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February 19, 2017

February 2, 2017

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New Homes, the Long Winding Road, Politics and Little

February 19, 2017

You know how me and my Little Honey Bunch are trying to figure out where we're going to retire? Well, we decided to go to a new housing development and see what kinds of things are happening in new construction. You know, to get ideas for when we finally find that land and build our retirement home. We went to the planned community of Gale Ranch, where they have 8 new communities. We visited Romana.

The prices start at $1,324,995, with 2,900 SF and on a lot 1/3 the size of ours. Tiny. So, we go into the sales office and the nice lady asks us were we're from.


She say, "Clayton! Why leave?"

I'm like, "RIGHT?"

So anyway, we don't tell her we'd actually never move to San Ramon and that we're just looky looing but I'm sure she figured it out.

We did get some good ideas. All three models had nice open living, dining and kitchen areas. All three had these awesome sliding doors that open all the way so you have one great big indoor outdoor area. That's definitely going in our retirement home.

This door has three panels and opens up to just one. The one on the left also opens up to one panel.

San Ramon Homes

Loved this white kitchen. I would go with a more classic timeless tile like a subway tile. Remember having to rip out avocado and pink tile popular in the 70's? Beautiful farm sink.

San Ramon HOmes

The master suites all had an outdoor deck complete with glass 'fence', built in keg, wine fridge, sink. YES! And those fabulous doors that let the whole outside, inside.

San Ramon Homes

Same room.

San Ramon Homes

The second model had the same fabulous door. The immediate outdoor spaces were covered. Year round use!

San Ramon Homes

Interesting use of under the stairs.

San Ramon Homes

Some of the feature walls were really nice.

San Ramon Homes

Second model's outdoor room outside of the master suite.

San Ramon Homes

This painting reminded me of Olive. Did I ever finish my story about Olive? The tortured soul in my backyard? Here's a link to the story of Olive. And a follow-up. But apparently, I didn't finish.

San Ramon Homes

So, if you ever wondered what to do with all your old comic books, here's an idea.

San Ramon Homes

I LOVE THIS ROOM! Made me want to be a little girl again. City lights that change colors all around the room and clouds on the ceiling. LOVE! My Little Honey Bunch said, "Of course you do."

San Ramon Homes


San Ramon Homes

Great outdoor spaces, even though tiny. The lady in the sales office said the models were WAY overdone meaning all the upgrades probably got the price well into the $2,000,000's. She told me the fabulous sliding doors were $53,000. Ouch.

San Ramon Homes

The outdoor space on the third model had a fireplace.

San Ramon Homes

Check this out! The marble sinks and shower were backlit. Could be very romantic.

San Ramon Homes

Terrible picture. Sorry. Backlit marble. Huh.

San Ramon Homes

So anyway, we decided to take Morgan Territory Road home. So from Apline Blue Drive in San Ramon, you get to Tassajara, then Highland, then Manning (by now, you're in Livermore) then left onto Morgan Territory.

San Ramon Homes

I never realized there were bunches of farms still back there. It was beautiful. Maybe the land we're looking for is back here. Hi Cows!

San Ramon Homes

Miles and miles of this just behind suburbia.

San Ramon Homes

Our site?

San Ramon Homes

So, if you've never been on Morgan Territory Road where it starts in Livermore, I wouldn't recommend it. It's a 10 mile stretch and it was WORSE than the Road to Hana on Maui. Tight, tiny, one-lane, flooding, fallen trees. Only two cars came the other direction -- thank goodness! Here's a little bit of the road. I realized that I had only been on the Clayton side of this road and only as far as the Facchini's, where the road starts as a two lane. Don't get dizzy!

This post has been a nice diversion from what is happening right now. I will never understand how anyone can support 45. How is it not clear that he is a lying, racist, fugly, uneducated, fugly, disrespectful (even to his wife) and only out for personal gain? And then when he says something stupid, which is often, his supporters ignore it and start screaming, "Obama's fault, Bengazi, E-mails, Blow job!" Why can't you defend what he says with actual facts? Why? I don't care what HRC or O did or didn't do. Just tell me what YOU'RE going to do without playing the Blame Game. Or admit you mis-spoke and not say, "I don't know. That's what they told me." Take responsibility for your words!


And then there's my brother. Some of you are wondering how his situation is. It's gone from bad to worse. You know he lost his place and was living at the homeless encampment under the Gilman Street overpass. My sister sent me this article yesterday.

It's hard to believe that my brother is in this situation. Born in San Francisco in 1968, my mother worked her butt off to provide us with the best education possible. She wanted the best for us and sent us to the private Catholic school, St. Joseph's in Berkeley. As you recall from my post 'My Journey', I had obstacles and I overcame them and I now call myself Cinderella.

You would think my brother would have a similar journey. Alas, he had more obstacles than me. Abused for years at the hand of a family friend, he just hasn't been able to make it out. I know he's no angel and has done things I wish he hadn't. He's been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember and I know it's to forget what happened to him. One brother made it out and I'm holding out hope for Little.

When I read the story, I was surprised. He has never been violent and has always tried to help people. When he had his place, he would let homeless come by, get a shower and even a warm night's sleep. I couldn't imagine what would possess him to do what it said in the story.

I still don't know what happened. My sister spoke with him today. He told her he didn't do those things, but that a guy was bugging him and made him mad. I don't know what his state of intoxication was.

I'm so sad about this. Is it better to be on the streets or is it better to be incarcerated where you at least have somewhere dry to sleep, some food, a toilet and perhaps a chance at staying sober?

Good People

February 2, 2017

I'm so delighted to report that there are still good people left in America. My Little Honey Bunch volunteered at Habitat for Humanity - Muir Ridge today and even took a couple of pictures for me!

Habitat for Humanity

They built this fence today.

Habitat for Humanity

Warms my heart. I love my Little Honey Bunch!

Habitat for Humanity


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