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March 27, 2011

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Warriors Hafltime 1

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Battle at the Master Class 1/16 - Video

The Boys at the Master Class 1/ 16 - Video

Belly Dancing Video 1/18/11



Zumba Madness

March 27 , 2011

Forget about March Madness, it's Zumba Madness around here!

Here's my official paper license to Zumba!


I finally received confirmation of my Zumba Basic Instructor status along with confirmation of my ZIN Membership on The first thing I did was go shopping. $270 worth. Ouch. What can I say, stuff was on sale!

Then I updated my profile on Zumba dot com. You can go to and search me, Clayton, or go directly to my profile page here: Then I made a joke on Facebook about 'being somebody'. No one got it. Is EVERYONE I know too young to have watched Steve Martin in The Jerk?

Zumba Profile

Then I made some business cards.

Business Card

Then I listened to songs over and over and over and over. Mia, Marisa, Bryan and I practiced at the gym on Wednesday.


Josie and I practiced in my garage last Thursday and Friday. At Sheyla's class on Friday morning, I did my own routine to Magalenha. Saturday morning I practiced it on the stage at Sanctuary, after most people left. I just wanted to get the feel of being on that carpeted stage. I don't know how Mia and Alex dance up there for an hour! It's hard! Plus, I realized since I'm facing everyone, I need to practice the routine starting on my left.

Maybe I better get certified in Zumba Gold. I probably can't compete for long with all the youngins!

By the way, Brazilians, what the heck is that song (Magalehna) about?

Beto Perez Master Class

March 22 , 2011

I didn't realize until Friday night that when I signed up for the Certification Class, that my pass was good for the entire IHRSA Trade show. I had heard Beto was going to have a Master Class on Saturday but I was under the impression that it was extra or for ZIN's only.

Duh, I am a ZIN! I signed up at the Certification class. ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) is a monthly subscription for Zumba instructors that gets them into special events and classes and keeps you updated with the newest music and routines and so forth.

Anyway, I was bummed I didn't see him on Friday night. My Honey Bunch encouraged me to go to the Trade Show. So I thought, what the heck. I'll go, see the booths and try to sneak into Beto's Master Class. I hopped on BART (BART is always so entertaining) but when I got to the Moscone Center all the booths had been taken down.

BUT ...there were people milling about waiting for the master class to start. My lucky day! No one guarding the door. Seemingly, anyone could go in. I was SO excited. I wandered in, saw a few familiar faces and ended up in the front row!

Most of the ZES's from Wednesday were there with him. Here are a couple of the routines. My little boyfriend, Jason in this one.

And this was the instructor from China.

This 'instructor' was by far the best!

At the end, I also got a new, better picture with Beto and I got to give him the pineapple and a birthday card! Bet no one has ever given him a pineapple for his birthday before. He must have thought I was some kind of nut. I did mention that I would be his Zumba Gold spokesperson if he liked since I'm over 50. Wouldn't that be something?

Beto and Rosy


Priscila Sartori Master Class

March 22 , 2011

I agreed to go to Priscila Sartori's Master Class at Cocomo's in San Francisco. There was a rumor Beto was going to be a guest instructor. Alas, he did not show up, I went home with the pineapple I got him but it was still fun!

This is a group that started out at Mia's class at Sanctuary Ministries. We follow her everywhere, UFC, 24, etc! The girl on the left, what's her name? I'll ask her tonight if she's there. Then me, Josie, Lupe and Pilar.


Here are Priscila and her crew of instructors. I don't know some of their names. Anyone? Girl on left, Joe Zumba, Daya, Mia, Priscila, RaQuel and guy on the right. Great group!


Me, Josie with Priscila and her daughter.


Here's a video of one of the routines. I'm in the white tank, front and center.

Again, many more photos over on Phanfare.


March 22 , 2011

Wow! Has it been an exciting Zumba week! On Wednesday, March 16, I attended the Basic 1 Zumba Instructor Training and received my license to teach Zumba! ZUMBAFIED. It was a great class with Beto's ZES's (Zumba Education Specialist) as co instructors. Gina Grant, Priscila Sartori, Eliza Stone, Joy Smith, Aileen Padilla, Abraham Hernandez and more! I'll have to get all the names.

Here are Tanya (from UFC), me, Josie and Mia, who is already certified but wanted to go to see Beto et al.


Brenda from the Antioch class joined us, too.


Gina and me. Every time I see her hair, I think she has a nice version of my hair.


This was one of Beto's ZES's, Jason. He reminded me of Mot. What a cutie!


And here I am with my certificate and a WORN out Beto. Just before this, I was eating some pineapple and he walked by and asked me what I was eating. I shared my pineapple chunks with him. A little while later, he asked me if I had any more and I only had two left, which I gave him. I decided then I would bring him a pineapple for his birthday (March 15) the next time I saw him. It was rumored that he was going to be a special guest at Priscila's Master Class on Friday, March 18.


There are many more pictures. Too many to post here. I have uploaded them to if you want to see more. Password is: january On to the Master Class...

Mas Zumba!

March 14 , 2011

Two more days until certification day! Yippeee!

I also led two routines (Nunca Te Decides and El Sonidito) on Sunday. Thanks, Sheyla! I messed it up some but oh well. It was still way fun and we burned a calorie or two!

Also found some videos of us at UFC that Pilar's son took last week. Enjoy! Zumba love!

Oh yeah and I love this routine of Leah's. I'm stealing it, Leah!

One Week To Go!

March 9 , 2011

One week from today I'll be at the Moscone center with the creator of Zumba himself, Beto Perez, getting certified to teach Zumba! I'm so excited!

I never did figure out how to add a countdown counter, did I? Well, at least I have a lovely new shadow for some depth to this page. See it? And I have me sitting on the Zumbini. Cute, eh?

I've been practicing on my own, running routines in my head and so forth. I actually practiced with other human beings this morning.

Mia took pity on us (THANK YOU, MIA!) and met with several of the new instructors, Alejandra, Marisa, Bryan and Wicho (come se escribe 'Wicho', Wicho?). Josie and me (I?) were invited to join them. We'll be certified next week. (I interrupt myself a lot, don't I?)

She took us through some very helpful exercises. Confidence boosters by leading a group, thinking on the fly by taking turns doing a move in the same song and she gave us some tips on captivating the audience and keeping their attention.

Very, very helpful! Hopefully, we'll get in a few more practices with the group.

Zumba. Y que?

Zumba y que?! This isn't from today. I just didn't take any pictures at our 2 hour practice. Had to throw something in. Hmmmm. I need to quit smiling over my braces. I look like a retard. (Sorry Un-politically Correct Police!)



February 27 , 2011

My mother said I always did everything early. I was born in our home because she said she had one labor pain and I 'blooped' out. I started first grade as a 4 year old (I wish they would have held me back). I had a baby when I was 17. I billed on my first day as a Systems Engineer at IBM.

Today, I led my first Zumba class even though I don't get certified until March 16! Sheyla has to take it easy because she's pregnant (so cute!). She had Miguel do a routine. Then she called me out and I almost didn't do it. But then I figured, what the heck. I should find out NOW if I suck.

I did Sonidito, pretty much the same way Mia does it. Or at least in MY mind it was. I had a blast! I had fun! I think everyone followed along, had fun and burned a calorie or two.

Then Marisa did a salsa routine. She's one of the newest instructor's and she did an awesome job!

Anyway, so I did that early, too. Even though it took me 52 years to figure out what I wanted to do when I grow up.

On another note, seriously, if I sucked please tell me, OK?


February 26 , 2011

I switched my weigh in time to the afternoon so I could go to Sheyla's Friday morning Zumba. Fun class! I just wanted to point out that teeny, tiny Sheyla's waist might be bigger than mine!


Of course, she's like 7 months pregnant.

More Zumba Instructors!

February 20 , 2011

I love Zumba!

Have I mentioned that before?

I was at my usual Church of Zumba this fine Sunday morning. Miguel was subbing for Sheyla. We also had several of the newest certified instructors on hand and Miguel invited them up to do a couple routines. Great job Bryan, Wicho and Marisa!


Less than a month before I get certified! Yippee!

Count Down Continues!

February 16, 2011

Certification Day is just one month away! Yippee!

Yesterday, I had an 'audition' with Ilima of Levity Fitness and it went well! I only did a short play list which included a warm up, four routines and a cool down. She liked me!

I am going to teach Zumba classes at her new fitness studio when it's completed in mid April. That's just around the corner, too, so for the next couple of months, I'm going to immerse myself in music and routines. ZUMBA!

This was my 'short' audition play list:

We No Speak Americano (Warm Up)

Nunca Te Decides

I Love Salsa

La Pollera Colora (I didn't use this exact version.)

El Sonidito

Ven Devorame Otra Vez (Cool Down)

New Instructors!

February 8, 2011

Over the weekend, several of the folks from Mia's Antioch class went to the Zumba certification course in Petaluma. Congratulations to them for becoming our newest Zumba Instructors! Mia invited them to do a routine. They gladly obliged.




On another note, I haven't taken the time to figure out comments, hence the old school send an email. Also haven't taken the time to figure out a countdown counter but it is only 36 more days until I get Zumba Instructor certified!

And here's a little Belly Dancing video from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!



January 26, 2011


It's almost a reality. I'm going to have my own Zumba classes! Although nothing is written in stone yet, I met with Ilima Heuerman yesterday and we made a verbal agreement for me to become part of her team. She is expanding her Fitness Studio (Levity Longevity Fitness Studio) into a new building in downtown Clayton. She would very much like to add Zumba to her repertoire. The studio is scheduled to be completed in April 2011 and I am scheduled to be certified on March 16, 2011.

In preparation for becoming part of the team, I am working on a bio. Here's what I'm thinking:


I love Zumba! Join me and you will learn to love it too, especially after you see how it benefits your mind and body. What is Zumba? It's a great cardio workout disguised as an hour long Latin dance party! If you are tired of the run of the mill cardio, this is just what you need to get out of that rut.

Why did I start Zumba? I had always been a small person who ate whatever I wanted and never had to exercise. Imagine my surprise when middle age set in and the pounds started packing on! Having to buy size 14 pants was the wake up call I needed to get myself back into some resemblance of my former self.

I started to eat more healthfully, paying attention to portion sizes as well as adding more fruits and vegetables. The weight starting coming off. It wasn't coming off as quickly as I had hoped and I resigned myself to the fact that I needed to add exercise. (Too Shape Success Storyish?)

Unfortunately, I hate to exercise.

My Honey Bunch saw an add for Zumba Fitness and told me he thought I would like it. I resisted because I thought it would be just another exercise class I would hate. Eventually, I gave in and signed up for a class in November of 2008. Why had I waited so long? I fell in love with Zumba from the moment I took it. The instructor, Amelia (Mia) Said, was the main reason I liked it so much and I owe my love of Zumba and the last 33 pounds I lost, to her. (Had to give Mia her props!) I love her style, which is true to the inventor of Zumba, Beto Perez' style. It's very Latin with dance styles that include merengue, salsa, cumbia and so on.

After following Mia (and some of her prodigies - Miguel, Alex, Sheyla, Leah) around for two years, I finally decided to become certified. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be on Ilima's team and to hopefully, do my Zumba mentor, Mia, proud.

Now that I’m in my 50’s, I finally realized that being skinny doesn't mean you are healthy. I am amazed to say that I have never been in better shape in my life. My heart loves the cardio, my mind loves the release, my muscle tone is great and I feel wonderful!

Rosy Success


January 20, 2011

March 16 is the day I get certified by the creator of Zumba, Beto Perez! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be certified by him in beautiful San Francisco. Let the countdown begin! (Insert Countdown Counter here. As soon as I figure out how. I seem to have a lot of figuring to do.)




January 20, 2011

Did I happen to mention that I was an impromptu backup dancer and kicked off the Zumba Master Class with Abraham?

Well, you see, the room was set up so that the instructor stage was in front of the DJ and the percussionist. People got their 'spot' based on that. Alejandra (in the purple) is ALWAYS in the front...LOL! Anyway, us working stiffs were dancing on the back stage (see me and Adrienne's bright yellow staff shirts?) so that we could 1) see and 2) be near the door in case we needed to check other people in.

Zumba Master Class

Abraham started on the front stage as planned.

Zumba Master Class


Zumba Master Class

...he ran through the middle of the dance floor, jumped up on the back stage and continued his routine, with his very shocked and surprised impromptu backup dancers.

Zumba Master Class

I was trying to act like it was no thang. I remembered to smile and prayed (yes, me praying) that I didn't fall flat on my face.

Zumba Master Class

So there you have it. My second day this past weekend with a few minutes of Zumba fame. I think there's video, too. Oy vey.

Here are a couple of videos I took of the event:



January 3, 2011

Just a quick update on my passion, Zumba! I am scheduled to get certified in Zumba Basic in early February. I am SO excited about this!

I discovered Zumba in November of 2008 and as I was looking back at pictures, I realized just how much this new found love has done for me. Judge for yourself!




My current passion...Zumba!


A few great instructor's web sites:

Zumba City - Mia Said

Zumba - Leah Repsher

Brazil Zumba - RaQuel Call

Cynergy Fitness - Cyndi Mallory

Zumba with Ale - Ale Picollo

Zumba with Alena - Alena Groopman

And maybe one day soon, my Zumba page will be here filled with the classes that I'm teaching! In the meantime, here are a few Zumba ramblings.

Past Events:

Zumba Brazil Flyer

Zumba Flyer
(I created the above flyer.)

Suburbia, California


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