Lamp Chops

Marcie's Lamb Chops


My friend, Marcie, made these killer lamb chops once, and after that, I had to make them with her marinade now and forever after. It was good. I also ALWAYS forget what's in her marinade so I either have to call her or go searching through my old emails for it. Duh, put it here and I'll have it at my fingertips always. Although it's so easy, I should remember it. Getting old sucks.

Anyway, I got 2 packs of Costco lamb chops (about 14), put them in my handy dandy Tupperware marinating gizmo, added the above ingredients and let them marinate at least over night. The next night, you get your Little Honey Bunch to throw them on the grill and he knows just how long to cook them. He's not at his desk. I can't ask him at the moment at what temperature to take them off...I suppose we can google that, eh?

Serve with Rosy's Mashed Potatoes and maybe a salad, some warm french bread and you've got a YUMMY dinner.