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May 21, 2015

May 9, 2015

May 8, 2015

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May 21, 2015

So, do you remember the post about the $398 shoes that I couldn't bring myself to buy? (Post here.) So, guess what? They went on sale!!! Whoop!!! And, I ordered them. And today...this was on the porch.

Penny Shoes

Is it them? YES!

Penny Shoes beautiful!

Penny Shoes


Penny Shoes


Penny Shoes

YES! Perfect fit!

Penny Shoes

TK doesn't get it.

Penny Shoes

So, as I'm admiring my shoes and wondering how I'm going to break it to my Little Honey Bunch that I purchased shoes that were $238 (with the 40% off), he sends me this text. Do you like my response? Tee-hee-hee. $238 doesn't seem like that much anymore, right?

Penny Shoes

My Zumba granddaughter, Athena, got new shoes, too. They resemble mine. I will have to wear them to Zumba and strut with Athena in our new shoes!

Penny Shoes

When Pigs Flew

May 9, 2015

Something of EPIC PORPORTIONS happened last night! You'll never believe it!

So first, my Little Honey Bunch and I went on our Date Night to La Veranda.

Date Night

Then, we headed over to the Clayton Club for some people watching and listening to the band du jour, The Relyks. But wait, let me take a selfie in the Clayton Club bathroom.

Selfie Clayton Club

Then, we watched drunk pool playing and this couple on the dance floor. They are there as much as we are. We should be friends. Except they're really tall. And young. And nevermind. And they are always dancing. He's usually dipping her this way and that (not on this song though) as I watch longingly. Oh, I should have mentioned, my Little Honey Bunch doesn't dance. EVER.

Then, my favorite song came on. Brown Eyed Girl. My Little Honey Bunch hates the song but he knows I love it. He was also apologetic since our trip to San Francisco for our Anniversary. I wanted to go dancing and Bryan even suggested a club, but we didn't go. Of course since Bryan suggested it, it was a gay club. LOL. I guess my Little Honey Bunch didn't want to get hit on.

ANYWAY, so the song comes on...AND...WAIT FOR IT...MY LITTLE HONEY BUNCH TAKES MY HAND AND LEADS ME TO THE DANCE FLOOR AND WE DANCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my Little Honey Bunch. He would do anything for me. Even dance. I'm sure I saw pigs flying on our way home.

Pigs Have Flown

Not that this has anything to do with the price of rice in China, but for your viewing and contemplating pleasure, here is a picture of my flat cat, Ollie.

Flat Cat

Catching Up with Mexico Family

May 8, 2015

Oh my! Where is the time going? I'm going to have to go back to uploading all my pictures to Phanfare. Right now, I'm in the midst of my mom's youngest sister, Veronica, and her daughter, Perla's visit. I can't even remember the last time I saw them. Probably 30 years ago in Mexico City.

My aunt is close to me in years. She's only 61 and her daughter, my cousin Perla, is just a year younger than my son, Mot. You can see in my 365 on May 3, we all (except for my brother, Chacho) gathered at my sister Boobie's house. They arrived on May 2 and are here until May 17.

I've learned a lot about my family that I didn't know. I hope to document it before I forget it all again!

My sister delivered them to me on Monday night and Tuesday morning, they came to my Zumba Class with me at Our Studio. Only Perla participated but I was SO delighted to have them there. I will try to post the video here that Thayna took but if you can catch it on Our Studio's Facebook Page, too.

I then took them to the only touristy thing around Mayberry, the Mt. Diablo Summit. No Kathy V and Tarantula Lover, we didn't hike. I drove. They cracked up when I told them I was taking them to the devil. "Las voy a llevar a el Diablo." I remember when my dad had his stroke in 1990ish, we had him in a rehab place on Mt. Diablo Blvd. in Walnut Creek. He always told everyone his daughters sent him to the devil. "Me mandaron a el Diablo." With his big Ayala grin, of course.

Mt. Diablo Summit

On our way to drop them back off with my sister, we stopped at my brother Chacho's house. His wife Michelle got there just in the knick of time to meet them.

Chacho and Michelle's House

Hopefully much more to come with my aunt and cousin. I'll see them again on Sunday and some days next week. It's too bad my sister they are staying with lives all the way in Santa Rosa.

Anyway, off to get ready for Date Night with my Little Honey Bunch!


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