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December 8, 2016

December 1, 2016

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Oldest Friends

December 8, 2016

So, my parents moved to San Francisco from Mexico City when I was one. I went to San Miguel for Kindergarten (I did not speak English), St. Michael's for the 1st and 2nd grade. We moved to my grandmother's house in Mexico City for much of my 3rd grade and when we returned, I finished out 3rd grade at Columbus in Berkeley.

Hmmm. Now that I think of it, no wonder I had such a hard time in school. Didn't speak the language, didn't do all of third grade, was one of the youngest (October birthday). Hmmm.

Anyway, once we settled in Berkeley, I started 4th grade at St. Joseph's. And my friends, I am still friends with these people! Many of them started kindergarten together. That's a 53 year long friendship!

It had been a while since we had gotten together so we had a little visit in Hemet, at the home of one of our classmates, Michael Peterson, may he rest in peace. We adopted his lovely wife Jackie. She's stuck with us! She also graciously offered her home for this quick reunion.

So Bev and I hopped on a plane. See that beautiful scarf on me? My friend Maylene made it for me. I left it on the plane. WAHHHHH! I filed a report and I'm hopeful. Remember the diamond I lost and then found? (Post here.)

St. Joseph's Reunion

Kathy and Charm picked us up at the Ontario Airport. So this would be my Date Night picture! Bev showed us some board and card games (gag me with a spoon...but it was fun). Clockwise, me Rosy Straka (aka Rosa Ayala), Kathy Chere (Williams), Jackie (Peety's widow), Charm Rachapaetayakom (aka Maria Donom) and Bev Croshal (Kelleher).

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

I noticed that evening that I lost an earring. I thought it might have come off when I removed my scarf I left on the airplane. I thought it was a long shot but when I find the scarf, I figured I'd find the earring in there. Because, you know, the diamond I lost then found.

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

In the morning, we got up and Zumba'd!

St. Joseph's Reunnion 2016

Later that day, Chris Gormley and his beautiful bride, Susan, joined us for dinner. These were the only other folks that made it. It was the first time we met Susan and she was absolutely lovely! Kathy, Susan, Bev, Charm, Jacki, Chris and me.

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

We had a great evening with the Gormley's! In the morning, the girls (the four of us stayed at Jackie's) wanted to go to mass. You know Homey don't play dat so I stayed back and took a leisurely shower. I was walking towards the kitchen and I noticed something on the floor. Well how do you like them apples!? It was my diamond earring! Missing for two days, it could only have been Peety (RIP) and Daisy the cat (RIP) who were in cahoots and batted my earring into plain sight for me to find. Thank you, Peety and Daisy! (Yes, I will get that mole thing looked at.)

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

So here's our goodbye photo in front of Jackie's tree.

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

Me and Bev in front of her house after our flight.

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

Thank you for a lovely weekend! Thanks to Jackie for being such a great hostess! Thanks to Chris for sharing his lovely bride with us! Thanks to Steve Croshal for airport driving duty! Thanks to Peety and Daisy for helping me find my diamond earring! Thanks for doing Zumba with me! Thanks for listening and sharing! Thanks for the yummy ribs you prepared on Friday, Jackie! And for the recipe...which I will be making on Sunday. Stay tuned in Nerd Eats. (Um, dang. I think we owe Chris Peach Pie AND ribs now.)

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

Speaking of Bev's house, when we were all 48 and at a reunion, Peety said if we planned in advance, we could have a reunion the year we turned 50! So we planned and it happened at Jackie and Peety's home in San Diego in 2008. I found pictures on my Phanfare Site (click here)! Here's one. Me, Sue, Charm, Eric, Art, Micheal (RIP Peety), Fe (Donna), Lucien, Patsy, Bev, Kathy, Larry and Michelle.

St. Joseph's Reunion 2016

Anyway, Jackie reminded us that Peety set the ball rolling two years ahead for our 50th. Now Jackie has started the ball rolling to start planning our 60th Birthday Reunion! Mark you calendars! June 22 through 24, 2018. Friday night we'll meet at a designated location for drinks; Saturday we'll meet at Bev's beginning at 2:00 pm; Sunday a picnic or something. Those of you with ties to the Bay Area will also be able to visit your families. We'll figure out hotels near Bev's house to recommend. See you soon, St. Joseph's buddies! Love to you all!

Still Keep Smiling

December 1, 2016

Dang. Dang, dang. It's still there.

It's been really hard to stay positive but I'm going to keep pushing forward. It makes me a little sad that some people aren't who you thought they were. However, I feel extremely lucky and grateful for what I have. I have great family and friends. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have a brother who beat the odds and overcame some horrible obstacles. I have another brother who hasn't been so lucky. I was sent this news clip of a sweet 15 year old girl feeding the homeless. My brother is in it. He's the one that says, "Everyone matters." Little (Manuel Ayala).

I can't stop looking at it. I cry each time. For now, he's OK. My sister and her friend found him under the freeway after about a week of looking for him. He lost his apartment he'd had for several years after being stiffed on some day laborer jobs he was doing. I was too late to help him keep it. This isn't the first time I've heard of people not paying the day laborers they pick up. They just assume these guys are illegals who can't go to the police. My brother was born in San Francisco and was just trying to work. Any work.

Big sigh...

Today, my brother, Nene, should have been 55. Rest in Peace Little Brother. I miss you still.

Ignacio Ayala

OK. This is getting much too sad. These people are always uplifting!

This kids table has been going on with these characters for 16, 17 years? It's been great to see them grow. Lauren, Natalie, Kasey and Shane home from college for the Thanksgiving break. Molly and Emma took a break from their senior friends to join us!

Kids table

I'm pretty sure Shane is over 6 foot 4. He passed his last measurement on our wall by at least 2 inches.

Kids Table

We also had a little fun with the latest craze...The Mannequin Challenge! The fellas in the garage.

Here are the kids at the kids table.

And, the adult table. Good food, good friends, good fun!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Hemet for a small gathering of St. Joseph's Class of '72 Reunion! Stay tuned for stories and pictures!


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