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March 25, 2016

March 19, 2016

March 7, 2016

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Things That Brightened My Day

March 25, 2016

When I'm feeling down, I always look for comfort in signs. The signs that comfort me come in many forms. For instance, I went to the market and paid with ... GASP ... cash. When the cashier was handing me my change, I thought to myself, "It would be nice if one of these coins were a sign from somebody."

Sure enough, one of the pennies was a 1986. Hello baby brother, Baby!

1986 Penny

Then I'm driving home and I see an El Camino. Hello, P-Rez!

El Camino

Then I watch my Medium shows and am showered with signs. The Number 8 (Baby and Mom's birth month), died 20 years ago (my mom), smells of Clorox and cooking beans (my mom's house), arrangement of roses in the colors of the spray on my mom's casket, red, yellow and pink -- and the reference to 1979, the year Nene died. Let's not forget the butterfly (Mel). I know in my heart that when I see the Long Island Medium again, she will tell me that these are not coincidences.

On these beautiful days, I always love gazing at the beautiful oaks. I grabbed my camera and went around town taking pictures of my favorites. And they made the corners up my mouth turn up. Way up.

This one is up on the hill just as you turn into my neighborhood. It's shaped like a heart!

Oak Tree in Clayton

This mighty oak is giant. It lays on its side, no longer able to stand but still manages to bloom every year. His perseverance and strength amazes me. It's just behind the CVS on Clayton Road.

Fallen Oak in Clayton

This one always looks like it's in a Yoga pose. More so when it doesn't have its leaves.

Oak Trees in Clayton

This Yoga pose, to be exact.

Yoga Maris

This local girl is another example of strength and courage. I had no idea about her struggle until I stumbled on her story. I knew her mom from back in the PFC days and she is a couple of years behind Nat in school. Her story is amazing! You can find her at or yogamaris on Instagram. An amazing young woman!

The corners of my mought are totally turned up.


March 19, 2016

I was in a church today. You already know what that means, right?


Well, you're sort of right. I attended a Memorial Service for my neighbor. He passed away last October from Bladder Cancer. I almost didn't go because, well, I didn't really know Geoff. I knew his wife, Robin. We've been friends since we moved to Clayton in 1998. In fact, we bought our houses at the same time. When my Little Honey Bunch and I were in the Sales Office buying our house, Toni, the real estate agent said to us, "Oh, you must meet the Pfeiffers. They are two doors down from you AND you both (my Little Honey Bunch and Geoff) work for AirTouch!"

My Little Honey Bunch did in fact know Geoff Pfeiffer. Being men, of course, they left it to me and Robin to seek each other out. I'm glad to say, Little Robin has not only been a great neighbor, but has also been my friend ever since. Their daughter, Shannon, even baby sat Nic and Nat on occasion. Their son Christopher and Nic played together.

So, although the Pfeiffers are Lutheran, they had the service at a Baptist Church because Robin is a good friend of the Pastor's wife. I decided that if I ever become religious again, seeing as I'm a recovering Catholic, that I'm going to become a Baptist. Ha, ha!

Seriously, though, it was a lovely service. Pastor Jim was a gem, and funny to boot. It was very special to hear Geoff's brothers tell great stories about him. It was really nice to hear his hockey buddy's stories, too. Even former colleagues had very nice words to say. It was funny that everyone knew (even me) of Geoff's obsession with having everything on a spreadsheet. It was touching to hear the stories about his love of music. Every time I turned around, they were going to a concert! His parents listened bravely. Everyone knows a parent should never have to bury a child.

Robin bravely delivered the closing words.

We then went to the hall in the next room where Robin and the Pastor's wife had prepared a beautiful lunch. My Little Honey Bunch knew more people than me, for once! Former AirTouch folks.

Of course I couldn't help myself, I HAD to take a picture. Robin put together a beautiful collage. The altar was draped with his beloved Red Wings, had a photo of Geoff and, his ashes. Behind the altar, was a framed jersey from the last hockey team he played on with his number, 54. Always 54. He even had 54 in their home phone number. On purpose. 54. Five Four. Pfei ffer. Get it?

He even died at the age of 54.

Geoff Pfeiffer

I couldn't help but notice how different a Baptist church is than a Catholic church. There are no bleeding bodies on the cross, in fact, there are no statues any where. There are also no kneeling thingamajigs. I guess that's a Catholic thing.

I didn't take a picture but the tables had beautiful center pieces with balloons the colors of Geoff's favorite hockey team, the Red Wings. Those were surrounded by hockey pucks. They even put together a little 'goodie bag' filled with his favorite things. I always knew Geoff was in to music and played multiple instruments. I didn't know he actually wrote some songs. As a last gift to his family, friends, colleagues, and to Geoff posthumously, Robin had those songs burned on CDs. It was a dream of his to have his music out there. The title of his CD, Generation GAP. Geoffrey Alan Pfeiffer. GAP.

Geoff Pfeiffer Memorial

Rest In Peace, Geoff. You would have loved what Robin put together for you. It was a beautiful service.

Birthdays Galore

March 7, 2016

So today is actually March 17, St. Patrick's Day to be exact. I started writing this post back on March 7 but, you know, life happens. I can't even remember what I was going to say exactly except that I have 4 friends with birthdays on that day! The first one is Lita Guerrero. She was on of my brother's girlfriends and fellow Berkeleyite. The second is sweet Anthony Blackman. He is my childhood friend, and little redheaded sister, Julie's son. I was there the day he was born, after Lina but before Motsy. Then there's Emely Marcelino, one of my Zumba daughters who I met several years ago. Most recently, I found out my number one fan, Mary Alexander, also has that birthday! She stumbled into our Zumba classes and has been getting more and more fabulous as time goes by.

I did get a chance to bring Emely a quick birthday cake and quickly before class, Athena, Thayna, Zelia and I sang Happy Birthday!

When the girls were at Bodega Bay, we decided to get tickets to Dirty Dancing, which was playing in San Francisco. Eight of the Bodega Buddies went, me, Deborah, Sharon, Patti, Elisa, Katie, Julie and Shelly. We missed you Marcia and Marcie! Oh crap, I have to deposit checks! The play was pretty cheezy but when you're with friends having fun, that's all that matters. And the dinner was superb! We went to 54 Mint. YUM! Here's a slide of the evening. So much fun! Warning...there is sound.

Another epic happening was that Natalie went to Disneyland, for the first time! She's 18. Sorry. I hate Disneyland. So her BF, Brett, took her. After the first full day there, Tuesday, March 15, she got sick and threw up all night. Apparently she made a rookie mistake. Ate all the junk in sight, in the hot sun, riding all the rides and being amongst the hoards. She over did it. They had to take Wednesday for a rest day but are back at it again today. Poor Little Nat!

She says she loves everything about it! Everything is her favorite!!!! She also said me and my Little Honey Bunch would not like it. She's got that right!


So while Nat was excited and sick and resting and excited again, I had a lovely lunch with my long time friend Donna Revecho. We go way back. Our kids call themselves cousins.

Anyway, my esthetician friend Debbi, who does our services at Bodega Bay (facials, massages, pedicures) was looking for some models. A number of student estheticians were learning how to give facials, etc., to persons with cancer or survivors who have had Chemo. I know several girls that fit this description so I connected them with Debbi and ended up being some of the 'models'.

Donna, me, Debbie, Shelley and Sherlie (not pictured - she thinks she looks bad but she looks fabulous for being a cancer survivor AND being in her 70's - respect) after their day of pampering. At one point, Debbie said to me she was sorry I knew so many people with cancer. I had never thought of it but I guess I do. The thing is every one of them is from a different walk of life. Donna I've known since we were teens in the late '70s, Sherlie I've know since the early '80s when we worked together at IBM and Shelley I've known since the '00s when our 20 year olds were in kindergarten together. Cancer is an evil, evil thing that can and does strike anybody. Big sigh....

Pampering Cancer Patients

Donna doesn't drive so I picked her up from BART, we had a delicious Thai lunch, strolled around Todos Santos Plaza and then I dropped her off to get pampered. All three really enjoyed the experience and were grateful that I hooked them up with Debbi. I'm glad, too! It makes me happy that I could help make them happy even if just for a couple of hours!

Yummy Thai food.

Yummy Thai Food

Me and Donna.

Donna and Me

We saw this Lead Sled and reminisced about the 'Main' they used to have in Berkeley.

Lead Sled

We were talking about all our dear departed ones, too. There are SO many. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, husbands. So many. Her late husband, Mel (RIP), was the Best Man at my wedding to Paul (RIP). Paul was Mel's Best Man at Donna and Mel's wedding. Donna was talking about how just after Mel died, their son Christopher was in the backyard and this big yellow butterfly was just hanging around. She believed it to be Mel's spirit. Then we get in the car to head to the Paris Beauty College and ... yup ... a big yellow butterfly flits in front of us. I told this story to Mel's sister (on Facebook) and she said, "OMG! There was a big yellow butterfly hanging around in my backyard today!"

Hi, Mel! You are missed!


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