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June 28, 2015

June 27, 2015

June 26, 2015

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June 28, 2015

Can you believe I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 55 years and have never been to 'The Parade'? I decided to go today. I knew it was going to be INSANE! And it did not disappoint. There were wall to wall people, from the Embarcadero all the way to Civic Center and up the streets in between. I decided to tag along with my friend, Tammy, and my new friends, Laura and Shannon.

We headed out on BART, arrived about 10:15 am and found a place where we could see the parade and waited and waited and waited. Finally, the Dykes on Bikes came through. It was taking forever between groups so we decided to wander down toward Civic Center. We made it to the porta-potties and the food court before pandemonium struck. We listened to Mark Leno, Tom Amiano and Warriors President, Rick Welts, (he had the trophy with him) before we could barely walk amongst the people any more. At that point, we decided we had better head home before we wouldn't be able to. By 2:30 the parade was still moving down Market Street. Unfortunately, we couldn't see any of it! I guess we'll catch it on the news.

All in all, I'm glad I went to this historic event. I don't call it 'Gay' Pride because I feel that this is one of those milestones that is plain and simple -- Pride. Proud that we are moving forward. After all, not that very long ago, it would have been illegal for me to marry my Little Honey Bunch!

I, of couse, took a bunch of photos. After I passed out for a couple of hours from the contact, if you know what I mean, I uploaded them to my Phanfare Site. Email me if you need the password. (Note: If you are easily offended by happiness, do not go there.) Here are just a few...

Me and Tammy.

Gay Pride 2015

Spuds MacKenzie was in town.

Gay Pride 2015

The crowds were insane!

Gay Pride 2015

Sadly, they were sort of encroaching on the residents.

Gay Pride 2015

Gay Pride 2015

Queens galore!

Gay Pride 2015


Gay Pride 2015

Happy People Galore!

Gay Pride 2015

Gay Pride 2015

Gay Pride 2015

Gay Pride 2015

This says it all.

Gay Pride 2015

Equality without exception. Yes.

My Whacked Mind

June 27, 2015

So, after a whirlwind of a May/June, my Little Honey Bunch and I were relaxing in the spa one night. I even saw a lovely shooting star! Anyway, we have this olive tree that has a landscape light on it. This is how it looks from the spa. Do you see what I see? Or do you just see an olive tree?


This is what I see.

Olive Tree Tortured

It's a tortured woman being held captive and appears to have a hole in her heart and is wearing some type of a cone hat. You can clearly see her sad eyes. I have no idea what her story is or why she's there. It's been a while that she's been there. My Little Honey Bunch noticed I kept looking over my shoulder so he asked me what I was looking at. I finally pointed her out. He gave me that incredulous look he always gives me when I tell him one of my whack (whack or whacked?) stories or dreams and says, "I think you should seek professional help."

He's probably right.

This is what the olive looks like in the day time. You can't really see her at all.

Olive Tree

In the last storm, one of Olive's branches (uh-oh, I've named her) broke off. It's kind of been leaning on the fence we share with the Roo's. My Little Honey Bunch finally had a free day to hack it off and take it to the dump.

Olive Branch

I'm hoping that the trimming will change the tortured lady that was there. I haven't really observed it since. Yet.

Olive Branch

I certainly hope she has been rescued and will no longer be there. On a plus side, a lovely little Gnome has moved in.

Olive Gnome

Well, I'm off to seek professional help. Dr. Gin? Nurse Margarita? May I schedule an appointment immediately, please and thank you?!

Um...I'm still here.

June 26, 2015

I figured I'd change to June, sometime in June. It's been quite the busy time! There was the visit from my sweet Aunt and Cousin, Veronica and Perla. I got to spend a week with them. They stayed here in my guest house (aka Sharky) and we did a bunch of stuff. We went to the top of Mt. Diablo; we took BART to SFO International; we went to the Berkeley Rose Garden; the cemetery; to several Wineries in Napa and wandered through downtown Napa; they came to several of my Zumba classes; we visited my sisters and brothers; we stayed up talking till the wee hours with Motsy, Lina and Nic; Veronica made flour tortillas. It was a very sweet visit. It was like having my mom here. I still look out my bedroom window, anticipating seeing them exiting the guest house. I miss them!

I took at least a million pictures, of this and all the other events listed below. They are on my Phanfare Site if you would like to see more! Email me if you need the password.

Napa 2015

Then there was Natalie's Senior Ball.

Senior Ball 2015 CVCHS

Then there was Sharon's 50th!

Sharon's 50th

Then there was dress rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal CVDA

Then there was Nat's Graduation Clayton Valley Charter High School Class of 2015.

Nat's Graduation

Then there was the emotional last recital for Clayton Valley Dance Academy and the subsequent cast party at Straka Springs.

CVDA Recital

Then there was Natalie's Graduation Brunch with some family and friends.

Grad Brunch

So....this is why I haven't blogged all month!


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