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August 2021

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I wasn't going to continue this for 2021 but I decided we need all the positivity we can get. So, a positive thought every day for 2021. Happy New Year!

November 2021

  1. Happy Birthday, Eme!
  2. Tucker's first whole day here. For a while.

October 2021

  1. Exploring Shelton, Washington.
  2. Deborah goes swimming in the Sound.
  3. Moe's BBQ. Yum!
  4. Watching the last episode of Ted Lasso.
  5. Beautiful views from the plane.
  6. Good catch up with Patty K!
  7. Tons of Line Dancing after class then Filipino food with Zumba Eddie.
  8. Groveside Bistro Date Night!
  9. Tile is looking good!
  10. Ox Tail. Yum.
  11. Birthday Cake. Early.
  12. Made Ted Lasso's Biscuits (Short Bread Cookies).
  13. Limon with Zelia.
  14. Awwww, the In Shape gang brought cake and presents since I won't see them until after my Birthday.
  15. House Painting looking good!
  16. Setting up my muertos altar.
  17. Headed to Maui!
  18. Unbelievable moon scapes (at 3 am).
  19. Spam Musubi!
  20. Saddest day ever. Little died.
  21. Date Night at Frida's in Maui.
  22. Early birthday lunch at Timo's.
  23. Happy Birthday to me. Laid on the beach.
  24. Rain and rainbows.
  25. More laying on the beach.
  26. Had a hamburger in paradise.
  27. Looking through mom's papers.
  28. The kittens missed me.
  29. Lovely Little pictures from Motsy.
  30. Dia de Los Muertos in Hayward with Trudie.
  31. Updated my altar with Little and Bernadette.

September 2021

  1. Pennies from Heaven
  2. Two out of three Bocce matches again!
  3. Corazon del Pueblo with Boobie.
  4. Guest Bath Demo begins.
  5. Evening with Joe and Marcie.
  6. Pool day!
  7. First walk in the hood in a long while.
  8. Another good pool day!
  9. Bocce Bye. Evening with Russells and Fitzies.
  10. La Veranda Date Night.
  11. Yet another good pool day!
  12. Longer walk in the hood.
  13. Happy Birthday to Miss Nat!
  14. Facetime chat with Nat to get some exercises.
  15. Awww...Ava and Doc outside of Sunnyside.
  16. I like the 'skinny' mirror at In Shape Antioch.
  17. Started and finished 'The Last Thing He Told Me'.
  18. Lots of good finds at World Market and Seafood City.
  19. Smell of roasting pork butt (aka shoulder).
  20. Heart shaped chocolate.
  21. Boobie visit!
  22. California has the lowest Covid rate in the country.
  23. Ethiopian Dinner.
  24. Sushi in Alameda.
  25. Prosciutto and Canteloupe.
  26. Binge watching 'Dear White People'.
  27. Tiling is being laid out.
  28. Opportunistic kittens camp out in the new Guest Room.
  29. Canteloupe, poached eggs and avocado toast.
  30. Shelton, Washington here we come!

August 2021

  1. Zumba Girls at Straka Springs!
  2. Beautiful sunset. AGAIN!
  3. Great subbing for Elisa! Full class, lots of fun!
  4. Still enjoying VJs flowers from Sunday.
  5. Back to Bocce!
  6. Smoky again.
  7. Durn got a brand, new car! Well, funded by Deez.
  8. At least the smoke makes the sunsets beautiful.
  9. New Zumba boob holders. Nice!
  10. An hour of lone aqua at Straka Springs.
  11. Another hour of lone aqua at Straka Springs. Trying to get more than 2 hours of exercise a week.
  12. Grateful for all the lovlies that come to class. I appreciate you!
  13. Happy Birthday, Baby. RIP
  14. Good visit with Boobie.
  15. OH NO! The tatt parlor burned down.
  16. Lazy morning catching up on shows.
  17. Love seeing my Patty!
  18. Nine Perfect Strangers is streaming on Hulu!
  19. Fun night at Bocce as always but we missed my Little Honey Bunch and Padderick.
  20. Cemetery, Brenda's, Philthy Clean. A good day with my sis.
  21. Met my First Best Friend for a 2.5 hour lunch at Groveside Bistro!
  22. Guest Room is coming together.
  23. Pom Gimlet
  24. Fresh baked bread.
  25. YAY! Me and Kathy lunch.
  26. Won 2 out of 3 at Bocce!
  27. TK sits on my stomach while I read.
  28. Chipotle Meatball Tortas.
  29. Groveside Bistro Brunch with my Little Honey Bunch.
  30. Got to have dinner with the Walnut Country mom!
  31. Happy Heavenly Birthdays, P-Rez and Bernadette.

July 2021

  1. First time seeing Viviann in my class since March of 2020!
  2. Happy Friday.
  3. Taking MacBook to Genius. See you in a while.
  4. Had the gang over for a Fourth Celebration!
  5. Rescued a baby mourning dove (yes, Harry was involved).
  6. Took the rescue to Lindsey Wildlife. Yay! He's fine!
  7. Porch sitting. Love!
  8. Jeep Road Trip with Lujans, Wankets, Fitzies, Russells, Hyland.
  10. Came home early becuase Bug had a bug.
  11. Got the bed into the Guest Room.
  12. Got the bedding ordered!
  13. Ran into Osh and Zelia in downtown Walnut Creek.
  14. Last Virtual Zumba on Wednesdays.
  15. Getting more people in live class. Yay!
  16. Date Night at Groveside Bistro. Yum!
  17. Visiting with the Russell's for Lauren's graduation.
  18. Cleared out the space under the stairs.
  19. Pineapple, strawberries and yogurt. Yum!
  20. Good chat with Patty.
  21. Homemade corn tortillas. Yum.
  22. Pat came to class. First time I've seen her in person since March 2020.
  23. Spent the day hanging out with Catherine Lindberg and Susan Sovik!
  24. Big Red is back in town.
  25. Dinner with Grandma, Grandpa, Larry and Joan. Nice visit.
  26. Noticed the pear tree on the hill fell over. Apparently, it happened on the 24th.
  27. Kittens vying to sleep on me.
  28. Got a cute comfy chair for the guest room.
  29. So nice to see so many face in class today. Unfortunately, mask mandate is back.
  30. Date Night at La Veranda. First time back here since early 2020.
  31. Pool day!

June 2021

  1. Gay/Trans Flag raising at the Grove in Clayton.
  2. Missed National Donut Day. Drat.
  3. 20 reservations for 20 spots for class. Yay!
  4. Love the smell of chorizo cooking.
  5. Binge watching This Is Us. Still.
  6. Love the color of the Guest Room. Mint Julep.
  7. Nat and Josh picked up Tucker from the weekend.
  8. Subbed at In Shape Concord for the first time since before Covid.
  9. Chorizo. Yum.
  10. Finished the last episode of This Is Us. WHAT!?
  11. Yummy crab for days!
  12. Saw Big Red by the pool.
  13. Deez is home from jeeping. Yay!
  14. Baby Emu's on Seeno's hill. Cute!
  15. The Happy Ever After Playlist, Abby Jimenez. Great read!
  16. Marcie and Kasey swing by for a dip at Straka Springs.
  17. Joe, Marcie and Kasey at Straka Springs. Tucker, too.
  18. Great pool day.
  19. Another great pool day.
  20. Yup. Another great pool day, but had to use the Comfy on the porch in the evening.
  21. Love my Monday crew!
  22. Saw Patty's beautiful new guest room.
  23. Mangoes and Rainier Cherries. Yum.
  24. Lovely live class and and line dancing.
  25. First Date Night since March 2020!
  26. Best Mexican Food, Straka Kitchen.
  27. Whiskey.
  28. Shopping day. Peet's, Costco, Trader Joe's, BevMo, Safeway.
  29. Finally evicted the pear tree from the lemon tree pot and replanted him.
  30. New Chicken Thigh recipe with black beans, rice, lime and cilantro. Yum!

May 2021

  1. Yay! Now the orchids bloomed!
  2. Rhythms 3 Training with Guillermo Melendez. He was fabulous!
  3. The air conditioner came on. That means it's HOT! Yay! Almost pool time!
  4. YUM!
  5. Once a year Margarita. Yum.
  6. FIRST TIME TEACHING IN PERSON SINCE MARCH 12 OF 2020! All my fabulous people were there!
  7. Nat taught class with me today. Fun!
  8. Had the gang over. Everyone vaccinated!
  9. Hapyy Mother's Day from Grandma and Grandpa's.
  10. I love salmon cream cheese!
  11. Miss you, Brother.
  12. Weights lifting after class. Thanks for staying with me!
  13. Started Line Dancing after class again!
  14. Egg Salad with hot sauce is yum.
  15. Hot sauce on fried eggs is yum, too.
  16. My Little Honey Bunch replaced more siding.
  17. Love Monday with my girls, even if it's virtual.
  18. Mangos. Yum.
  19. Lazy day reading.
  20. Double rainbows!
  21. Happy Friday!
  22. My Little Honey Bunch making good progress on the Guest Room.
  23. Life's Too Short by Abby Jimenez. Fun read!
  24. The Associate is coming to stay with us a few days.
  25. Saw a Mako just like our Sharky.
  26. The kittens are still playing 'The Floor is Hot Lava'.
  27. TK figured out if you don't run, he won't chase you.
  28. The Associate continues to think there will be table scraps.
  29. Had a Canteloupe Daquiri. Yum.
  30. BBQ at the Russell's and the Associate goes home today.
  31. Binge watched This Is Us.

April 2021

  1. Chatted with Birdie, Sherlie, Jackie! My IBM Girls.
  2. Happy 2nd Birthday in Paradise, Ju Ju Bee.
  3. Last Supper at the Fitzie's with Russell's, Molly and Kasey. Good by home!
  4. French Toast!
  5. Happy 42nd Birthday to my Baby #2, Motsy!
  6. Read all day. The Matchmaker.
  7. Last live class until the 12th. Fun!
  8. Road Trip! Arnold with Los Ocho (alternate ocho).
  9. Rock climbing in the jeeps!
  10. Snow at 7,700 feet.
  11. Second Pfizer shot today!
  12. Kitty climbing the wall again. Stayed up for a while.
  13. Lazy day catching up on shows.
  14. New people in class. Always nice!
  15. No taxes!
  16. Awww. The SOLD sign is up on 1110.
  17. Quick visit from Milo during my Jam Session.
  18. Cleaned up the She Shed!
  19. Great little visit with Deborah!
  20. Miss you, Mom! 26 years.
  21. I got carded at BevMo. I'm 62.
  22. Finishing In Shape On Boarding. Might back in the gym soon.
  23. Friday Lemon Drops!
  24. Glitter Roses at Safeway. Really!
  25. Reading with kittens.
  26. Finished 'Nine Perfect Strangers'.
  27. Happy 25th Anniversary to us!! I think I'm ordering Pizza for dinner.
  28. The striped roses are bloomed!
  29. Road trip to see Nat for a minute to trade cars!
  30. Ribeyes for dinner! Yum!

March 2021

  1. Love finding heart shaped things.
  2. All day slow cooker short ribs. Yum!
  3. Lucky unbroken yolk day. Yoked!
  4. Laying in a ray of sun with a warm Kitty.
  5. Blooms every where!
  6. Except our pear tree. But at least the mess on the BBQ will be no more.
  7. Happy Birthday, Anthony, Lita, Mary, Alejandra...
  8. Guiness.
  9. Zoomed with Kathy!
  10. Baking fool! Bread, Banana Bread, Chicken Pot Pie. Scratch, of course.
  11. Angel Baby. Gets me every time.
  12. Still love teaching virtually!
  13. Powder Room mirror is in.
  14. Added 3 songs to my pre-recorded class. It's now 60 minutes!
  15. Catching up on the Atlanta shows.
  16. Chatted with the IBM girls, Kathy, Jackie, Clodette, Birdie and BeNita. Good catching up!
  17. Guiness and Irish Coffee. Happy St. Patty's!
  18. Busy appointment day. Derm, Dent.
  19. TK joined me for my whole class.
  20. Hot Tub with my Little Honey Bunch. Haven't done that in ages!
  21. Start of the Guest Room Project. And first Covid shot.
  22. Kass in a Livestream...Dancing Queen!
  23. Kitties yowl to the vet.
  24. Paint samples on the wall.
  25. Yes! Gray gone!
  26. Another same for me and my FBF. Empty frames for decor.
  27. Russell's and Miller's for dinner!
  28. Read out on the back deck all day long!
  29. Almost done with my can of Spam.
  30. Yay! Chatted with Evie, Susan and Krisine!
  31. Sale Pending sign up at 1110.

February 2021

  1. Black History Month. Committed to educating myself more on historic Black Lives.
  2. Caught up on Real Housewives -- on the treadmill for 73 minutes!
  3. Nice bubble bath and book after teaching.
  4. Tried Overnight Oats. YUM! Banana, pineapple, pecans.
  5. Line Dancing again after Zumba. More calories!
  6. Made Rice Pudding.
  7. Superbowl. Sorry Mahomes!
  8. Fitzie's stopped in for a second. I miss people.
  9. Good 75 minute walk on the treadmill while watching Housewives.
  10. Powder Room paint is just about done.
  11. I pin curled my hair so I could look like Latifah.
  12. The pin curls worked!
  13. Toilet is in!
  14. I got roses. It never gets old!
  15. Got Silky started but he died. Luckily, he died at the Chevron in front of the car repair.
  16. Always nice catching up with Patty while getting my white covered.
  17. Queen LaChacha curls.
  18. Got to visit Mountain View Cemetery for the first time since quarantine.
  19. Lemon Drop Martini. Yum.
  20. Discovery of Stout and hanging out with Fitzie's and Russell's.
  21. Mom's Plants
  22. Love my Bamboo Hoops.
  23. Kitty found Puffs secret pillow case spot. Butt!
  24. Pot Roast on!
  25. Mushroom Patty Sandwich.
  26. Happy 45th to my baby number one!
  27. Out and about looking for Powder Room accessories.
  28. Blueberry pancakes! Yum.

January 2021

  1. First virtual class of the year! So different than one year ago.
  2. Pleased with the attendance at my first pre-recorded class!
  3. Binge watched and finished Sex in the City including both movies.
  4. Eighteen in Zoom, three in ZIN Studio plus four in pre-recorded.
  5. Cautiously optimistic. Georgia on my mind.
  6. The day started fabulously as both Georgia senate seats were won by Dems. But then tRump unleashed his garbage into the session.
  7. The only thing that would make me happy today is to invoke the 25th or impeach immediately.
  8. Got to chat with Zelia for a few minutes in person. With masks and distanced. And, it was a day of golden silence on Social Media.
  9. My first chat of the year with the St. Joseph's crew. Larry, Bev, Charm and me.
  10. Swedish Fish. Can't put them down.
  11. Happy Birthday, Sweet Laura! Miss you!
  12. The Silence is Golden (Social Media).
  13. This was a GOOD day. Second impeachment.
  14. I love grapefruit.
  15. Happy 62nd to my Little Honey Bunch!
  16. Demo of the powder room has begun.
  17. Always like accompanying my Little Honey Bunch to the dump.
  18. New people came to class and wanted monthly passes. Yay!
  19. Inauguration Eve! I'm so excited for tomorrow!
  20. Was so uneasy about what might happen that I literally got sick to my stomach. Then watching the inauguration and the concert what reassuring and calming, in a nice bubble bath.
  21. Once every couple of years, Filet O Fish and Fries!
  22. Happy Birthday to my M-I-L!
  23. 24 Hours of Zumba Livestreams from our ZESs starts at 10:00!
  24. Woke to the last of the Zumba Livestreams.
  25. Love my Monday class. Still.
  26. Williams Sonoma Hearty Beef Stew. YUM!
  27. Housewives in bed on a cold, blustery day.
  28. Rainbows in the rain.
  29. Did a couple of Line Dances after class. Been missing that!
  30. Powder Room progress is good. Drywall is repaired and textured.
  31. Happy 25th Birthday to Bug!



The Happiness Project is a one-sentence journal, a five-year record.

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