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September 27, 2014

September 11, 2014

September 8, 2014

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September 27, 2014

My heart is heavy today, thinking about my friend, Kim. One year ago today, she tragically lost her baby, Wes. You know I know more dead people than anyone has a right to, but I can't even imagine the pain of losing a child. Kim, even though I know first hand your pain will never go away, I hope your beautiful memories of him have begun to dull it, if only by a fraction. Hugs to you!

Weston and Kim

Recently, I've had multiple dealings with Concord's finest! I'd like to send out a tribute to them for being so patient in dealing with this nonsense. You have been so delightful and supportive and have even taken Zumba schedules for your wives! We would really like to show our appreciation by holding a Zumbathon in your honor! We would like you to decide where the proceeds should go. Either to help the Department or to a charity of your choice. We'll talk soon!

Concord's Finest

I'd also like to know if you fellows need to pass a beauty test to get on the force? LOL.

Concord's Finest

Oh and we can't forget Officer Cutie Pie from my 365 Project (click here).

P.S. Dear Stalker, get the off my website. Damn stalkers.


September 11, 2014

So there's this Blogger that I follow, The Bloggess. She is crazy, in a good way. I even read her book, 'Let's Pretend This Never Happened'. C-R-A-Z-Y. In a good way. Anyway, she has this regular spiel where she posts what people type in the search engines that brings them to her page. She gets some real crazy shizit. Here's a screen shot of it (or you can go to her blog):


Crazy, huh? So then I started thinking, "I wonder what people type in that brings them to my site?"


Interesting. Now who in the world would be looking up Miserable Bitch? Who in the world would want to see if I was fired from 24? Yes, indeed...interesting.

Pennies and the Police

September 8, 2014

So, on August 19, after returning from the Zumba Convention, I was so excited to teach my first class that I guess I was going a little fast. Although Nic would beg to differ and say that I was just driving my normal self. I blame it on my Little Honey Bunch for buying me a fast car.

Anyway, police lights flashing in my rear view mirror, I pull over. I haven't been stopped since like, Nam! Officer Cutie Pie tells me I was going 60 in a 40. I say, "No way, really?" Cough, cough. I proceed to tell him that I just got back from the Zumba Convention and I am SO excited to teach my first class since I'm back! I guess he takes pity on me because I'm so happy. That or he is dazzled by my flashy Zumba clothes and new Gold hi-tops. So, he doesn't give me a speeding ticket. He says it's a warning...there's still a fine involved and maybe traffic school but at least it won't go on my record nor will my insurance take any hits. I ask Officer Cutie Pie if I can get a selfie with him. He says, "Of course!" LOL

Officer Cutie Pie

There was an incident after I arrived at the studio involving three police cars. A story for another day... It all worked out great, though. One of the Officers took a schedule for his wife. Another Officer's wife works at my son's school. When they took my name down, they said, "Straka? There's a retired Police Chief from Martinez that's a Straka." I'm like, "Oh, you mean old Uncle George?" Small world. They were sweet and good eye candy for the morning, too!

Getting on with the pennies part of the story, my Little Honey Bunch kept bugging me to get the ticket taken care of. So I decided to go to the court house today. It was the same court house that I haven't been to since 'The Incident (click here for story)'. My brother, Nene, was still alive then. He died during the proceeding.

Pennies from Heaven

He's on my mind as I roll up to the court house. I say, "Nene, if you're still with me, please give me a penny."

It's way different. It looks like security at the airport to get in. LOL. Had to take my laptop out of my backpack and everything. Then I walk in and hear, "Hello Rosy Straka!" WHAT? It's Grant Meylan. He's taking care of a ticket for his little brother, Scott. I give him a hug and proceed to the back of the line.


Pennies from Heaven

YUP! I'm so jazzed. All week long I've been finding pennies in odd places. Five to be exact. The years don't have much significance except for two of the are the birth years of my live angels, Lina and Nic, '76 and '96.

Pennies from Heaven

I move up a little bit in the line and I see ANOTHER penny! Then I get to the window and I see a nickel.

Pennies from Heaven

The first penny was a '97. My mother died in '95. The second was a '77. Nene died in '79. And the nickel was an '88. Baby died in '86. So two years off for each! But I'll take it! Of course Baby had to outdo the others and come in a nickel! LOL. They are clearly still with me and always will be there to protect me. I love you Mom, Nene and Baby. I still miss you every single day!


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