That Kind Of Day

June 19, 2014 by Administrator

When it rains, it pours.  And even when it doesn’t, it does.

Yesterday, I heard the unfortunate news that a childhood friend had succumbed to Esophageal Cancer.  We visited him in February in Southern California.  His funeral is this Saturday and several of us, his classmates from our Elementary School, are carpooling to the funeral on Saturday.  Rest in Peace Michael (Peety) Peterson.  He would have been 56 today.

In addition to his passing, another of our classmate’s brothers, had been taken off of life support the same day as Peety died. He had had some health issues, and the last stroke he had, caused him to become brain dead.  Rest in Peace Paul Gray.  Our hearts go out to our classmate, Larry, and the rest of their family.

So I get up this morning to begin to make arrangements to drive down but I have no internet connection.  I start troubleshooting and resetting equipment and text my Little Honey Bunch, who is in Atlanta on business all week.  He reminds me that he moved the server to the garage so I head out to the garage to start resetting equipment.


The tank less water heater is spewing gallons of water EVERYWHERE, the garage looks flooded!


I called 411 but I couldn’t think of the water company’s name.  I was going to ask them how to turn off the water to the house.  People, if you don’t know how to do this, LEARN NOW!  So I called my Little Honey Bunch instead.  He didn’t answer but called me back within the minute.  These days, if an actual phone call is made, you know it’s serious.

Anyhow, he talked me and Bug over to the side of the house to turn off the main switch to the house.  Finally, the spewing stops.  I salvage anything that looks soaked.  The outside fridge, the UPS and the computer equipment is all off.  I figure the water spewed all over the electrical outlets and shorted them out and wonder if I’m going to get electrocuted standing in a pool of water with no shoes on.  My Little Honey Bunch said he hoped I didn’t.

So now, in addition to a plumber, it looks like I need an electrician.  My friends come through with names and numbers.  THANK YOU!  The electrician is just at the Pavilion on his way to Pleasanton, so he can stop in real quick.  I show him the breaker boxes but his assistant, walks over to the outlet and resets it and voila, the fridge is back on.  Have I ever mentioned that I once called service for my computer when the keyboard didn’t work and when the technician came out, he informed me that I had the keyboard plugged into the mouse port (Yes, this was in the early 80’s)?  It felt kind of like that.

Then, he made me feel confident that I wasn’t going to electrocute myself so I start trying to figure out why the computer equipment is off.

Well dagnamit, it’s plugged into the UPS that the water heater is also plugged into so that they stay on in case we lose power to the house.  Guess we didn’t figure the UPS would die because the water heater spewed water all over it.  Note to anyone:  Do not place your backup power system where it might get drowned by your busted water heater.

Anyway, he turned off the valve on the water heater, turned the water back on to the house and unplugged the server from the dead UPS to a live socket.  We can at least wash our hands and use the pot and get back on the internet.  And take a cold shower.  My friend says that’s good for you.

He won’t take any money from me…I’ll have to buy him a gift card to somewhere.

I’m currently waiting for the plumber, who may or may not be able to fix the water heater today.  My Little Honey Bunch is the best ever.  He assures me that it’s OK to leave to Peety’s funeral and he’ll take care of things when he gets home.  If we really want a hot shower, I can always crank up the trailer.

So, I’m not frazzled anymore because after all, these are simply first world and live people’s problems.


Heathens Conversate

April 20, 2014 by Administrator

Picking up my Little Honey Bunch from BART on Friday, I ask how his trip was.

Him:  There was hardly anyone on the train. I guess because it’s Good Friday.

Me (this is easier than using quotation marks and what not):  What is Good Friday again?

Him:   I don’t know. You’re the one who was raised a Catholic and went to Catholic school for nine years.

Me:  Hmmm.  Well let me try to remember.  I think it was the day Jesus was crucified, died and was buried.  But then why is it called ‘Good’ Friday?

Me:  Then Saturday…then Easter Sunday, he rose from the dead.  Then we eat chocolate bunnies.

Him:  Sure.  That’s makes perfect sense.

On another note, I was going to apologize for using the word ‘conversate’ since it’s a made up word from my Berkeley days.  Then, for kicks I looked it up!  IT’S IN THE DICTIONARY!  Originated in 1970-75.  Yup, yup…that was us who brought you conversate!  Sorry.



verb (used without object), con·ver·sat·ed, con·ver·sat·ing. Nonstandard except in some dialects.

to have a conversation; converse; talk.
1970-75;  back formation from conversation

The use of conversate  has soared since 2000, mostly in speech and in written records of speech. The term is a back formation from conversation,  created by dropping the suffix -ion,  and adding -e,  to produce a verb form.  Since it has essentially the same meaning as the more common and frequently used verb converse,  the term conversate  has been condemned in some circles as an unnecessary nonword. And, because the term occurs mostly among Blacks and Latinos, some discussions have become heated and impassioned, turning the word into a badge (both positive and negative) of a person’s class and education.
Conversate  reminds us that discussions about modern English must take into account the different types of English spoken in our diverse culture, rather than fixating on “correct” formal usage. When all is said and done, however, the term broadly remains nonstandard English.

Random Musings

April 17, 2014 by Administrator

My mother died on 4/20. Big deal being made of 420 this year. My brother died on 5/11. Mother’s Day is 5/11 this year.  And today is my baby brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Little!

That’s all. Just a random musing.

Lame Blogger

December 27, 2013 by Administrator

So, I just realized that I had a bunch of comments to approve from some posts.  I apologize for being a #lameblogger and not checking and approving!  On the other hand, I realized many of the comments were spam. About 2% made sense, with proper grammar and punctuation.  However, the majority seemed to be translated to English from who knows what.

Take this one, for instance:

“It’s going to be finish of mine day, but before end
I am reading this wonderful post to improve my knowledge.”

Um, huh?  They kept getting more and more bizarre.

So my dear, non-lame, blogger friends, what is your take on this?  What are your comments like?


November 29, 2013 by Administrator

(Moved from main site for comments ability.)

I need your input.

Is it appropriate to let your 16 year old daughter (who you trust) stay at her 19 year old boyfriend’s (who you trust) house, “with his parents there as chaperones”, even though you have never met them and they deleted you from Facebook, because of an idiotic thing you said to said boyfriend in a fit of rage? He won’t come here anymore and it’s too late for her to come home from SF as a new driver.

My viewpoint apparently doesn’t fucking matter or is old fashioned or something as I don’t know shit because I was pregnant at 16. I will abide by the wiser majority. (Looks like I don’t need Facebook to say inappropriate shit.)

What say you? Please email me your thoughts as I never got comments working here or on my WP Blog.

Paris Observations Part II

July 12, 2013 by Administrator
  • It is actually 8:54 am on Saturday, 7/13, not 11:55 pm on Friday
  • French women don’t believe in boob holders, even though some should
  • For the love of Pete, every American, please send a stick of deodorant to your fellow Frenchmen
  • What the French lack in deodorant, they make up for in diligence in using the trash containers #cleanstreets
  • Water pressure good, drainage pressure, not so much #wetankles
  • All of the French men are nicely dressed in skinny suits and ties.  I can’t tell the gays from the straights.
  • The French don’t believe in wash cloths.  Bring your own bath sponge.
  • The Mona Lisa is small, dark and unimpressive in real life.  Kind of like me.
  • The Metro reminds me of New York Subway (tiles) AND Mexico City’s MARTA (crammed like sardines)
  • Many parts of Paris déjà-vu me to Mexico City


Paris Observations

July 11, 2013 by Administrator
  • Women don’t wear makeup
  • I have not come across any mean, snooty Frenchness.  Everyone has been kind and helpful.
  • Seriously, DOES anyone in this country own deodorant?
  • The ham and eggs taste like farm.
  • The French only make sunny side up eggs.
  • A lemonade is a Sprite.
  • You take your life in your hands crossing on red, however, they are very courteous in giving you your right of way on the green.
  • EVERYONE smokes.  Everyone.

Vacation Adventures

July 6, 2013 by Administrator

Once upon a time, my Little Honey Bunch went on vacation to Tahiti only to be stuck in a monsoon (typhoon – whatever – something bad).  He spent 5 days of the week holed up so as not to be swept away.

On our very first trip to Eagle Lake, we were in Old Blue (’77 Chevy Pickup with a three on the tree).  The alternator went out five miles before reaching the turn off to Eagle Lake.  We were towed into Susanville but it was after hours and all the repair shops were closed AND, there wasn’t a room to be found anywhere in town.  There was some sort of soccer tournament.  We slept in the cab of the truck on a side road.

On a business trip to Denver, I decided to join him.  We were lounging at the pool when a big, black cloud starts approaching us at full speed!  We jumped into the pool just in time to avoid a swarm of bees.

On our very first trip in Motory, we went to Death Valley and were pummeled by a sandstorm.

On a later trip to Eagle Lake, we took Aunt Phyllis’ canoe on top of Blazy.  Open side up.  As we were setting up camp, a thunderstorm ensued.  Watching as the canoe was filling up with water, we wondered what our best course of action was.  Wait until it filled up with rain and crushed in the top of Blazy or take it off and be in danger a lightning bolt hitting the shiny aluminum.

On another trip to Eagle Lake, someone shot out Big’s passenger window while parked at the Marina.  Trip to Susanville to get that repaired.

On another trip to Eagle Lake, Big got a flat tire.  Trip to Susanville to fix the tire.

On a trip to Borrego Springs, Sharkey’s tires shredded on the freeway.  Luckily, there are four tires across the back and luckily, there was a repair shop right off the freeway and we got it fixed within a couple of hours.

Today, on our very first trip to Europe, a plane crash lands on the runway and all flights are on hold (see story on KTVU about the 777 crashed and on fire).

Our vacation adventures continue to not disappoint.

On the bright side, it doesn’t appear anyone was injured.  On another plus side, we are in First Class so we are waiting patiently, in a quite civilized environment with free booze and food (well, free because you paid $10,000 for each ticket).  It’s actually very cushy but kind of boring.  Not very good people watching in the First Class lounge.  I’m just waiting for Jagger or somebody to show up.

So you may be wondering why we ever leave the house?  Character building, my friends, character building.

Lush Date, June 27, 2013

June 27, 2013 by Administrator

Giving up alcoholic beverages is TOTALLY overrated.  It’s been three days since I’ve had a drop of liquor.  I’ve eaten less, exercised like a fiend (three back to back Zumba classes yesterday), I haven’t been able to sleep, AND…I  HAVE GAINED WEIGHT!

6:00 PM, I can’t wait to see you, gin and tonic in hand!

Lush Date, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 by Administrator

I can’t believe it’s been about 2 1/2 years since I last tried to quit drinking alcohol during the week (post here)!  Today, I just didn’t drink.  No gin and tonics, no wine with dinner.  I expect to be down 5 pounds tomorrow morning.  OK, maybe by the end of the week.  If this streak continues.  Oh, you don’t consider one day a streak?  Well for me, it most certainly is.  I can’t even remember the last time I didn’t have a drink.  Probably when I had my gall bladder out 12 years ago and I was on some medication that if I drank, I would die.  I still think they were just pulling my leg.  Or maybe it was the medication I was taking when I had surgery for gingivitis.  I don’t know…you know how I am with medical terms.  In any case, it’s been a LONG while.

I’ll check back in when the streak has ended or if my body has gone into shock from lack of alcohol — whichever comes first.