Paris Observations Part II

  • It is actually 8:54 am on Saturday, 7/13, not 11:55 pm on Friday
  • French women don’t believe in boob holders, even though some should
  • For the love of Pete, every American, please send a stick of deodorant to your fellow Frenchmen
  • What the French lack in deodorant, they make up for in diligence in using the trash containers #cleanstreets
  • Water pressure good, drainage pressure, not so much #wetankles
  • All of the French men are nicely dressed in skinny suits and ties.  I can’t tell the gays from the straights.
  • The French don’t believe in wash cloths.  Bring your own bath sponge.
  • The Mona Lisa is small, dark and unimpressive in real life.  Kind of like me.
  • The Metro reminds me of New York Subway (tiles) AND Mexico City’s MARTA (crammed like sardines)
  • Many parts of Paris déjà-vu me to Mexico City


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