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April 22, 2015

April 1, 2015

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I Told You So

April 22, 2015

Sometimes, when I start a project, I don't allow myself to do anything else unless I finish said project. This is the reason I have not posted anything in 22 days. This is the reason I haven't read a book in about 5 years. I started reading this book and I can't for the life of me finish it, but I won't start another one until I do. Gasp! I blew up my office and it stayed blown up until tonight!

On a positive note, I literally found HUNDREDS of dollars in Costco rebates, gift cards, paychecks, Peet's drink cards, Zumba Affiliate money...I'm rich, I'm rich!

So anyway, I haven't posted about my Vegas Trip with the Preschool moms, my night at Moresi's with the Scrapbooking girls, and so forth.

Here's my blown apart office...I has a helper.

Blown Apart

Here's my office tonight.

Blown Apart

So, another thing I wanted to blog about but didn't because of the, you know, blownapartness, was the quail.

So you see, my Little Honey Bunch leaves the garage door up a few inches all the time. I HATE that. He's such a silly little trusting, sheltered, white boy. I always tell him, "Don't do that. Some creature will come in and pee all over Silky's lovely seats or some hoodlum will roll under the door and steal all your shit (did you know Spellcheck doesn't recognize 'shit'?)!" He always says, "No, that will never happen."

So, last Sunday, after we rescued Natalie and Brett (long story), we continued on our regularly scheduled program of picking up our wine at Larsons. When we finally got home around 3 pm, I noticed there were a pair of quail about to nest on the garage door opener.

We opened all four garage doors and tried to scare them out, but nooooooo. They just kept getting higher and higher. Dumbest, fucking (did you know Spellcheck doesn't recognize 'fuck'?) birds ever (sorry, Birdies, but true)! (Did you know Spellcheck doesn't recognize 'Spellcheck'?) Dumb as fuck.

But I kind of dig her hat. Gotta get me one of those.


And he's pretty handsome.


But dumb as fuck.

It took us a freaking hour to shoo those stupid birds out of the garage. The female left first and I wondered if she went on to find another mate or if she was going to wait for his stupid ass. I told my Little Honey Bunch that if the male alone stayed, at least he wouldn't lay eggs. Anyway, we tried everything. Scaring him with power tools, trying to catch him with the pool net. He kept going up instead of down. I think he was finally so tired, he just dropped, saw the open door and made his way outside. He was so tired and freaked out, he just kind of dragged himself out. He was going so slow, I was sure after all that, he was going to get hit by a car. Dumb ass bird.

Anyway, my Little Honey Bunch was quite annoyed and thanked me for not saying, "I told you so!" about leaving the garage cracked.

Oh, but I did! I said, "That'll teach you to leave the garage door up."

April Fool's

April 1, 2015

Once upon a time, I had nothing to say. For reals. Not fooling. Have a beautious day!



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