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June 23, 2016

June 22, 2016

June 20, 2016

June 19, 2016

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Meet Lizzie

June 23, 2016

Nic: Why is there a mannequin in the living room?

Me: She was homeless. I took her in.

Nic: Blank stare.

Meet Lizzie.

Lizzie the Mannequin

She was nekkid so she borrowed one of Nat's dance outfits to hang out in the Straka Dance Studio.


June 22, 2016

I posted this picture yesterday on my 365 page, but as I was looking at it, I marveled at the fact that if you speak Spanish, you can speak to SO many people in the world! Here are a bunch of Latinas having a lovely Girls Night Out. The laughing, the comparing of our boobs - big and small and all of it in the most Spanglishest Spanglish you'd ever want to hear. No one ever missing a beat!


Starting from the right, we have the Spanish Mexican, then the Salvadorian Mexican, then the Mexican Mexican, then the Nicaraguan, then the Peruvian, then me, the Poor Excuse for a Mexican.

I love being Latina and being able to communicate with so many people from around the world! Love you girls! See you soon!


June 20, 2016

So every time Victoria's Secret has a boob holder sale, I NEVER find any good boob holders. Imagine my delight when I found not one, not two but FIVE boob holders in my size with the right amount of padding in great colors! I hit a bra-nanza! What a bunch of great Tit Pits! Nice Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders!


Speaking of boobs and Victoria's Secret, I am reminded of a time just after we moved to Clayton, Nic was just a couple of months shy of 3 years old. First, let me explain that I was always an undie fanatic. Always had to have a matching set. If you ask any of my children or husbands what my favorite store is, they would say, "Victoria's Secret." Anyway, one day I had a sports bra on and some random undies. Nic sees me and says, "Mama, you have the wrong undies on." LOL I'm not that anal anymore. I can actually wear a different color bottom than top.

Is this TMI?

Speaking of more boobs, I remember when Mot and Lina were little and we would go into Victoria's Secret, they would wander around pushing in the cups of the bras while saying, "Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop."

Speaking of not boobs but shopping with little ones, while wandering through the store, one of the kids knocked over a mannequin. Everyone blamed my nephew. Twenty or so years later, Lina admitted it was she who knocked it over. LOL

Speaking of not boobs or shopping but of things kids say...again, when we first moved to Clayton in 1998, my Little Honey Bunch purchased and put signs on the fence to warn strangers of our little pit bull. His ever present helper, Nic, asks, "Daddy, what does that sign say?" (In his perfectly enunciated, complete sentences before he was even three. I'm surprised he couldn't read it. Or he was just not letting on that he could.) My Little Honey Bunch answers, "Beware of the Dog." Nic turns to Chiva (the dog) and says, "Chiva, beware of the dog!"

One more out of the mouths of children...Nic was often annoyed by Natalie's happy, little go lucky self. If he thought she was trying to be with him or play with his things, he would not be too happy. One time, when he was trying to keep her away, I finally said to him, "Natalie's not even thinking about you!" He glowered at her for a time after I said this and finally he said to her, "Natalie, THINK about me!"


Happy Father's Day

June 19, 2016

So June kind of passed me by. But I had to stop today to say Happy Father's Day to some of the best dads ever! First, to my Little Honey Bunch. Luckily for me, he was blessed with the natural ability to be a wonderful, loving, nurturing dad. Here he is holding Nic at 11 days old. I have no idea why I don't have pictures from the first couple of days. Before cell phones, I guess.

Little Honey Bunch with Nic

Here he is holding Nat minutes after she was born. I don't know why or how I had a camera for this.

Honey Bunch with Nat

He went and got Nic and came back. I remember Nic walking in, popping out his chupe (pacifier) and saying, "What's that baby doing there?"

Little Honey Bunch with Nat and Nic

Fast forward 18 years. Him and them. We got him a bread maker for Father's Day. Can't wait for him to try it out! Thank you for being such a great dad to these two and for caring for the older two as though they were your own.

Little Honey Bunch

And to P-Rez who was also blessed with the gentle, nurturing gene. Here with Lina.

Paul Perez

Reading together.

Paul and Lina

With Motsy.

Paul and Mot

Pensive moments with Lina and Mot.

Paul, Lina and Mot

I was trying to find pictures of him with Mot and Lina but it turns out in those days, he was the one with the camera all the time. So there are bunches with me and the kids but not him. I did find this one with him, the kids and me. I have no idea who took it. P.S. Shhhhhh! Don't tell Nic and Nat I took Mot and Lina to Disneyland! Happy Father's Day, P-Rez. Rest in Peace.


I stumbled upon this picture taken in December 1986. It was Boobie and Lina's Nutcracker performance. Baby had just died so my dad was here. When my mom and dad were married to each other, my mother never smoked in front of him. Once they were divorced, she didn't care. It would kill her nine years after this picture. My mom, me, Lina and my dad.

December 1986

Happy Father's Day to my dad who I know loved us and tried the best he knew how. Rest in Peace. Happy Father's Day to my mom who had to fill in as both mom and dad at times. Rest in Peace. Happy Father's Day to my first Father-In-Law, Manuel/Lolo. Rest in Peace.

Happy Father's Day to my Father-In-Law, Ray, who is another great dad! Happy Father's Day to ALL the great dads out there! I know many!


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