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September 30, 2015

September 26, 2015

September 18, 2015

September 13, 2015

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Funny Me

September 30, 2015

At dinner last night, we were discussing Social Media and such. I showed my Little Honey Bunch and Nic some posts I put up on Instragram. Such as my selfie with a seagull.

Selfie with a seagull.

Or this selfie with Luna pooping in the background.

Selfie with Luna pooping.

They garnered some chuckles. I say to them, "You should follow me. I'm funny."

My Little Honey Bunch says, "I don't have to follow you. I live with you."

Was that a compliment?

College Bound

September 26, 2015

So before I get into the 'going away to college' part, you have my permission to tell me to shut the F up when I complain about how fat I am and how I can't lose weight. I just noticed the last 5 posts in my 365 page revolve around food. NO WONDER I CAN'T LOSE THE EFFING WEIGHT! Damn Fatty Magusta.

Anyway, I'm still trying to catch up with the happs around here. Even though it's been over a month, I'll post the story about us taking Nat to college. The last time someone left for college around here was Motsy 2000? 2001? Can someone help a bad mother out, please? I know it was before 2001 because he was there on 9-11, when the towers came down. But after 1997 because that's when he graduated High School. Then was at DVC for a minute before going to Brooklyn.

While we're on the subject of Motsy leaving for college, do you remember I wrote and sent an e-mail describing my emotions on the day he left? It was quite moving and made people (including me) cry. I CAN'T FIND A COPY! If you happen to be a better hoarder than me and still have it, could you send it to me? Please and thank you! Here's a picture of the day he left. There was no taking him and moving him in. He even got his own ride to the airport. Gah, that confirms it. I'm a rotten mother.

Motsy goes to college.

Sorry, Lina, Motsy and Nic! I guess we saved it all up for Natalie. Isn't that always they way it is? The youngest is the spoiled-est!

So with the truck all loaded up and my Little Honey Bunch having the foresight to bring a hand truck, we're off. It was Tuesday, August 18, 2015 (so I'll know next time and not feel like that bad of a mother).

Nat goes to college.

The borrowing the bin thing is a great idea, too. I believe we made it in one trip.

Nat goes to college.

Because you need 5 different pair of Uggs in 100 degree weather.

Nat goes to college.

Magically, the tons of stuff she took, all fits! The room is tiny!

Nat goes to college.

Brett and Nat got it all put away and decorated.

Nat goes to college

My friends, MOC and FLOC (Mayor of Clayton and First Lady of Clayton), poked their heads in after moving in their son. FLOC took this beautiful photo!.

Nat goes to college.

Headed back to the hotel for the evening with plans for shopping for other necessities on Wednesday, August 19, 2015.

Nat goes to college.

It was HOT! Luckily, there was a pool at the hotel.

Nat goes to college.

We had breakfast at our now favorite restaurant in Chico -- Mom's.

Nat goes to college.

We loaded up on supplies and necessities. The funny thing is, the day before, I noticed girls and parents carrying these white rectangles. I wondered what the heck they were and why everyone, seemingly, was carrying one. I realized they were mirrors! The dorm rooms have no mirrors. Which I don't understand. Was this always the case? Did the kids party too much and destroy them all? The other funny thing is, they are front and center at Target. LOL

Nat goes to college.

Stalling so that we don't go, Natalie wanted us to stay.

Nat goes to college.

This was the prop (flower) she used in her dance routine that was about leaving her childhood behind (click here to see video - this is rehearsal with a spatual instead of the rose). Sniff, sniff.

Nat goes to college.

One last stall as we have lunch with her on campus.

Nat goes to college.

Then it's goodbye.

Nat goes to college.

Then I cried.

Bye Felicia!

September 18, 2015

Do you remember the saga of Our Studio and their miserable bitches? In this paragraph (click here), I talk about how mean the people from Toscana Furniture were to the girls. It is now clear why. Found out the owner is the husband of a local Zumba instructor. The same one who put her signs out in front of said furniture store after the girls lost their place. I am beyond flabbergasted at the lies and deviousness some people are capable of. It took me a while to get my dropped jaw off of the ground.

I also found out others who I thought were good friends, turned out to be lying sacks of shit.

You know, the truth always comes out. And Karma can be a bitch.

Good riddance and goodbye, Felicia! No more support for you!


September 18, 2015

So now that I'm done with Felicia, let's talk about something pleasant. Today, my sisters Eme and Boobie and I visited a place where we spent a lot of our childhood. My dad's friend, Tommy Bermejo, has owned Tommy' Mexican Restaurant out on Geary since 1965. They are from the same town, Oxkutzcab, Yucatan, Mexico. We recently found out that Tommy died in 2011 and we just got a hankering to stop in and say hello to his wife, Elmy. We chatted with the maitre d, Maria. She told us we looked familiar. I said it's probably because I look like my mother. As it turns out, she attended school across the street and knew Tommy and Elmy's kids. She did not remember our father.

An older gentleman was our server. We asked him how long he'd been at Tommy's. He said since about 1970. We said, "So you must know our father, Azael Ayala." He said, "OF COURSE I know him! We're from the same town in Yucatan. I have driven back and forth to Mexico many times. I went to your brother's funeral." He was in Mexico and saw our dad just before he passed in 2007.

We asked about Elmy and were told she is still at the restaurant every, single day at 4:00. The youngest son, Julio, runs the (somewhat famous) Tequila Bar (link here to their Facebook Page).

As we were leaving, Elmy happened to call and I spoke with her. I told her we had to leave but promised to come back again for dinner so we could visit with her. It was delightful chatting with her even for just a few minutes on the phone. She and Tommy always treated us like their own and still do!

By the way, the lunch was really good! Good Mexican restaurant...they don't ask what kind of tortillas you want, they just bring you corn, like proper Mexicans have! LOL

Boobie had the whole fried fish. It was delicious!

Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

The Yucatan style of rice and beans is a little different than your typical Mexican.

Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

I had the Poc Chuc, a traditional dish from Mayan dish from Yucatan. It was DELICIOUS! Pork grilled in a lovely marinade.

Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

Oscar (our dad's friend) said we had to try the flan which we did. I'm glad we did. It was more dense than your typical flan. It was very similar to the one my mother used to make.

Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

I think Julio used to co-own another bar with Sammy Hagar. I'll have to look into that.

Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

I guess if you like Mexican tequila's, this is the place for you!

Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

And finally, our dad's friend, Oscar, took a picture with us!

Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

Fabulous Friday Fun Day!


September 13, 2015

So, as you can see, I only posted once in August and it was about Eagle Lake in July. I was so behind on my 365, I almost couldn't catch up, but I did. I pretty much gave up on the Happiness daily post. I'll try again next year.

So since my last post, there have been numerous Zumba events including the Convention, Nat's Dance going away party, moving Natalie into the Chico dorm, more Zumba events, fun at Bocce, lazy nights at home, date night every Friday and today, my 4th baby's 18th birthday. My last baby is an adult!

After a Friday night at La Veranda and the Clayton Club (WHERE MY LITTLE HONEY BUNCH DANCED WITH ME AGAIN!!!!!), we headed up to Chico and had dinner with Little Durn at this place called Monk's. Everything was DELICIOUS!

Natalie's 18th

Here's me and the Little Durn. By the way, if you are almost 57 and want to have skin as beautiful as your 18 year old, let's talk Rodan & Fields!

Natalie's 18th

A quiet little Happy Birthday.

Natalie's 18th

In the morning, we had breakfast at Mom's in Chico. Yum!

Natalie's 18th

Then we stumbled into an annual event called A Taste of Chico. All the local restaurants and some food trucks, several stages and art. My kind of thing! Loved it! The Ballet Folklorico de Chico performed. Always makes me nostalgic and teary, reminding me of my mom and dad.

Natalie's 18th

Happy 18th Birthday, sweet Nat! You have become a fabulous young lady! Enjoy your birthday cupcakes with your Chico Family!

Natalie's 18th

Oh and, my brother Baby stopped in to say hello while we were there. Found this on the walk to the car.

Natalie's 18th Baby's Penny

Jose Azael Ayala, Jr. - 8/13/64 - 12/5/86. Hello to you, too, Baby!

I'll post about all the other stuff in the days to come. It shouldn't be quite as hectic!



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