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October 7, 2015

October 1, 2015

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Mrs. Kravitz gets an eye full!

October 7, 2015

So, I'm the neighborhood busybody self appointed crime watch. This is why my office has a window facing the street so I can survey the goings on out of the corner of my eye whilst writing silly stories. There is also a comfy chair in the window that my Little Honey Bunch calls 'the Nosy Rosy chair'.

So yesterday, a car drives up across the street and parks. I watch and watch. He sits and sits, looking at his handheld device. I wander outside and straighten the car cover hoping he sees me. I'M WATCHING YOU! Then I meander down to the mailbox. DO YOU SEE ME? He still sits and sits.

So then I pull out my camera with my giant lens and I snap pictures of his car. Then I go outside with my giant lensed camera and snap pictures of his license plate. YOU SEE ME, RIGHT?

Then, he gets out of the car, goes over to the fence and stands there for a second. At first I think he is peeing. Then he lifts himself up to case the joint (yeah, I watch too many cop shows)! Then, Nic and I, watching all this, wonder if we should call the police. There have been several burglaries in the area recently. I decide to call my friend, who works at the police station, and ask her whether she thinks I should call the police. In the meantime, the guy, who I can now see is a kid, wearing a sweatshirt from a local high school, which shall not be named, returns to his car.

Moments later, a girl walks up to the car and gets in. I'm still on the phone with my friend, giving her the play by play.

Then, the driver reclines his seat all the way back. THEN, the girl's head disappears. OMFG! WHAT AM I WITNESSING HERE? Actually, what are WE witnessing here, me and my son? Awkward!

So my friend, giggling, says, "No, you probably don't need to call the police since it seems only somebody's panties are being burglarized." I guess in his anticipation he never noticed me or looked around to see what second story window might have a Mrs. Kravitz in it.

I need to move my office to a back room.

Mrs. Kravitz

(It occurs to me that only people of my age-ish know who Mrs. Kravitz is. She was the ultra busybody neighbor in the TV show 'Bewitched')


October 1, 2015

It's been probably a year since we've done our girls' trip to Bodega and we're kicking it off with bang. Loaded up the cars at Sharon's. Coco giving Katie kisses. And we're off!

Bodega Bay 2015

Our first stop was Iron Horse Winery in Sebastopol. The views are absolutely stunning!

Bodega 2015

We tried the sparklings, Pinots and Chardonnays.

Bodega 2015

Then we went to Zazu in Sebastopol and had the most delicious bacon infused dishes and a vodka themed flowery drink that I already can't remember the name of.

Bodega 2015

Then we got to the house and unloaded everything. And this beer didn't fit in the fridge.

Bodega 2015

Then we had to try out the Skinny Girl Margaritas.

Bodega 2015

Then someone said the Skinny Girl Margarita sucked and could I make some gin and tonics. And this is fuzzy. And so am I. And its only 7:00 and we haven't had dinner yet. Or wine with dinner. Or night caps. Good night. Liver check tomorrow.

Bodega 2015




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