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October 13, 2016

October 6, 2016

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Paul M. Perez

October 13, 2016

Seven years ago today, I was leaving to take Nic and Nat to school. It was before 8:00 am so I was surprised to see a phone call coming in from Motsy, my nocturnal baby. His grandmother had been recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and I was afraid he was going to tell me she had died.

I answered the phone, trying to be positive and cheerful but expecting to hear the worst. But, it was worse than the worst.

He said, "Mama, Dad died."

I screamed, "NO!"

We were already piled into the car. Sobbing, I was trying to find out from Motsy what happened. Nic and Nat concerned asking, "Mama, what's wrong?"

I said, "Motsy and Lina's Dad died."

I dropped them off, rushed back home and ran into my Little Honey Bunch's office sobbing.

He says, "What's wrong?!"

I say, "P-Rez died."

He held me while I sobbed uncontrollably. When I finally stopped, I said, "I'm going to Berkeley."

I had to be with my kids.

Paul had been diagnosed with Diabetes but everyone thought he had it under control. That apparently was not the case. He died of complications of Diabetes at the terribly young age of 53. As I've always said of him, he was funny, loving and caring. He was there when I needed him most and even saved me once or twice. Although our lives took different roads, he was always my friend.

October 13 happened to be his best friend, Carlos Villavicencio's birthday. When Carlos saw the call coming from Berkeley, he thought it was his best friend calling to wish him a happy birthday. Unfortunately, it was the unexpected and dreaded call that his best friend had died.

Rest in Peace. You are missed. (There are some P-Rez stories on the right sidebar.)

Paul Mondragon Perez
August 31, 1956 - October 13, 2009

Paul Mondragon Perez

More Birthday Month

October 13, 2016

So I already got more Zumba shoes and clothes and today, I ordered this beauty.

Dutch Oven

As it turns out, the Analon Dutch Oven I have is only safe to 400°. This fabulous bread (click here) that Deborah made requires it to be at 425°. So happy birthday to me. Again. I'll post the bread recipe in Eats, but my new Dutch Oven doesn't arrive until Saturday. Stay tuned for Sunday bread! Oh yeah, I asked the Interwebs what was the best Dutch Oven. It said The Creuset but it costs over $300. The Lodge was the best value and it's safe to 500°. So I went with that.

Happy Birthday Month!

October 6, 2016

It's ma birfday, it's my birfday. Well not really but almost. We'll call it my birthday month. I started the celebration on the first day of October at the Clayton Oktoberfest. I love the Oompa Loompa band and even like when they do the Chicken Dance. They actually did this song. I don't know what it's called but it's from the scene in The Sound of Music where the Captain and Maria dance out in the courtyard.

Then they played my favorite song that my Little Honey Bunch hates, Brown Eyed Girl.

He didn't dance with me this time but I danced. You can see the guy with the custom shoes and the red shirt? I believe he has cerebral palsy. Anyway, he was dancing alone so I just went up and started dancing with him. Boy, did he light up! Then after I did that, other ladies started dancing with him. It warmed my heart. Of course, they had to do the Chicken Dance.

Every year when we go to the Oktoberfest, I want a turkey leg. It always feels so gluttonous that I talk myself out of it. Well this year, I did it! Yum!

Turkey Leg

Then I had one of my other favorite things. Ribeye. I love ribeye!


Life is good!

Life is Good

And life gets better! The Bodega Bay girls are heading out for the weekend. We start out by wine tasting at Cline and Gloria Ferrer.

Bodega Bay 2016

Then we had lunch at The Tides.

Bodega Bay

Um. Butt hurt? I will not be picking up that penny.

Bodega Bay

But then I got these pennies. I can't figure out the significance of the 2 2011's, but there's a 2007 - the year my dad died. Then there's a 1959 - my Little Honey Bunch's birth year. The last four are 1976, 1979, 1996 and 1997. The years of all my children's births! Isn't that wild? Oh and '79 also the year Nene died.

Bodega Bay

Here's another wild thing that happened. Deborah placed all the movies on the mantle and told me, "Pick a number from 1 to 17." That's how many movies there were. We would watch whichever one I picked.

I said, "7. Lucky 7." Deborah counts to the 7th movie and it's a movie I've never heard of and none of us have ever watched.

It's called Lucky Seven. Weird, huh?

Bodega Bay

When Deborah got here, she made a loaf of bread. Super easy and super good.

Bodega Bay

Then I'm poking around the kitchen, opening drawers and what not. I find this in a drawer in the island. It says it's Deborah's bread. Deborah looks at it and says, "Hey, that's my recipe!"

She did not put it in the drawer. Weird, eh?

Bodega Bay

We're in a new house this time and we all love it. It's like we're meant to be here with all the weirdness and what not. It's a one level and looks like it's wheelchair accessible. Here's the listing on VRBO if you want to take a look. The best part is the deck!

Bodega Bay


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Paul Perez, RIP
8/3119/56 - 10/13/2009

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