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June 9, 2018

June 8, 2018

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Continuing May and June

June 9, 2018

Congratulations Warriors!!! Glad it was a sweep. Woohoo!

OK, where was I?

So, on May 15, the van is packed and the Villano's are off to Virginia. Sniff, sniff.

May June 2018

My Little Honey Bunch creates this contraption for his Jeep to make the jeeping trips easier. That guy can do ANYTHING!

May June 2018

Then, my crazy child painted this.

May June 2018 #bbqbecky

On the lift at the Oakland Mural Project. LMAO. (click link)

What else? But wait, let me take a selfie!

May June 2018

Then Nat was ready for her second tattoo on Tuesday, May 22. The consultation took place at Casa Latina on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. The tacos were delicious! The decor consisted of a lot of paintings and prints of Frida Kahlo. Nat said, "What's with the lady with the unibrow?" FACE PALM.

And here goes tattoo number two!

May June 2018

It's beautiful! That child is talented! If you want to vote for him for Best East Bay Street and Tattoo artist, click here! It's several screens in. I only voted for places I knew and have been to. East Bay Express Survey.

May June 2018

Still with the closed eyes.

May June 2018

The hoop they put outside. LOL

May June 2018

On Tuesday, May 29, I was lazing in bed in the morning, since I don't have a Tuesday class anymore (will post that story on my Zumba page) and I heard Nic in distress. I kept hearing him yelling, "No! Stop! Leave him alone!"

When you hear your child in distress, your instinct is to immediately go to them and help. I went outside and he was yelling at Harry, the outside cat. Harry had caught a bird and was batting him around. He was way under a gnarly bush and we couldn't reach him. We were trying all sorts of ways to get the bird from Harry. All the while, we were becoming more and more distressed as I'm sure the bird was. I finally just dove in and made a grab for the bird and caught him!

I held him calmly so he would know I was helping, not hurting him. Nic and I went into the shed with him, to be out of Harry's reach. Luckily, I have a few bird cages lying around. While I held on to the bird, Nic prepared the cage. We set him inside, brought him food and water and hoped for the best. He seemed stunned and he was kind of just 'lying' on the bottom of the cage, with his wings out. I hoped they weren't broken.

We checked in on him every little while. Miraculously, after a few hours, he was up and standing on one of the perches in the cage! I like to think my mom was watching over him. One of my memories of her is that she always found injured birdies, brought them home and nursed them back to health before letting them go. Warm fuzzies.

Here's the little guy. He made a full recovery and Nic let him go after just a few hours.

May June 2018

On June 2, we had an early Father's Day celebration since the parents are going off for a couple of months of RVing and golfing. There was a Straka Family Tee Off. My Little Honey Bunch won!

May June 2018

This is little Hunter, our nephew's son. He has the biggest eyelashes I've ever seen! Cutie.

May June 2018

More celebrating on Sunday, June 3. My dear friend Zelia is 50 this year. Her husband wanted to give her a surprise birthday party. I hate surprise birthday parties. So much can go wrong! But, we pulled it off. We got her out on the pretense that Mia and I were taking her to lunch for her birthday. She texted me that morning and told me she was too busy and could we postpone. GRRRRRRR!

I said, "NO! Mia is on her way. You're going."

We got her to go into the Guadalajara Grill on the pretense that Mia's daughter, Ana, needed some money.

And surprise! She was really, really surprised and so happy everyone came.

May June 2018

I gave her 50 $1 bills and a suggestion on how to use them. LOL. That's Zellia, me and Mia.

May June 2018

Happy 50th, my friend. Thank you for forcing me to like you. LOL

May June 2018

More May and a little June

June 8, 2018

So a little bit more of May stuff here for you in June.

On May 12, we went to Music in the Grove in our little City. It was the last time Laura and Mike would attend. Sniff, sniff. The five amigas, me, Stacey, Kathy, Marcie and sweet Laura.

May June Post

Just a little vid of the scene. Sniff, sniff.

On Mother's Day, after a lovely brunch with the parents at Jack's in Pleasant Hill, I took off to Berkeley to meet (apparently) all of my sisters at my son's tattoo parlor. But first, let me take a selfie.

May June 2018

I love when I get to Berkeley and see things that I used to see all the time when I lived there, but never see anymore in the Burbs. Look at this lady, coming from church, hella macking with her outfit matching her car (yeah, I grew up in Berkeley). Dope!

May June 2018

We go to have the 'consultation' at Doc's Refresher, a restaurant across the street. Me, Motsy, my sisters Eme and Boobie.

May June 2018

So, my sister, Eme, was curious and asked the server why there was a Margarita named Tommy's Margarita. We were blown away by his answer. He said it was named after Tommy Bermejo of Tommy's Mexican Food and Tequila Bar on Geary in San Francisco. Tommy died several years ago and his son, Julio, named the Margarita in his honor.

Tommy and Elmy Sr. (who still 'works' at the restaurant regularly) were my dad's friends who came with him to the United States together. They were all from the little Mayan town of Oxkutzcab, Yucatan, Mexico! Me and Eme hung out with their oldest girls, Elmy Jr. (well known in political circles) and Teresa, who were our age.

Blown away. What a great memory!

Doc's Refresher

Lina's childhood friend Monica also came for a tattoo with four of her boys. It was hysterical to watch her show them how to play PacMan! She looks exactly the same. I don't think I've seen her oldest, Alex, since he was a baby. Now they're drinking beer together.

May June 2018

So Boobie ended up getting Quotation Marks and her lady bugs spruced up.

May June 2018

So since all of the Ayala sisters were there... We are in age order from left to right on the one on the left with a 16 year age difference from the oldest to youngest. And yes, my hair is mostly white, too. But I still color it.

There are always people stopping by and taking selfies in front of Motsy's Mural. You should get yours! #welcometofabulousberkeley 10th and University in Berkeley.

May June 2018

I actually have more May and June stuff to post still but I gotta go make Limeade Margaritas and watch the Basket Ball Game! More tomorrow.....

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