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June 2020
May 2020
April 2020
March 2020
February 2020
January 2020


A positive thought every day for 2020. Happy New Year!

June 2020

  1. Love from ZIN Studio!

May 2020

  1. Switched to Zoom from Vonage. Sorry, but much better!
  2. Never gets old chatting with my St. Joseph's Brothers and Sisters.
  3. Cleaned out more of my closet. All the earrings are organized!
  4. Morning coffee on the back deck.
  5. Homemade Margaritas by my Little Honey Bunch.
  6. Nice Zoom chat with Bodega Babes!
  7. Nice virtual chat with Zelia and Mia!
  8. My cacti are blooming!
  9. Another St. Joseph's chat! Enjoying these!
  10. Surprise Mother's Day Acai bowl, green juice and smoothie from Lina. Thanks!
  11. Supposed to head to Bermuda today...ah well.
  12. Score! Umbrellas on sale at Antioch Costco!
  13. Score! Kirkland Butt Wipes at Concord Costco!
  14. More lovelies from 24 Walnut Creek and 24 Moraga found my on-line class!
  15. Started binge watching Zoey's Extraordinary Playist.
  16. Chatted with St. Joseph's people then watched Graduate Together, with the added bonus of President Obama giving the commencement speach.
  17. Yay! My Little Honey Bunch is home from his jeeping trip!
  18. MORE 24 HF people found me on-line! Yay!
  19. Cleaning out office. Finding treasures.
  20. More cleaning, more treasures, more uncashed checks.
  21. Quick little trip with Zelia to Berkeley and Oakland. Stopped at Boobie's.
  22. ZIN Studio try...jury's out.
  23. Made a cheesecake for the first time everl.
  24. Hot enough to work on tan!
  25. Last friends we saw, first friends we saw.
  26. Finding more treasures...some mantelito that my Abuelita embroidered.
  27. Pork tacos, homemade rice and beans. Best Mexican food around!
  28. My bougainvilla finally has a bloom!
  29. Nothing good about today. I am broken. Kaepernick couldn't save George Floyd, Little left rehab.
  30. May the thunder and lightning and pouring down rain help us heal.
  31. Talked with Little.

April 2020

  1. Made skillet potatoes in ghee with onions and bacon. Why haven't I done this before?!
  2. Happy First Heavenly Birthday to my little Red Headed Sister, Julie.
  3. Last virtual classes of the week with a tribute to Bill Withers. RIP
  4. Went virtual with my St. Joseph's Classmates again. Patsy and Arthur joined!
  5. Happy 41st birthday to my sweet second born!
  6. My heart is happy with all the regulars coming to my virtual classes.
  7. Ramdom act of kindness from an elderly couple who warmed me that my gas tank was open!
  8. Saw Toby on his Live Stream!!
  9. Maria from 24 Antioch found my class...yay!
  10. A bit of food poisoning. Stayed in bed except to teach my 1:30 class.
  11. Spa night with my Little Honey Bunch!
  12. Sometime during the quarantine I might get something useful done. Maybe.
  13. Grateful for my lovely, consistent Zumba students!
  14. Benjamin and Rodrigo had a great Livestream Class!
  15. Mt. Diablo Elementary School teachers had a parade (in cars) throughout the town!
  16. New Fridage arrived!
  17. Happy Birthday, Little!
  18. Supporting our local restaurants! La Veranda tonight
  19. Catching up with the Fitzie's, Hyland's and Russell's on Zoom.
  20. Woohoo! 9 lovelies in class today.
  21. Lazy morning watching Below Deck Sailing in bed.
  22. Caught up with the Bodega Babes on Zoom.
  23. Kasey is on her way to UCLA Med School. Congrats!
  24. After class, got some poolside sunning in and, first day with shorts!
  25. Chatted with my St. Joseph's Brothers and Sisters again.
  26. Organized my Zumba clothes. That was an all day job.
  27. Happy 24th Anniversary to us! A Filet Mignon dinner to top it off.
  28. Virtual ZINCON2020 with Steve Boedt!
  29. Zumba with Coco and Master Class with Beto on Virtual ZINCON 2020.
  30. Jhon Gonzalez in Latin Urban for ZINCON VIRTUAL!

March 2020

  1. Home to my Little Honey Bunch after a week!
  2. Never gets old when new people ask you what other days you teach.
  4. So many new folks at the Antioch In Shape and got word that Fridays will start on March, Friday the 13th!
  5. Curry's first day back so watched hoops with my Little Honey Bunch!
  6. Date Night at Moresi's. Love Date Nights.
  7. Went to check out new housing developments in Dublin and Danville with my Little Honey Bunch.
  8. Checking out floors, tiles and cabinets with my Little Honey Bunch.
  9. Nat and Trevor came home for a Warriors game on Tuesday.
  10. Lazy day catching up on housewives.
  11. Getting real...In Shape Classes canceled until further notice.
  12. Lunch with Tere and Ale for Ale's birthday.
  13. Line Dancing canceled.
  14. Filipino party canceled but had a nice dinner with the Russell's and Fitzsimmons'.
  15. Starting to think of self quarantining.
  16. 24 Antioch Strong with Elisa, In Shape Antioch Zumba with Elisa (my class canceled). These would be the last classes at both gyms.
  17. Stayed in for St. Patty's Day, Mudville's shutdown, watched Cozorts, et al, drinking in the street. Two Beto Live Streams!
  18. Gave my first Virtual Class and had a Virtual Wine Down Wednesday with the Bodega Babes!
  19. Finished my second Virtual Zumba Class.
  20. My virtual class doubled! 3 to 6. LOL
  21. My Little Honey Bunch told me he loves cooking with me. "We make a good team."
  22. Had a Zoom get together with the local friends.
  23. Woo-hoo...teaching class from the living room.
  24. Bored. Taking cat pictures.
  25. Live streamed Mini Jam Session with Cat.
  26. Hilight of the day...teaching virtual class.
  27. Kathy, Robert and Adam came to my live stream class. LOL
  28. We couldn't have a reunion in person so we zoomed! Lucien, Michelle, Charm, Bev, Kathy and me.
  29. Zoomed with the Friday Friends, the Exigent Friends and the local friends!
  30. Zooming with the Zumba Girls!
  31. Nat was so bored she FaceTimed me.

February 2020

  1. Hanging out with my Little Honey Bunch.
  2. Thanks for a great season Niners! See you next year!
  3. When a member who has been coming to your class for years and a new member both tell you how much they love your class, your music, you choreo.
  4. More beautiful sunsets.
  5. New Line Dance from Willie - Happy!
  6. Yum, Tuna!
  7. Friday Night home Date Night.
  8. But that moon, though!
  9. Stupid wind.
  10. When not 1 but 2 people in your class ask you for names of songs they loved.
  11. Always a good chat with Patty!
  12. The weather is in the 70s! First open windows of 2020.
  13. One year as an American Citizen!
  14. Brenda's in Oakland with my Little Honey Bunch for lunch.
  15. Gma's for 1Q Birthdays.
  16. Nat's little face is home for a few hours.
  17. Another newbie (with dancing shoes) told me how much she loved my class.
  18. I love when Kitty plays with Harry through the door.
  19. Made a Dutch Baby (German Pancake).
  20. Yay! Zelia's home and came to my Antioch class!
  21. Last Lince Dance Class of my first session. Starts up again in two weeks!
  22. Lazy day binge watching The Ranch.
  23. Lovely day with Mia, Zelia, Cynthia, Sepi and VJ.
  24. I got my class back from Janice. Yay!
  25. Last class for this session at the Senior Center.
  26. So much fun line dancing for an hour after Zumba class.
  27. Arrived at Angel's Camp. Lovely evening with Sharon, Marcia and Katie.
  28. Nine of the ten at Angel's Camp today! Elisa will be here Saturday.
  29. Wonderful day haning out the with 10 at Murphy's. Shopping, wine tasting.

January 2020

  1. First class of the year at In Shape Antioch team teaching with Marisa and Yani!
  2. First class at 24 Antioch - fun!
  3. First Line Dancing class at the Senior Center and lunch with Adrienne!
  4. Taking down Christmas with my Little Honey Bunch.
  5. Read almost 2 books today.
  6. First class of the year at 24 Walnut Creek. New people who asked what other days and where else I teach. Never gets old!
  7. First Senior Center class of the year!
  8. So gland to see so many new faces at my 1:00 at In Shape! Fabulous new Line Dances today.
  9. New Line Dances with the 24 Antioch folks!
  10. In Berkeley while Motsy tattoos Nat and Laila.
  11. Yay! My Little Honey Bunch is home from Atlanta.
  12. Nat's Graduation!
  13. Penny from my mom.
  14. Nat's tatt. Might hafta get one.
  15. Happy Birthday to my Little Honey Bunch!
  16. Catching up with Robin at Moresi's.
  17. Loving the Line Dancing lessons!
  18. Date Night with my Little Honey Bunch!
  19. We're going to the Super Bowl! Well, the Niners and Osh. Not us.
  20. Never gets old when the people in your class tell you you are their favorite!
  21. Practiced Line Dances after Zumba class. Fun!
  22. Happy Birthday to Gma!
  23. Happy Birhtday to Raquel!
  24. Brenda's French Sould Food in Oakland with Mary!
  25. La Veranda Date Night and Plan B at the Clayton Club.
  26. Coffee with Nat half way to Chico.
  27. Yay! Sonia's back!
  28. Senior Center ladies are so sweet.
  29. Awwww, the ladies told me they thought I was in my forties!
  30. Good Line Dance session after class.
  31. Happy Birthday, Nic!



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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