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February 9, 2020


Kitten Update

February 9, 2020

I realized I haven't written a single thing since March of 2018 although, if you look at my dailies and other postings, you will know that Harry is still here! It's going on two years.

He still hasn't been allowed to come inside because of his testing positive for the Kitty Leukemia virus. I still feel bad for him when he's on the outside looking in. And that song runs through my head every time! I'm on the Outside Looking In...


You will also notice that he's fattened up quite a bit. The vet even called him fat. I've taken him in, one time for annual shots and once because he didn't eat anything for two days and didn't move. He probably had too much rat. By the way, the rats that used to run across the back fence are gone. The vet was so kind (Banfield)! They didn't charge me for the office visit because he's a neighborhood cat that several neighbors look after and thought it was very nice of me to bring him in.

Last year during the inclement weather, he did use the little house my Little Honey Bunch built him. We felt so bad for him though, that my Little Honey Bunch ended up taking a vent off the side of the garage. We showed him how to come in and out and he's been keeping himself warm, dry and safe. Luckily, so far, the raccoons haven't figured it out. He always has food in the garage. He also shows up like clockwork every night at 6:30 for the wet food!

So now he has his choice of beds in the garage. He has a comfy bed on the work bench and likes to be tucked in.


Or, he can use the $72,000 cat bed.

Harry and Silky

Puff (Ollie) has never acknowledged him. He's always like, "What outside cat? I don't see anything."

Ollie and Harry

So, the other three are still here. Kitty still likes to poke the bear (TK aka Lacey) and she whops him and hisses him away. For the most part, they're good.

Kitty, Lacey and Ollie

There's a new cat in town, Kiki. This is Natalie's cat. She came to visit with Natalie and Tucker (the dog) during the holidays. The cat walked into our house and owned EVERYBODY. The cats, the dog, Nic.

Natalie went out one day while Kiki was here. I got home from Zumba and Nic was in a panic. It was about 1:30 pm. He said he couldn't find Kiki anywhere and was afraid she had gotten out. We looked EVERYWHERE calling out her name. Nic walked the neighborhood looking for her. My Little Honey Bunch drove the neighborhood looking for her. I put an Urgent Alert on the Nextdoor Neighborhood site.

When Nat got home around 4:00, she wasn't too worried because she goes outside when they are home in Chico. We're still checking everywhere, outside and in. By about 7:00 pm, Natalie started getting worried, too. She said, "Poor Kiki."

Then we turn around and that butt cat is sitting on the stairs. We can only surmise she went WAY back in Natalie's closet and chose to ignore our frantic calls for her. Butt.


This is her brother, Tucker. She's constantly taking over his crate and food and everything else. Butt.


Anyway, that's the update on the 4 leggeds. Maybe I'll update my Zumba page. It, too, has not been updated since the Zumba Cruise Mia and I went on in 2018.


Oliver and Lacey

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