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November 25, 2017

November 10, 2017

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November 25, 2017

I've had kind of a roller coaster of emotions recently. First, people I thought were my good friends, were not. I mean, I know I said, "Fuck tRump and fuck you for voting for him. Please delete me." I was kind of shocked, though, at some of the ones who deleted me. It boggles my mind how any decent, intelligent, conservative or liberal person condones that vile, disgusting, stupid, orange thing. Ugh.

Then, I realized that other people I thought were my friends, really weren't. I mean, I've been supporting these people for YEARS but never got support in return. This hurts deeply. I am deeply grateful for the few who do support me, both instructors (Mia, Zelia, Yani and Elisa) and my small, but dedicated classes. They are the light that keeps me going and I will focus on their joy and support. No more negative and hurt.

Last year on Thanksgiving, I saw my brother on the news eating a Thanksgiving meal with other homeless people, under the overpass at Gilman Street. This year, I was either going to go help serve or get my brother to come to my house. My sister was going to bring him. Unfortunately, he didn't make it but I'm not going to give up hope that one day he will recover and join us again. Please be well, Little.


I wake up with a roof over my head, my health, my Little Honey Bunch at my side and our families close to our hearts. And I am grateful.

We invited my brothers and sisters to join my in-laws for Thanksgiving this year. Only my sister, Eme, and her daughter, Jazz, made it. We had Gma, Gpa, Kristin, Tony, JP, Eme, Jazz, Nic (sort of), Nat, Motsy, Acacia, my Little Honey Bunch and me. I think we're going to have leftovers for weeks!

Before the carnage.

Thanksgiving Table

After the carnage. Nat catching up with her brother and cousin.


Me and Nat.

Me and Nat

Me and Mot.

Me and Mot

Me, Acacia and my Little Honey Bunch.

Me, Acacia and Mike

Nic finally made an appearance.

Nic, Nat, Rosy, Mike

Every time someone meets Ollie, the list of people who want him if something happens to us grows. Jazzie is now on the list as well.

I had to take a little video of the clean up efforts. I think we used EVERYTHING in the kitchen!

I'm also blessed to have such wonderful, long time friends. These girls right here! I met Birdie and Sherlie in 1981 when I started working at IBM in Oakland on 14th Street. BeNita I found a little later AND, I found her again at Zumba classes in Antioch. Thinking about our ages and looking at these faces, I just can't help but think, "Black and Brown don't crack." Beautiful!

IBM Girls

It warms my heart that I always get messages from my loved ones that are no longer here in the physical world (can you tell the Long Island Medium is back on). I look down and there's another rock shaped like a heart. They are showering me with love.

Heart Rocks

I can add it to my collection of love.

Heart Rocks

I also get other kinds of signs. Nene had a '66 Chevy. Hello, Nene! Remember he took the door handles off of he '66, too.

66 Chevy

Another wonderful friend, Adrienne. I happened to run into her in Clayton! I've missed you. You need to take care of that ankle so you can come back to Monday Zumba! Muah! (Yellow don't crack, either.)

Rosy and Adrienne

So the moral of my post is: I'm going to focus on the hear and now with my friends and family who lift me up and not dwell on those who never did and never will. I've cried my last tear. Let's shine!

Snow Camping

November 10, 2017

So, no, I did not go camping in the snow. In fact, this has been the coldest week we've had and I'm already longing for summer. We've also been looking at properties in the desert to go to during the winter! So, yeah. It wasn't me who went snow camping. Out of Wifi range, no toilet, no shower, no civilization. Just a couple of guys and their toys. My Little Honey Bunch went camping with Pat and Steve. They were doing the whole Jeep rock crawling thing. My Little Honey Bunch took it easy because it was his first time out. I guess you don't really want to flip your jeep on your first time out...or ANY time!

What's more amazing, is that my Little Honey Bunch took pictures! So I asked for copies so I could blog his trip. It was quite a beautiful setting although I don't know exactly where it was. North East? Out past Arnold and Big Trees somewhere. I think. I would not be opposed to going on one of these trips. We have a portable pot and all the proper camping gear but I just don't like being cold. I'll go in the Spring or Summer.

This was the view from the tent. Beautiful!

Jeep Camping

They got busy collecting firewood.

Jeep Camping

Set up the Camp Kitchen and Bar.

Jeep Camping

Front of the bar. Nice back drop!

Jeep Camping

Have chain saw, will travel.

Jeep Camping

The same night, Thursday, I was witnessing this beauty in Clayton. It looks like the moon was being dunked into that hole in the clouds. Beautiful!

Jeep Camping

By morning, whiteness!

Jeep Camping

Then off to the trails.

Jeep Camping

Gorgeous! I am glad to be witnessing it from afar.

Jeep Camping

I understand the fires were so big, they had to stand back quite a few feet. Well, when you gather all that wood, you have to burn it all, right?

Jeep Camping

Real Boy Scouts! My Little Honey Bunch stayed dry by digging a moat around his tent. Genius!

Jeep Camp

Maybe I'll borrow Gma's heated motorcycle suit and go in the cold. We'll see.

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