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March 24, 2012

March 16, 2012

March 1, 2012

January 19, 2012

January 16, 2012

January 9, 2012

January 2, 2012


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Warriors Hafltime 1

Warriors Halftime 2

Warriors Halftime 3

Battle at the Master Class 1/16 - Video

The Boys at the Master Class 1/ 16 - Video

Belly Dancing Video 1/18/11

Routines at Guicho and Alex Class, June 4, 2011



Operation Smile Zumba Master Class

March 24, 2012

Mia Said (my favorite Zumba instructor and Zumba mentor) planned a Zumba Master Class to raise funds for a charity near and dear to her heart -- Operation Smile. We got sponsors, sold tons of tickets and received many donations, had Joe Valderrama headlining, had a blast and most importantly, raised enough money for at least four children to get the operations to fix their cleft lips! My daughters both participated. Lina was a sponsor and came and did henna tattoos. She was pretty much busy the entire time!

Operation Smile

My Little Honey Bunch came by, too, to watch Natalie and the Clayton Valley Dance Academy Performance Team do their very first performance for the public! Natalie is fourth from the front.

Operation Smile

I got a little time on stage with Joe.

Operation Smile

As did many others. Here are Mia and Amelia with Joe.

Operation Smile

All in all, it was a very successful and FUN event! Of couse I have a million more pictures on my Phanfare Site (noneofyourbusiness).

Zumbafied - One Year!

March 16, 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary to me! It was one year ago today I took the plunge and got Zumbafied (licensed to teach Zumba)! Click here for post. I, along with Josie, Brenda, Roberta, Nydia and more got licensed. It's been an exciting Zumba year. I've made many new Zumba friends, attended many Master Classes and just fun in general with all the other instructors, even sometimes doing routines in their classes!

Had coffee today with some of the Zumbini's. Fun times! There were way too many pictures of recent Zumba dinners, classes, etc., so I uploaded them to my phanfare site. Feel free to peruse and download. You know the password, right? (noneofyourbusiness)

Zumba Love!

Mia's Antioch Class, et al.

March 1, 2012

Mia's class in Antioch on Tuesday mornings is STILL one of my favorite.

Mia Said

Especially when all the other awesome instructors are there, too!

Bryan, Eva and Marisa

The ever present Ajejandra.


And Amelia's awesome class in UFC!

Amelia's Class at UFC

Zumba Love! And don't forget about the awesome fundraiser on March 24!! Click here!

Operation Smile Sponsors

January 19, 2012

Mia is hoping to get sponsors for her upcoming Operation Smile event. Details are on my Zumba Con Sabor site in Events (click here). I won't duplicate everything here, but take a look! I

f you or anyone you know is interested, let me know!

Operation Smile

January 16, 2012

My favorite Zumba Instructor, Mia Said, is hosting Abraham Hernandez for a Zumba Master Class. Proceeds from the event will be donated to a cause near and dear to Mia's heart, Operation Smile. Contact me to purchase your tickets! This will be a FUN, FUN, FUN event. In addition, if you'd like to sponsor the event, for a mere $50 you will be able to set up a table and peddle your wares or services!

Zumba Flyer


January 9, 2012

My schedule will be the same as I posted below except there is no Zumba Gold class at Levity on Thursday after all. Thayna is starting at Clayton Valley Dance today! Yay!

I will only teach on Wednesday at 9:15 am and Thursday at 7:30 pm and assist Mia at Sanctuary on Saturday morning with the Toning portion of the class.

Yes, Zumba Toning is at Sanctuary on Saturdays. Beginning at 9 am, forty-five minutes of Zumba followed by half an hour of Toning all for $5! I will have Toning Sticks (6 sets) available for sale. $15.


Zumba Schedule.

Never Mind

January 2, 2012

You remember that whole thing about hanging up my teaching shoes (click here for post) whilst eating loads of worms?

Never mind.

Well sort of. They still didn't come in droves on my first day back this morning after a two week break. Just my two regulars and the lovely young lady who will take over some of my classes. We discussed it and she will take Monday and Friday at Clayton Valley Dance Academy at 9:15 am. I will keep Wednesday at 9:15 am and Thursday at 7:30 pm. For now.

I'm also starting a Zumba Gold class at Levity Fitness this Thursday at 11 am.

All are $10 drop in. Come on in and give it a shot! If you can walk, or even if you can't, you can Zumba!

I'm still waiting for all you people who keep saying you're going to try it!


My current passion...Zumba!


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My classes:

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Juicy Dance Fitness - Alex Amor

Bay Zumba - Jessie Amato

Cynergy Fitness - Cyndi Mallory

Zumba with Ale - Ale Picollo

Zumba with Alena - Alena Groopman

And maybe one day soon, my Zumba page will be here filled with the classes that I'm teaching! In the meantime, here are a few Zumba ramblings.

I created all but the DJ Francis and Party in Pink flyers on this page. I can create one for you, too! $50 for a flyer in your choice of format (.jpg, .png, .pdf) with a reasonable amount of edits. Will work for Zumba clothing.

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Do you think my flyers can give someone an epileptic seizure? They're rather bright. And busy.

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