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November 18, 2015

November 17, 2015

November 15, 2015

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Fit and Healthy

November 18, 2015

So, my lovely friends have been tagging me on all these lovely studies which are absolutely going to get me fit and healthy once and for all! I'm so excited!

First, there was the study (of which I saw at least three different ones) that found drinking Champagne boosts memory and prevents Dementia! Since Dementia and Alzheimer's runs in my family, I was really excited about these findings. I immediately went to Costco and purchased Champagne. (Click pic for article.)

Champagne and Memory

Then, there was a study that found that drinking tequila helps promote weight loss! Goodbye Gin, HELLO Tequila! Gin, we're breaking up. I can't find any studies that say you are good for me. Sorry! I can feel the pounds coming off already!


Then, low and behold, red wine can also help you lose weight!!!! I'm dusting off those size 2's!

Red Wine

Even more good news! Coffee (I love coffee!) will help you live longer! Size 2's dusted off. Making an appointment with the money guys to make sure the money will last for my healthy and longer life!


Oh, and then the pièce de résistance!!! An article in Cooking Light that encourages me to sleep until noon!


I'm so excited about all of these finds! Maybe I'll just go ahead and buy new size 0's! I have the best friends ever!

Penny From Daddy

November 17, 2015

I was walking to my car from Peet's and I see this gnarly penny. Of course I have to pick it up and see who is saying 'hi'.

Penny From Daddy

I can't quite make out the year but I put it aside to look at it closer later. I start the car and what's playing but 'A Summer Place'! I am immediately transported back in time to my childhood, remembering how my dad took the family to Ocean Beach every Sunday, 'A Summer Place' playing on the radio. On closer inspection, I think it's a 2007. My dad died in 2007. "Hi, Daddy!"

A Summer Place (click to listen)

On another note, last night after I taught my Zumba Toning class at Our Studio, as I was leaving I noticed a feather on the floor. I said to Emely, "That's my mom saying hi." She says, without even looking up from her phone, "Yeah, your mother always says hi when you're wearing that jacket."

She might have a point. I look down. I'm wearing my down jacket.

Stow it, Emely! It was my mom! LOL


November 15, 2015

It's the middle of November and I haven't regaled you with any stories! What happened? Well, life. I've been busy living it and...I realized I take way too many pictures because I'm having trouble narrowing it down. But I'll try, then I'll put the rest of the billion on my Phanfare site. Email me for the password.

So let's see. I posted the Bodega Girl's Trip and the burglarized panties. We went to Chico for Parent's Day, but being the rookies that we were, we realized waiting in a 5,000 people line for some BBQ wasn't worth out wait. So we went to eat at Mom's and just hung out with Little Nat.

Chico Parent's Day

I got the chance to hang out with 2 of my sisters and one of my brothers and a couple of other old friends, Donna and Amalia, in Berkeley for an afternoon. We had lunch at Jupiter, watched the Botello Brother's band at People's Park...and danced a bit with my brother. Reminisced about the high school and all the other locations we used to hang out.

Berkeley Day

Our waiter at Jupiter was adorable...and so stylish.

Berkeley Day

This lovely lady chatted us up for a bit.

Berkeley Day

I sure miss Berkeley!

The celebrating of my 57th birthday began with my first present to me. New Zumba shoes. We celebrated George and Lisa's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Lori flew out from Iowa, too!

25th Wedding Anniversary

Lina came by on the 21st for an early birthday visit and I got to hang out with my two oldests.

Birthday Visit

On my actual birthday, we went to the City, stayed at The W (bunch more pics on Phanfare). We went to One Market for dinner followed by a trip to the Buena Vista, of course. Everything we had at One Market was to die for. Absolutely delicious!

Birthday SF

On Saturday, after breakfast at The Grove, we stumbled into Motsy's art work at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. How cool is that?

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Mural

I wanted to go out to Ocean Beach just because I hadn't been there in a while. I was telling my Little Honey Bunch how for years, my St. Joseph's buddy, Paul Prado (RIP), and I would head out to Ocean Beach. He always treated me to a Strawberry milkshake from McDonald's. LOL. Funny thing, as we were cresting Geary onto the Great Highway, I noticed a group of apartments that were called Prado Apartments. Well hello to you too, Paul Prado!

Ocean Beach

We then took a trip to Pismo with the Fitzie's. Molly came along and Kasey and Shane joined us for a bit as they are both at Cal Poly. It was EPIC weather. I posted tons of lovely pictures on Phanfare. Check this out, though. Starfish tracks! Cool!

Pismo Beach Starfish

The month long birthday celebration finally ended with a joint celebration for Mia's birthday! Happy 40th to my sweet Zumba Mami! Boobie, Motsy, Adrienne, Arlethe, Stacey, Laura, Mike and the Zumba Girls made it!

Birthday Celebration

In with the new...we had a celebration for Toby and Thayna! Thayna is due November 29 with her second baby, Victoria. Toby does not know yet the age or sex of the child he will be adopting. Congratulations to both!

Baby Shower

So...caught up and living life. My sweet friend Robin, lost her husband to bladder cancer on October 27th. He was only 54. Rest in peace, Geoff Pfeiffer. And remember, live, love and laugh like there's no tomorrow...because there might not be.




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