray, me, Bev Croshal (Kelleher), Michelle Freeman (Fleury) and Lucien Freeman. Yes, Michelle and Lucien married each other! I think we're pretty darn good looking 55 and 56 year olds!

Paul Gray's Service

Here's another.

Paul Gray's Service

We plan to get together in August. This time, just for the heck of i and not to send off another one of our own with the Angel Wings! The next post of St. Joseph's will be a happy one and Peety's lovely wife, Jackie, will be joining us. At Peety's funeral, she was sad at the prospect of not seeing us again but, we told her no such luck. She is stuck with us!

It's July...

July 2, 2014

...and I have yet to post stuff from May! Ay, ay, ay! Anyway, I was looking for something July-ee for my header. There was lots of red, white and blue, Fourth of July and whatnot. It made me remember that getting my American Citizenship hasn't happened yet. Oy vey! Remember THAT story? (Post here and follow-up here.) And then I tried to apply for my Citizenship (story here). I guess I better think about that again before 2017 sneaks up on me and I have to go renew my Green Card again.

ANYWAY, I came across this abstract painting that I really like so I used it for my July header. It's an abstract painting by Simon Kenny. Here's a link to it!

Oh and the Selfie above is from my and my Little Honey Bunch's date last Friday night. It's in the pot at the Clayton Club.

So on May 10, my Little Honey Bunch's cousin, Larry, turned 60. Seems wrong! We drove down to El Cajon to help him celebrate. It was great to visit with them! A lovely afternoon was spent listening to music, eating and catching up! I posted a zillion pictures on my Phanfare Site. If I didn't email you the password, send me an email for it. Enjoy!

Brunson's 2014


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