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February 24, 2018

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It's the end of February already?!

February 24, 2018

I'm getting behinder and behinder! The only thing I posted in January, actually took place in December. Let's see...what's been happening in January and February?

After the Niner game, let's see...

Cat pictures.


Nice Christmas notes and gifts from students.

Salmon dinner.

More cat pictures.

More selfies.

Another flat tire on Klaus.

Cat pictures.

Motsy gives Nat a tattoo. This is still December! 22nd. Worth a pic or two. (This is going to be a long post!)

Nat's Tattoo

Such a cute brother/sister/mother/auntie experience! Boobie stopped by while we were there since she lives a couple of blocks away.

Nat's Tattoo

Finished product. It's beautiful!

Nat's Tattoo

More cat pictures.

Christmas Day at Gma's.

Christmas Day at Gma's

Cat pictures.


Went to the SF Ballet Nutcracker on the 29th. I had to crop 2/3 of myself out because I look am fat AF. Sara, Nat, Boobie, Eme, Lina and me.

Nutcracker 2017

More cat pictures, more selfies, yummy food pictures!

New Year's Eve toast with my Little Honey Bunch and Nic.

New Year's Eve 2017

Food, cats, selfies, ice skating, dinner and Lemoncello (sp?) with friends.

Dinner with Friends

I take a LOT of selfies. And cat pictures. And pictures of my hair. Especially since I cut off a bunch and discovered Moroccan Creme! How my curls love it!

Rosy Moroccan Creme

My Little Honey Bunch had a birthday. Nic had a birthday. Gma had a birthday. Pat, Laura, Marcie and Joe had birthdays.

Me and Bev went to our childhood friend's dad's funeral. RIP Mr. Marshall.

Marshall Funeral

Me and Cathy went to the Women's March in San Francisco. My pictures could not do justice to the magnitude of the march. It was amazing!

Women's March

More selfies. More cats.

Motsy painted this bad ass mural on the side of Philthy Clean Tattoo Parlor in Berkeley. They asked him if he could do that on skin. So he's been an apprentice there for a little over a year now.

Miguel Bounce Perez #fabulousberkeleyca

People lined up to take pictures in front of the mural. Also, was mentioned in the Daily Californian (click here). They called it an Instagram Worthy place for a pic.

Miguel Bounce Perez #fabulousberkeleyca

I got to have lunch and hang out with these beautiful ladies that I met when our kids were in pre-school! They're graduating college this year. How time flies! Susan's friend from Mill Valley on the left. Carol, who let her hair go white but still beautiful as ever, Trina, Susan and me.

Dim Sum with Walnut Country Girls

We hung out on 4th Street in Berkeley for a while after. What a wonderful day!

Susan Lawlor and Rosy Straka

OK. I'm up to January 27.

More cat pics. Salmon dinner. Selfies.

After being here ten years, our sweet neighbors the Villanos, are moving back east. WAAAAAHHH!

Villanos Home

Sushi, cats, selfies. Oh and the MOON! What a treat and on Nic's Birthday! It was a Super, Blue, Blood Moon AND a lunar eclipse. The last time that happened was 152 years ago.

Once in a Lifetme Moon

There's a lot of Zumba going on, too, but I'll post all that on my Zumba page. Later.

Mia came to visit and after Heidi's class at 24 Hour Fitness Walnut Creek, we had a fabulous lunch at True Food and just hung out. Fun day with Zelia, Mia, and Sepi!

Zumbini Day

We ran into Edward at Macy's. He works there.

Zumbini Day

Too much fun!

Zumbini Day

Next time I take a picture of a cat, slap me. Or a selfie.

I love the little heart candies on Valentine's Day. I was SO disappointed in the quality. Really?

Be mine.

More selfies, a Date Night, Zumba, more sushi, cats, a burger, my new Zumba shoes....OMFG...a SELFIE WITH a CAT!

Oh and I got to see pre-school moms again! Kristine Goodman was visiting from Alabama (her mom is in Davis), so she and Susan came to my Zumba class then we had Korean BBQ for lunch. What fun! Me, Sonia, Kristine and Susan after Zumba Class.

Walnut Country Ladies

Gina Grant (used to be married to Brian Grant, Pro Basket Ball Player, now a Zumba Superstar and married to Dario Wonder) has been posting pictures of this hairstyle. (Instagram: g2dance)

Gina's Hair

I couldn't help remember this picture of me and Christina Bernal back in 1973. Gina wasn't even born yet. Christina didn't like the way she looked so she marked up the pic.

Rosy and Christina

AND...I'm caught up. Only got a couple of days for this to be's almost freaking March already!

Oh but this. Nat and Alyssa went out as Cheech and Chong. LOL

Cheech and Chong

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