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August 28, 2017

August 23, 2017

August 20, 2017

August 6, 2017

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Eagle Lake, The Curse Continues

August 28, 2017

Hello from beautiful Eagle Lake! We've been coming here almost every year since 1993. On our first year, my Little Honey Bunch and I tent camped. That was the year Old Blue died before we got to camp, had to sleep in the cab because all the accommodations in Susanville were full due to a soccer tournament. That was just one of the many adventures that contributed to the Straka Family Vacation Curse (click here for that post). And so not to disappoint, The Curse lives on.

As we were driving down the last stretch into the campground, we heard a pop. Looking around, we couldn't see anything and figured it was a pine cone. After we set up camp, we were going to check in but there was a warning about one of the tires. Checked. Yep. Flat. Tried to put on the spare but it wouldn't inflate. Flat tire, no spare, no problem. We always beat The Curse!

Lisa was going into Susanville on Tuesday so we would take the tire to get fixed.

On our way to the Lookout, George got a flat. Lisa blamed it on Mike's curse even though she is a Straka, too. LOL So now, there are two tires to fix in Susanville on Tuesday.

The first couple of times we came to Eagle Lake, we tent camped. After Nic was born, we decided we wanted something that would be off the ground, so us and our stuff could stay dry in the thunderstorms. We got a pop-up tent trailer. Then we went even further and got a motor home, which we traded in after a few years for Sharky, the 5th wheel. Sharky is currently hosting Lina on the side of the house, so we're back full circle to a tent.

There have always been coveted sites that we could NEVER get. The ones right on the water. Someone must have canceled because we were able to get the whole week in one of those sites. After they remodeled the campground and put in full hookups, we never really looked at these sites again. But, oh my! How beautiful it is to be here! The bathroom is right across the way and of course, we shower at the Marina.

Full circle! But with just me and my Little Honey Bunch, it's really nice!

So here's Klaus with his spare that doesn't work.

Eagle Lake

This is our beautiful campsite. Nat and her friend, Alyssa, came up from Chico just for Saturday night.

Eagle Lake

Alyssa and Nat.

Eagle Lake

How's this view for cooking breakfast?

Eagle Lake

What a setting for a camp kitchen!

Eagle Lake

And waking up to this! Why did we get a trailer again?

Eagle Lake

My dressing table.

Eagle Lake

Headed up to Antelope Lookout, George gets a flat. Nat and Alyssa just got experience changing a flat on Big so they were a big help.

Eagle Lake

Nat drove up to the Lookout. She did a good job! No flats.

Eagle Lake

This fellow was hanging around looking for rodents.

Eagle Lake

Headed back to our site from dinner. Oh, did I mention all the shooting stars you can see up here! Beautiful!

Eagle Lake

This will be me for the week. I am unplugged from all social media, e-mail, etc. I have not checked at all since Friday and it shows. I'm not stressed, angry or sad. I will blog once or twice but otherwise, me and my book will be here.


August 23, 2017

So, it's been ten years since I Iast renewed my Green Card and in those ten years, I never got around to doing my Citizenship Paperwork. Well, I tried...but remember THAT story (click here). And remember the wacky story about my visit to renew my Green Card last time (click here)? Actually, that story, the Saga Continues (click here) and in case inquiring minds wanted to know about 'The Incidents' (click here), I included links to those stories on the sidebar on the right. In case you've run out of things to read. Or are really bored. Or whatnot.

So, the office has moved out by the Oakland Airport and my appointment was at noon, so I drove.

Oh yeah. I880. I'd forgotten.


I bring my iPad, some snacks, water. I figure I'm in for a long haul.

I get there at 11:45. The guard at the front takes my papers, gives me a clipboard and tells me to fill out the top sheet, and wait for my number to be called. I have #259. They are helping #258.

This looks promising!

I get called within two minutes. The guy takes my papers, stamps them, gives them back and has me sit in the next section to wait to be called using the same number. I sit. They are on #256. Again, I get called within a couple of minutes. The nice lady takes my fingerprints and picture for my new card.

This is a 100% improvement from ten years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in and out in ten minutes!

I blame Obama.

Then, the lady says, "She's putting a one year extension on your card."

"Doesn't the new one come in 60 days?"

"Not anymore. It could be up to a year. That's why we gave you a year extension."


I blame 45. where are those Citizenship papers?


August 20, 2017

Happy Birthday, Mommy! You've been gone 22 years! You should have been 82 today. Here's a post from 2011 I wrote about my mom (click here).

Today, my Little Honey Bunch and I went to breakfast at Mel's Diner. As I was sitting in the booth, looking around at all the memorabilia on the walls, I saw this:

My Birthdate

And on my mother's birthday, I noticed MY birthdate. Thanks, Mommy, for wishing me a Happy Birthday on YOUR birthday!

And a Happy Birthday to all the other FABULOUS people with birthdays today. Lucien, Kelly, Jackie, my cousin Chelita and my Tia Toni!

Straka Reunion

Last week on August 11, my Little Honey Bunch's Aunt and Uncle and cousins came to join us for a little Family Reunion. My Father-In-Law, Ray, only had one sister, Phyllis. I posted a bunch more pictures in my Dropbox (click here).

Here's one of everyone.

Straka Reunion 2017

Standing from left are Uncle Doug, Aunt Phyllis, my Little Honey Bunch's mom and dad, Karen and Ray, and George. Then Tony, Kristin's husband, Kristin, my Little Honey Bunch, Cousin Greg, Cousin Scott, Margo who is Greg's wife, Lisa, Fran who is Scott's wife, cousin Larry (his wife Joan couldn't make it), Little Nat, Emily friend (I forgot her name) and Emily. Fun day!

And just because, a picture of Emily's tatt. Since she's been at Eagle Lake every year of her life, it seemed appropriate to get this.

Emily's Tattoo

Hello, August!

August 6, 2017

This is a month I try not to dread. Baby's Birthday is on August 13 and my mom's is on August 20. He would have been 53 this year. My mom would have been 82. He died too young at 22 and my mom at 59 just a month before her 60th birthday. I miss them both terribly.

I am lucky, though, to have my family and my friends, helping me to live each day to the fullest. We all know how short life can be.

This first week back from Convention (post here), has been a whirlwind. Back to teaching my fabulous classes, Bocce, Car show and Music at Oakhurst, Music in the Park and finishing today with a Going Off To College Party for Molly and Sara.

It was nice to have Kasey and Molly join us for dinner on Friday night before they're both off to college. Nic and Kasey were in Kindergarten together. Nice to have them all together!

Nic, Nat, Molly, Kasey

Nat and I were twinning.

Nat and Rosy

As were Kitty and Ollie. Sort of.

Kitty and Ollie

I spent a rough day working on my tan. But somebody had to do it.


Anyway, off to make some more memories at the Verderame's! And maybe work on that tan some more. Have a wonderful day!

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