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September 28, 2016

September 20, 2016

September 19, 2016

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September 28, 2016

So, this morning, I rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen for coffee and something to eat. I put some eggs in a pot on the stove to hard boil.

Then the doorbell rang and I thought, "UPS Wine delivery at this hour?" So I tiptoe to the door, you know, in case it's Jehovah Witnesses or something. I look through the peep hole and I see a woman with a very large dog. Because of what happened a couple of years ago (will tell you later), I open the door.

The dog's face is at my shoulder. It's a good thing I am not afraid of dogs. The woman says, "I'm sorry to bother you but Apollo (the dog) saw a rabbit and took off and I didn't let go of the leash. I fell and I'm sure my wrist is broken."

I say, "Would you like me to give you a ride to your house?"

She says, "That would be so nice. Can I leave the dog in your garage until my husband picks him up?"

I say, we can take him with. Then I literally stuffed this giant dog into the back of Klaus (the Touareg). I don't know what kind of dog he is but he is sweet and seems very concerned.

I take her to her daughter's house. She is house sitting this week, apparently. I help her in and I ask if she is alone. She says yes, but she is going to call her husband to come from Rio Vista.

Um. I can't leave her alone! She calls her husband and tells him to call the ambulance.

I have her sit and give her some water and wonder if I turned off the stove. I did not grab my phone. I suggest we call 911 because she definitely needs to go to the hospital and I'm not sure if her husband called. The dispatcher at the Fire Station confirmed that there is an ambulance on the way.

There was no land line in the house and as I mentioned, I didn't pick up my phone. I thought I was just going to take her home to her husband. So she unlocks her phone (what if she were unconscious?????) and I try to call Nic to check the stove. I DON'T REMEMBER HIS NUMBER! Drat you smart phones that don't make you DIAL a number! Then I try to call Nat and my Little Honey Bunch so that one of them can call Nic but the it says it's not a good number. Rio Vista. That's 707. I need to dial 925. I can't call either of our land lines. No one would answer. Gah!

By this time the Firefighters from Station 11 and an ambulance are pulling up. I go out and wave them in and I have to cross my arms around my boobs because I'm still in what I slept in with my boobs hanging down around my belly button. No boob holder.

And as is their custom, all the firefighters are hot, AND I know one. "Hello, Firefighter Ed! How's it going?" Holding my boobs while trying to get them into the house. And me looking like this. Scary face, long boobs, dread locked hair, barefoot in PJs.

Rosy in PJs

But's not about me! It's about getting this poor woman to the hospital. I'll check back later to see if she made it back home. Anyway, I tell the Firefighters that if they get a call back to the neighborhood in a couple of minutes, that it's because I think I forgot to turn off the stove.

I get home and I'm sure much to my Little Honey Bunch's dismay, I turned off the stove and the house is not burning down.

I go on about my business and then head to my Zumba class at In Shape in Pittsburg. This is where the Karma part comes in. I had 15 people in my class!!!!!!!! That's the most I've had since I started teaching this class over a year ago. It's usually pretty dismal. Last week there were only 5. As I mentioned in my Inspirational Post (click here), I had to keep it. So anyway, thank you Karma. It was a very fun class...15 smiling, happy, sweaty people.

So what happened a couple of years ago? Same thingish. A woman knocked on my door. Her dog was having some sort of episode and she needed to borrow a phone to call her husband to pick them up. I said, "I'll give you guys a ride home." I loaded Arthur, a Dobie, into New Guy (the Acadia). She was so grateful she sent me roses the next day. How sweet!

A few thoughts...DON'T FORGET YOUR PHONE! Arthur's mother didn't have her phone; the woman today didn't have her phone; I didn't have mine.

If your giant dog wants to chase a rabbit, LET GO OF THE LEASH! (You ain't nothing but a hound ain't never caught a ain't no friend of mine.) Sorry. Adult ADD. Look! A squirrel!

And, do something nice for someone. It makes you feel good and Karma will have your back.


September 20, 2016

So, Zumba did this to me. They posted these cute new shoes.

Zumba Shopping

And I thought, "I can't." Because of, you know, this.

Zumba Shopping

But then I said, "What the heck." I purchased them. And a couple of other things.

Then my Little Honey Bunch says, "I need a new sport coat and slacks. Where do you think I should go."

Me, "Nordstrom."

He wanted to quit looking like a hobo needed them for his trip next week so we decided to go this afternoon. I went with him because of his, you know, color blindness. One of the reasons you go to Nordstrom is their very helpful sales associates. Within not very long, with the associate's help, my Little Honey Bunch settled on a nice sport coat and a pair of slacks.

So, after his almost $1000 purchase of two things, I do not feel guilty about my $130 purchase of three things, albeit unnecessary things. I love it when he buys things and makes me look like the frugal one.

Me and my Little Honey Bunch on the way to Nordy's.


Me and a random guy hanging out while my Little Honey bunch is in the fitting room.


Oh, and a note to Nordstrom or whomever (whoever?) designed that fancy new parking lot: It's really cool and you probably spent a billion dollars on the red and green lights to show space availability but, it's of no use whatsoever to color blind people. My Little Honey Bunch is like, "What red and green lights?"


White Roses

September 19, 2016

Remember last month when I took flowers to my mother's grave? I took red, yellow and white roses, the colors I remembered were on the casket spray at her funeral.

White Roses

After I thought about it a bit, I said, "Wait. They were pink, yellow and red. Not white."

Anyway, yesterday I was watching my Medium shows, always looking for signs. So Tyler was talking to Moby, whose mother smoked all her life and died of cancer. She came through to Tyler and said that she knew Moby had just been to her grave and taken white roses.

Thank you for noticing, Mommy. I miss you!


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