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July 28, 2015

July 26, 2015

July 25, 2015

July 23, 2015

July 21, 2015

July 11, 2015

July 8, 2015

July 5, 2015

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July 28, 2015

So, Mick has not acknowledged my birthday wish to him yet. Maybe I'll Instagram Andy Cohen that I'm reading his book and that I love him even more now and see if I get a rise out of him.

So, back to our vacation stories, did I mention the time we were going to Europe and a plane crashed on the runway and our flight was canceled for two days? Yes, it was the Asiana flight.

Maybe Mike got his funny luck from his mother. Today, while I was playing caddy and gathering blog fodder, Gma hit a deer. With a golf ball. The little deer jumped up and was like, "Whoa! What the heck?" But then kept eating. You can see Gma's pink ball just to the right of the deery. I don't know anything about golf but Gpa joked that Gma had gotten a deery but no birdie. Whatever that means.

Eagle Lake

Then Gma told me a story of another animal she hit. She said she was sitting, eating lunch one day (on another trip) and there was an aggressive squirrel that kept bugging everyone with its begging. She got sick of him so she picked up a rock to throw at him and scare him away. She threw the rock with all her might and, BAM! She hit the squirrel right in the head. It fell over and was knocked out for a minute before it regained consciousness and ran off. Can you imagine?

Eagle Lake

Actually, I don't know how it was possible to NOT hit a deer. Or goose. Or bunny. DUCK! No, goose.

Eagle Lake

My Little Honey Bunch and the Parents.

Eagle Lake

Don't hit the deery! Again!

Eagle Lake

Things only I notice. A chain gang.

Eagle Lake

I love how their antlers are fuzzy!

Eagle Lake

He was protecting his babies from me.

Eagle Lake

On around the 12th Hole, my Little Honey Bunch said, "In an effort to conserve balls, I won't hit any more." He cracks me up.

Eagle Lake

Happy Birthday, Mick!

July 26, 2015

I can't let the day go by without wishing Mick (Jagger) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If I had an Internet connection at camp, I'd tell him so myself on his Instagram account. I'll head down to the wee-fee hut and post it in a bit, as well as these last couple of posts. We are definitely primitive camping. Two bedroom, one bath trailer with full hookups. But no Internet. Yup...roughing it.

Roughing It

So back to this not drinking thing. I read Andy Cohen's book Most Talkative. It was pretty entertaining. So then I picked up his second book, The Andy Cohen Diaries.

Andy Cohen

As it turns out and unbeknownst to me, he quit drinking for a month because he was fat and wanted to lose ten pounds. If you watch WWHL, you'll know he wasn't drinking in January of 2014. He did end up losing 10 pounds after not drinking for a month! I'm up to March and he hasn't put the weight back so....yeah...I'm thinking about continuing this not drinking business for at least a month. Even though I didn't lose any weight this week and we're camping and camping is all about drinking and well...we'll see what happens tonight.

In other Eagle Lake news, this is the 22nd year since we first came in 1993 when the thermostat broke on Old Blue and we got towed into Susanville but the garages were closed and there were no hotel/motel rooms available because of a softball tournament and me and my Little Honey Bunch slept in the cab of of the pickup, on a side street in Susanville. (Sorry about the run-on and on sentence.)

Did I ever mention the other vacations we've had? The time a swarm of bees made us jump in a pool? The time the canoe was on top of Blazy in a thunderstorm and we didn't know whether to let the roof cave in or chance getting electrocuted? The time the bike fell off of the bike rack? The time the motorcycle fell off of the bike rack? The time someone shot out the window on Big? The time Big got flat tires? And the other vacations my Little Honey Bunch has had? The time he went to Tahiti and was stuck in his room for a week with only bread because the biggest hurricane in history came through? The time he went to India and when to see the Taj Mahal but it was closed?

We've (he has) had some interesting vacations.

But Eagle Lake (and my Little Honey Bunch) are still as beautiful as ever.

Eagle Lake

After 22 years of coming here.

Eagle Lake

The Pigs Have Stopped Flying

July 25, 2015

One week ago today, I had my last alcoholic beverage. Let me tell you how life changing not drinking has been.


I expected to feel great, have more energy, lose 10 pounds and so many more benefits.

But noooooooo. Instead I gained 1 pound; I couldn't sleep for squat; falling asleep to my iPod irritated me; I did not have any more energy than before; I could not wake up because I could not fall asleep; did I mention I gained freaking weight?

I think the ONLY good thing that came of me not drinking was that we probably saved at least $300 this week in wine, beer, gin and tequila.

So, as we headed for Eagle Lake, I'm wondering if I should/will continue this farce.

Drinking Again

The farce did not continue. I drank a beer.

Drinking Again

Then we drank a bottle of white wine. Then we drank a bottle of red wine. Then I slept like a baby for the first time in a freaking week!

Pigs Are Still Flying

July 23, 2015

Guess what? Pigs are still flying! In other words, I have STILL have not had an alcoholic beverage since Saturday night (OK, OK...EARLY Sunday morning)! This is the only picture I could find of a pig somewhat flying. Actually, it's Zazu is a very good restaurant in Sepastopol. Check it out some time!

Pigs Flying Zazu

But DAG NABBIT! I have only lost ONE freaking pound! I really think I should have at least lost 10 by now, four whole nights of not drinking and all. Sheesh. Anyway, we'll see what happens tonight. It's our opening night for Summer Bocce. It's usually quite the drinkfest. I'm afeared!

In funner (funner is not a word?) news, me and my girls, Marisa, Bryan, Kelly and Toby, did a 90 minute class at In Shape Antioch. The kicker was I thought I was just going to dance and party with my fellow instructors, but we got paid for the full 90 minutes. How sweet to get paid for something you love to do! I guess I should be putting this on my Zumba page but whatever.

Mini Master Class

I hope to report a SIGNIFICANT weight loss next post. I BETTER be able to report a significant weight loss next post! I think the last time I didn't drink was when I had my gall bladder removed in 1999 (16 years ago!) and I was on some medication and was told that if I drank alcohol with it, I would die. So I didn't. My liver is probably like, "What the F? Why am I sober?"

Or was that the eye surgery?

I wonder if the 'medication killing me' was really a real thing? We may never know...

When Pigs Flew. Again.

July 21, 2015

So. Do you remember my post about 'When Pigs Flew'? When my Little Honey Bunch danced? Gasp! (Post here.)

So. You know all the times I have attempted to quit or at least cut down during the week on alcoholic beverages? (One post here.) Too many more to list. Or find.

ANYWAY...I didn't make any proclamations. I just didn't drink on Sunday or Monday night (tonight is Tuesday, right)? So that makes TWO DAYS in which I have not had alcohol! Sort of. If you don't count the drinking in the hot tub with my Little Honey Bunch until Saturday night until Sunday at 2:00 am. Well, anyway, it's still a huge accomplishment.

I had to take matters into my own cup since the 20 pounds I gained after my knee injury (December of 2013) WILL NOT GO THE FRICK AWAY! And I have to get into a bathing suit in August at the Zumba Convention to get licensed in Aqua Zumba. Have you seen any of the Aqua Zumba Instructors? I'll have to be in the pool with the Aqua Zumba ZES, Maria Browning. Yeah, she's the one on Zumba Dot Com selling the Zumba Swimwear. This is her.

Maria Browning

So I have a lot of work to do in the next three weeks. This is my Fatty Magusta self today after I taught Zumba Toning. At least that's helping. As are the Power Pump Classes at Our Studio. Check them out! $10 Drop In.

Rosy Magusta

I was really perturbed that I did not weight 5 pounds less on Monday morning. After I didn't drink and all. Which hasn't happened in...I can't even remember the last time I didn't drink. Then this morning, I was half a pound down. It still should have been 5. Since I didn't drink. In two days. And the Pigs Flew Again. Even though I didn't drink. I was surprised I didn't have some sort of a 'lack of alcohol induced seizure'.

Well. I'll let you know how far this goes and if I will feel Maria Browning confident by August 12. Yes, of THIS year.

I'm off to participate in a Mini Master Class with my girls, Toby, Bryan and Marisa at In Shape Antioch. Where there will no no alcohol. Just lots of calorie burning dancing!


I'm back...

July 11, 2015

OK, so I couldn't even last three days off of Facebook. No willpower whatsoever. I went to a lovely ZIN Jam Session today and of course I took photos, so I HAD to come back to my Zumba Account so I could share my pics with my Instructor friends.

Zin Jam Session Sonia Rodriguez

It was great to see all my old friend instructors and meet new ones! A ZIN Jam Session is where a Zumba Jammer teaches choreography to us instructors. Always fun!

Then of course, curiosity got the better of me and I reinstated my regular Facebook Account. I missed some things. Sadly, my sweet friend, Evelyn, lost her twin. My heart goes out to her and her family.

And me, well, I guess I'm just always going to be a slave to Facebook. Drat you Zuckerberg!

Just So You Know...

July 8, 2015

...I did not block or delete you from Facebook. I deleted myself.


Forever this time!


We'll see.

So not to VagueBlog or anything, but the reason is simple. I just don't have thick enough skin. My feelings are easily hurt. Not by friends and family or their activities. I love that stuff! Just my usual vacillating about whether to continue teaching Zumba or not.

I know there's an audience out there for me. My class at 24 Hour Fitness is fabulous. They sing and smile and generally have a great time. Always complimentary of my music and my routines. It did, however, take me forever to grow that class! I started out with a pitiful 5-8 people and now it's close to 50.

I took back my evening class at In Shape in Concord in March. The first day there was 27 people. And it steadily went down until one week, I only had 2 people. So, I had the GX Manager look for someone else that might be a better fit for that club. I wish I knew why they didn't like my class.

I've been teaching class at Our Studio for a couple of years now. In January, the girls moved to their new location and I took on the Tuesday and Thursday classes at 10:15. My classes are the lowest attended. I keep threatening to quit but the girls insist that it's because it's a new class at a new time, blah, blah, blah. So why is the Monday/Wednesday 10:15 class packed? Actually, this week I had...gasp...13 whole people in each class! There were a few who were there accidentally because they thought Bryan was teaching the class and guess what? They loved my class! So I'm not ready to throw the towel in at that location. I do love teaching there. Both are Zumba Toning Classes and I sure am benefitting from them! See:

Toned 56 Year Old

So, if you want to look this toned when you're 56, come to my class!

I also picked up a class at In Shape Pittsburg in April. I figured they would like me better there, given the right audience found me. It has been a little slow. 8 people, 10, 7. Today, almost 20 came! About 5 left, but I expected that. Most of the young people leave even though if they tried, I could kick their butts. People don't give it a chance and unfortunately, they think because it's called Zumba Gold that it's for old people. NOT! I burn close to 700 calories teaching that class. I have hope for this class. I'm hopeful it will continue to grow, even though I am a one man circus.

So I'm staying positive but it helps me to have my head in the sand and not focus on Facebook.

And to Mia's Body Pump class!


July 5, 2015

My title is so creative, isn't it? Not. So anyway, remember Olive, the tortured woman in my tree (story here)? Well, my little sister, Boobie, saw something much different and not She saw a Cirque du Soleil type character getting ready to do a flip. I like that better. I still don't know what she looks like with the branch cut off.

Olive Tree

I like that much better. So, my Little Honey Bunch was gone FOREVER. 12 days in England. The good news is, he probably has enough miles for us to go back to Europe again soon. The bad news is, I missed him to heck! He did manage to send me a Date Night picture each of the Fridays he was gone.

Date Night

He must miss me. He's smiling.

Date Night

I did a lot of this.


And this.


And surprise, I did not lose the 10 pounds I was planning to lose while he was gone. But he's finally home (NEVER LEAVE FOR THAT LONG EVER AGAIN) and we're chilling in the back yard. I was stalking little animals in the yard. Again. I pulled out my telephoto lens and caught these.



I saw what I thought was a small bird land. I couldn't see it but my lens did. Awesome!

Dragon Fly

My Little Honey Bunch was fading so we decided to skip Music in the Park with Plan B and watched the fireworks from the front porch.

Anyway, Happy July!


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