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February 26, 2015

February 14, 2015

February 7, 2015

February 2, 2015

February 1, 2015

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Happy Birthday from the two of us.

February 26, 2015

So yesterday, the flu sucker punched me and I had to get subs for 2 Zumba classes yesterday and one for today. I can't remember being this sick in...ever!

Tuesday night, I picked up some rice and beans at Cinco de Mayo. My change was fifty-one cents. I was excited to be getting a penny and see who was reaching out. But alas, I didn't have cheaters with me so I couldn't see the year. I came home, put it on my desk and forgot about it.

This morning, there was a random white feather in my PJs. My mom. Hi mom! Remember my post about finding feathers in random places (click here for post)?

White Feather

So then I remembered about the penny and took a look to see who it was. It was a 1988.

1988 Penny

The year P-Rez and I got married. I'm sure he was stopping in to say happy birthday to our first born. She turned 39 today. I don't even know how that's possible! She was just a baby yesterday! The cutest baby ever, for that matter. Well, my other 3 babies were pretty darn cute, too.

Lina Baby

I know every day is a celebration for you but, Happy Birthday. And your dad says Happy Birthday, too.


Feliz dia de San Valentin!

February 14, 2015

Or Happy Valentine's day to those of you unilingual folks!

I was remembering how my mom used to call me every Valentine's Day to wish me a Happy Valentine's day. She also called me on time change day to remind me to change the clocks because I missed a plane once because no one told me about the time change. But I digress.

In words that we never actually say (kind of like this week's episode of Fresh Off the Boat - but I digress again), I know that she meant that wish from the bottom of her heart. She truly wanted me to find happiness. Well, Mommy, you know I did!

Here's us the year we met. '92.

My Valentine

And today. Twenty-three beautiful years later.

My Valentine

Yes, Mommy, he is the most thoughtful, caring, smart, loving, excellent provider, weekly sheet and towel washer, best dad to all four kids, loving son and brother, best weekly date night companion, nightly TV watching buddy, talented guitar player, smart, weekend breakfast maker, organized, smart, romantic...I hit the jackpot!

The roses he ordered to keep me company (Because he's on a plane to Spain...the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain - I digress. Again). You like the way Puff finished off the heart shage?

My Valentine

Me. Content. Living happily ever after.

My Valentine

Oh and a song that always reminds me of my brother, Nene (RIP) was just playing. He's happy for me, too. The lyrics true to me. Pronto llegara, el dia de me suerte. Desde antes de mi muerte, seguro que me suerte cambiara. The day of my luck will be here soon. Before I die, my luck is sure to change.

Yes. Yours truly, Cinderf*nrella.

Speaking of cursing...

February 7, 2015 brought back to mind another time my Little Honey Bunch was cursing over something or other that wasn't working. We had just moved here so Nic as just shy of two years old. Now remember, this was the child that was born speaking in complete, perfectly enunciated sentences.

My Little Honey Bunch, "FUCK!"

Nic, while wagging his finger at my Little Honey Bunch, "Daddy, you should not say 'fuck'. 'Fuck' is a bad word." You know I walked away to snicker, while my Little Honey Bunch calmly replied that Nic was right and he would try not to do it again.

I found this picture of him (and Nat) about the age he said this. It melted my heart.

Nic and Nat Tea Party

And then I found this, too, and it melted my heart more.

Nat Tea Party

So anyway, I was just going to update on the progress of the Straka Dance Studio. Tim the Tool Man Taylor (Bigger! More power! Buy another tool!) aka, my Little Honey Bunch, purchased a gizmo that is actually removing the tile gunk. He's making great progress!

Deez Sanding

By the way, apparently, 'fuck' is not in the spell check dictionary. In case you were wondering.

Me, My Selfies and I

February 2, 2015

Sometime around the middle of January, I noticed I had taken a picture of me, or rather a selfie, everyday. So I kept the thing going. Mostly, I got just me, sometimes I didn't. I should make another collage of the doosies I have with other folks. Some are rather amusing. So. Let's see if I can remember what I was doing. 1) A few minutes after midnight. Leaving the Villano's. 2) Getting ready to go to dinner for Pat's birthday. Dinner was followed by good times and much debauchery. 3) During last night's debauchery, lost wallet. Luckily for me, it was at the Clayton Club in tact. 4) It's the wee hours of the morning after dinner for Byran's birthday. 5) There's a moon on my nose at Bocce Ball. 6) There's a zit on my nose at home. 7) Mirror selfie. 8) Zit's still there. 9) More debauchery at the Clayton Club after Bocce Ball. Plan B is playing. 10) Chillin in the kitchen. 11) Roadtrip to the Farmer's Market. No alone selfie today. 12) Driving to Zumba. 13) Me and Bocce. 14) Dinner with Deborah and Shelly. No alone selfie. 15) Just me. 16) Dinner at Moresi's for Little Honey Bunch's Birthday. 17) Going to Alex's Birthday Party. 18) Going to Marcie's Birthday Party. 19) Me in Silky. 20) Getting sick. Drinking tea. 21) Trying to get well. 22) Me and the Zumba Baby. 23) Date Night at La Veranda. 24) Going to the Glow Zumba Party! 25) Oops. Forgot to take a selfie. How about some construction? 26) Happy for a clean house. Cleaning Lady day. 27) Good hair day! 28) Me and Silky on the road again. 29) Gotta love those gold Zumba shoes. 30) Russian Red by Mac. Because Kyle said that's what she was wearing. 31) Very sexy hair day. That NEVER happens.

My Selfies

Happy Selfie to you!

Happy February!

February 1, 2015

And more Happy Birthdays! You've seen Pat, My Little Honey Bunch's, Grandma's, Alex's, Marcie's...Laura had one, too. Yesterday was Nic's 19th. He didn't want me to post anything so I didn't. On Social Media. So, just don't tell him this is here....sssshhhhhhh! Luckily, he doesn't read me. Anyway, I HAD to post this picture to point out that I have been using the same candle for him since his first birthday. Isn't that sweet? Happy Birthday, Bug!

Nic's 19

Then today, a quick birthday wish broke out at the Super Bowl Party. Fitz' birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Fitz!

The Straka Dance Studio is moving along. My Little Honey Bunch rented this gizmo to scrape the tile goobers off of the cement (do you like my technical terms?) There was lots of cursing. Apparently, the thing didn't work worth a crap.

Straka Dance Studio

The kittens were none too pleased with the racket. Or maybe it was the cursing. It took me forever to find them.

Straka Dance Studio

Straka Dance Studio

Then after about six times of having to hammer the blade back in place, he gave up and McGuyvered it back to Wally's.

Straka Dance Studio

Then we watched football. And drank beer. And ate to heck. Oooof. I feel sorry for my scale in the morning.


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