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December 23, 2015

December 12, 2015

December 10, 2015

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Merry Christmas to Me

December 23, 2015

I was at the Zumba Studio (Our Studio) checking in clients for Emely while Thayna is out on maternity leave. One of our wonderful ladies, Marie Helene, came in and told me she knew she wasn't supposed to but, she gave the homeless guy outside $20. It filled my heart with joy. The guy has a bicycle with a trailer attached to it with all his belongings. He is always seen around downtown Concord. He also lets his dog ride in the trailer and is careful to keep him warm. He is a very unassuming man, never asks for anything and is always pleasant. The clients at the Zumba studio will usually give him a little something, something. Sometimes some food for his dog and sometimes, Marilyn brings food for the man.

After helping out at Our Studio, I went out to teach my class at In Shape Pittsburg. Target is right across the way so I stopped in to pick up this and that. When I got to the checkout line, there was a scraggly man in front of me with a doggie. A cute pit. I was checking out what he was buying. He had something furry and Christmassy looking. It looked like he was buying somebody a Christmas gift. I couldn't exactly tell what it was. He also had two bottles of flavored water.

After remembering Marie Helene's act of kindness that morning, I decided I would pay for this man's purchases. I would just ask the checker to put it on my bill. Alas! Another check stand opened and he went to it. Darn it! I quickly took $20 out of my purse and went over to him and asked if he would accept the $20 to pay for his purchases and to keep the change.

The look of utter happiness and gratefulness was the best gift I have received! He thanked me profusely, even when I went back to my line, he was hollering, "Thank you! Bless you!"

When I walked out to my car, he was outside taking the tags off of his fuzzy purchase. It was a Christmas sweater for his dog. He was so happy to put this on his dog, smiling ear to ear. I hope that his happiness was such that maybe it caused this woman to give him a little something. It looks like she's reaching in her purse. Or, I hope that with the change from the $20, he could get a little something for himself. I hate that people are homeless. If I had gobs of money, I would stamp out homelessness.

Merry Christmas Pitbull

I went to my car and cried. Sad and joyful all at once. Sad for the homeless, joyful that I could make someone so happy and joyful that I am blessed with a roof over my head, wonderful family and wonderful friends.

Merry Christmas!


December 12, 2015

I always take all these pictures and then stories come to my head. But I usually don't write the stories and then when I look back at the pictures I wonder what in the heck I took the pictures for. Dementia. Anyway, I took these yesterday while I was waiting for Natalie at Shasta. I can remember yesterday. Usually.

I saw this unsuspecting little bug.

Chico Bug

I walked around the other side to sit on the bench and I see this devious little fellow plotting the evil demise of the unsuspecting little bug.

Chico Bug

He see's me. Busted! Doesn't his face look so guilty! Anyway, he took off. I hope he's not on me. He was one of those crafty, speedy little guys I don't like. I prefer tarantulas over his sort. At least I can see and outrun a tarantula.

Chico Bug

This has nothing to do with the Bug Story. It's just that I was wondering how TK's identical twin ended up on the Chico Campus. Everything from the stripey tail to the white spot on her neck! This one was nice, though. It came up to me and loved me all up. TK is probably at home pissing on something.

Chico Kitty

This has nothing to do with the Bug Story, either. It's just a reminder that college kids' laundry is heavy and you should come prepared with dollies. Thanks, Little Honey Bunch!

Chico Laundry

Don't the leaves falling off the trees remind you of 'A Bug's Life'? "...and when the last leaf falls..." The Bug Story and the leaves outside reminded me of that line in the movie. Sorry. Random.

This has nothing to do with the story, either. Just showing off my City Girl Parking skills.

Chico Parking

Then after all the Chico stuff, me and my Little Honey Bunch went on our Date Night. Moresi's for dinner. I had the Rib Eye. YUM!!!!!

Date Night

Then we hit the Clayton Club for a little Tone Pony. Of course I took my obligatory selfie in the pot.

Date Night

Then we went home and snuggled in front of the TV. Life is good.

Date Night

Now that my story scattered all over creation, I can procrastinate no longer. I'm off in search of Nutcrackers. And brainstorm on who will write the dreaded Christmas Letter.


December 10, 2015

I went to Nerd to add a post and realized that somehow, the rest of November passed me by and I almost missed all of December! Where the heck did the time go? So anyway, part of the reason I probably didn't realize it was so December is that every time I come or go from my neighborhood, I am escorted by these beauties.

Fall Beauty

Fall Beauty

Fall Beauty

So anyway, they keep making me forget I should be thinking about Christmas. I haven't even thought about who is going to write the dreaded Christmas letter this year! I still have my fall stuff out. I better bust a move!

But before I go think about December, I'll tell you a delightful story about December 1st, which is my brother Nene's birthday. He would have been 54 had he not died in 1979. I had seen advertisements that The Long Island Medium was premiering on that day so I got excited because I thought for sure my brother would come through.

I was not disappointed.

As Teresa was talking to various and assorted folks, these phrases came up:

  • died of a blood disorder
    • Nene got an infection in his blood.
  • complications from surgery
    • He was going into his 8th open heart surgery and his body just couldn't take it anymore.
  • a hole in his heart that was not fixable
    • There was a hole in his aorta...but...close enough.
  • And...the pièce de ré is my birthday
    • And it was in fact, Nene's birthday

Of course it made me cry because I knew he would be here watching with me and showing me signs that he was. I love you and miss you, Nene!

Nene's Obit




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